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Thyroid Product

Thyroid Product

Thyroid Product - Clara - Denver
I am currently taking 3 grains of Bio-Throid daily. Please compare the Thyroid product by NutriPak to that of BioTech. In addition to the natural thyroid, the BioTech product has:Levothyroxine - 114 mcg Liothyronine - 27 mcg Iodine (Organic, Naturally bound T3 and T4)- 333 mcg Thanks.

Re:Thyroid Product - Timothy Long - []
I am sorry I do not know this product of yours well enough to make a comparison. I only know that consistently people come to me taking other thyroid products that do not work well, and then use our thyroid support products and are very happy with it and get great results. It is also very important to support the adrenal glands and take other support nutrients like Premier Magnesium and Premier Max B-ND.

Re:Thyroid Product - Jennifer - CA
what product are you referring to? natural thryoid or the T1 version?

Re:Thyroid Product - Kelly - Utah
I've had RAI, I am on 6 Grains of Armour, Do You refund money if it don't work as well as Armour? 


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