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Thyroid and Weight Gain

Thyroid & weight gain

Thyroid & weight gain - Margaret - TX
I have had all nearly all the symptoms I see mentioned in low thyroid problems including insomnia, depression, fatigue and cold hands and feet. Conventional doctors gave me antidepressants which didn't help my sleep problem and caused me to gain 60 pounds in 6 months which I am completely unable to lose. Anyone experience this kind of problem out there and have you been able to resolve it? Thanks, Margaret.

Re:Thyroid & weight gain - Timothy Long - []
Conventional doctors can be complete idiots. 95% of all antidepressant use is stupid, dangerous and criminal medical practice. There is plenty of information on this board, in my health library and products on this site to help you resolve your problem. See Sanesco, natural thyroid, vitamin D, and many more product that may be useful for your depression. Though you should consult a practitioner to be certain you are addressing the correct issue. Your experience of doctors malpractice of prescribing antidepressants is all to common. You need nutritional advice not medications. Also visit my other website to explore mind and emotional healing.