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Toenail Fungus

Toenail Fungus

toenail fungus - Judy - NC []
Has anyone found an alternative treatment effective against toenail fungus?

Re:toenail fungus - Timothy Long - []
Cellfood will help. It is best taken both internally and used externally. It works on fungus, and just about any kind of skin problem. Cellfood is one of the most amazing products. You can read about it and purchase it on this site.

Re:toenail fungus - Mary Lee - Liverpool []
Dear Judy, I had toenail fungus a few years ago covering most of my big toenail. The pain was awful. In between going to my G.P. and receiving an appointment to see a chiropodist (which was about 6 months) I coated my nail with tea tree oil repeatedly. When I was able to handle my toe I cut the nail and cleaned the fungus out. I continued to do this and by the time I went to see the chiropodist my nail was almost healthy again. I will stress that when I first began using tea tree I picked a day when I would be indoors all day and I literally put the oil on every few minutes until the pain eased. If you try this please make sure that the tree tea oil is the genuine article. Hope this helps.

Re:toenail fungus - Jennifer - []
Premier Research Labs Olive Leaf Immune is an excellent anti-viral and anti-fungal supplement. It also boasts a wide range of other benefits, such as energy and immune system support as well as arthritic inflammation-reducing capabilities.

Coconut oil is another good anti-fungal agent.

Externally, tea tree oil, oregano oil, and/or colloidal silver are supposed to work well.

Drinking Kombucha tea may help as well.

Also, some people have benefited by taking a really good probiotic and eating lots of cultured and naturally fermented foods.

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