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Trouble Digesting Carbs

Trouble digesting carbs

Trouble digesting carbs - Diane - Toronto, Ontario, Canada []
I'm trying to track down the possibilities of why my body will not digest carbs. I've eliminated wheat (95% of it), dairy, sugar and all refined products. I was seeing an ND/Chinese MD who told me to eliminate ALL carbs except veggie & fruits. Sure enough my energy started to return....but I was on vacation...Now I am back to an active lifestyle and craving the carbs and I've gone back to eating the carbs. My grain intake is minimal and mostly rice (some oats, kamut & spelt) and I'm a vegetarian. Someone told me that it might be a thiamine deficiency...I'm getting frustrated because I want to eat, but can't seem to find food that takes less than 2-3 days to pass through my bowels. I'm trying to increase my yoga & dance training, so the push to eat & the difficulty digesting is driving me nuts. AT this point I don't feel I'm getting anywhere with my ND/CMD. Anyone have some leads/suggestions? Thanks in advance :)

Re:Trouble digesting carbs - Timothy Long - []
Many people have trouble digesting sugars and carbs. Cutting out all carbs and sugars is not the answer. Eating healthy carbs in healthy amounts is wise. Though you need to assist your body in breaking them down. If they are broken down properly then you wont react to them. Eliminating one food after another is a dead end. Plant enzymes are the way to go. For your problem you need to try Therazyme Pan. If the problem has progressed too far, this wont be enough, there are other things we can do to correct the problem.

Re:Trouble digesting carbs - Deanette - Calif []
I also have lots of trouble digesting carbs. What is Therazyme Pan and what does it do? Has anyone heard of the Alcat test? I have already tested postive to dairy and egg alergies, but don't no to what extent. The Alcat test is very comprehensive. Thanks Deanette