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Transfer Factor or Colostrum?

Transfer Factor or Colostrum?

Transfer Factor or Colostrum? - JJ - CA
What ever happened to the talk about Transfer Factor or Colostrum? I heard they were good, now I see nothing here about it. I thought Mr. Long used it. I wanted to know which to use, Transfer Factor or Colostrum? Anyone?

Re:Transfer Factor or Colostrum? - Timothy Long - []
Both are good. I just don't carry the Transfer Factor I used to due to the expense of the multimarketing company. I now believe it is best to use a colostrum powder, it has the transfer factors. I trust Premier Research Labs. I carry and use myself their Premier Colostrum-IgG, it comes in capsules or caps. Del-Immune and Delpro are also fantastic for building your intestinal health and strengthening your immune system.

Re:Transfer Factor or Colostrum? - jj -
Thank you! I believe probitics are very good for everyone. Can you tell me. Is there truly a differance in taking transfer factor or colostrum? The only thing that I have read is that transfer factor take the transfer factors out of the colostrum, and the other colostrum products made ? have immune properties that could make you ill. Am I reading this correctly? Also transfer factor has no HGA. Let me show you what I read that sort of confuses me, and if correct it could make one ill, is this true Mr. Long? I found this at 4life. If this is true I would maybe not take colostrum. What are your thoughts about this, I am interested in knowing what you think. I keep reading that is all I can do and than decide which is best. (The antibodies a human would produce are specific to a human. When something is specific to a species (a cow) then another species, over a period of time, will develop antibodies to the antibodies because in this example, a human would recognize a cow's antibodies as foreign, as non-self, and would develop an immune response, which can make us ill. So we remove the antibodies. )

Re:Transfer Factor or Colostrum? - Timothy Long - []
See my last post. What you want to use are Del-Immune, Delpro and Premier Colostrum-IgG or Premier ImmunoVen


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