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Toddler With Asthma


Asthma- - P. Alexander -
My 1 and 1/2 year old was diagnosed with Asthma. I have read a few different items which give some natural healing methods to help alleviate the symptoms but I am unsure of a few of them. Could you tell me what they are and how I would go about getting them? DMG (Gluconic), Inspirease Inhaler, CoEnzyme Q10, Theodur Sprinkle. And also, if any of these have helped Asthma in children. I already know about Magnesium and other Vitamins and Minerals. I am currently giving Colloidal Minerals and Vitamins and trying to maintain a healthy diet rich in fruits and Vegetables and avoiding dairy products. I have tried alleviating other factors also but I would like to be able to treat this without the use of Steroid Inhalers if at all possible. Thanks in advanced.

Re:Asthma- - Timothy Long - []
About ten years ago an MD told me I had severe asthma. He gave me steroid inhalers and told me I would need them the rest of my life. When I got home I threw them in the garbage. I changed my diet, took natural supplements, and improved the air quality of my office. I have never had a sign of asthma since that time! Do not use steroids. Figure out the cause and use natural means. In addition to the products I mentioned in another asthma post above, I often give my clients Therazyme Rsp. It works well and is usually needed short term only. I often use Therazyme Smi and Therazyme Trauma. Along with Therazyme Pan with meals. Breaking down and digesting your food is a very important component.

Re:Asthma- - helene ellis - bantry/ireland []
2-1/2 yr old with ecezma spent the weekend in hospital with breathing problems we were given ventelon enhalers and an appt for two months,any tips on prevention so the enhalers will not need use,helena child's mother.


Thera-zyme Enzyme Therapy