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Typical Post-College Lifestyle?

Typical Post-College Lifestyle?

Typical Post-College Lifestyle? - Selena -
Hi Timothy, I hope all is well out there! I thought of you because I recently went to visit a good friend of mine who I hadn't seen in about 3 years. I used to urge him to eat healthily because growing up he pretty much only ate out at restaurants or fast food joints and never learned good habits. In my absence I could see how he had really "fallen off the horse" so to speak. His entire refrigerator consisted of beer, soda, and condiments. The only thing in his cupboards were bags of candy, chips, macaroni, and Spaghetti-O's. I couldn't believe it!

He'd always struggled a little with depression, but now it was full blown. His bathroom was literally littered with discarded prescription jars for depression, hypothyroid, ADD, insomnia, and some others I didn't recognize. He told me that he never exercises and the only time he goes outside is to walk to his car so that he can drive to work. The ADD meds cause him to forget to eat and sleep sometimes. I asked him how he got to the point of being prescribed 5+ medications and he went on for around 20 minutes about how every time he goes to his psychiatrist or physician, they tell him to adjust the dose or try a different brand or take some new drug to counteract the ill effects of the other ones and so forth.

It makes me really sad. Yet, if you ever bring up even the possibility that someone's depression could possibly be caused by lifestyle, you just get a big angry earful of how "you just don't understand."

The saddest part of all... he's only 25.

I wonder if hundreds of other young people are needlessly suffering as well.

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I can see why this makes you sad, it saddens me too. If I ate that way I would be depressed in a week, and soon I too would be diagnosed with thyroid problems, have insomnia and ADD. Of course some people have these things with very good diets. Though too often the diet itself and the lifestyle is the major contributing cause. You can see by this email the way doctors often just hand out medicines without addressing contributing causes like diet, nutrition, exercise, emotional issues, and family problems. In my mind this is malpractice, though it happens all the time. Many such cases as this young man begin in young childhood. When I see parents feeding their children juice all the time instead of water, and allowing them to eat all kinds of sweets and simple carbs, I see their possible future like this man at 25 and beyond. These habits and ignorance usually begin with parents whom don't know better, or don't care. Junk food diets don't provide enough protein, healthy fats, minerals and vitamins to produce the energy needed for a healthy mind and body. So many people do not live happy and successful lives for this very reason. How can someone do well in school or life on such a diet? Hopefully this young man will get tired of suffering and realize the doctors are not helping him. He needs to begin educating himself how to eat and live a healthy life. By eating right, changing his lifestyle, and working with a good naturopath, he most likely can turn his physical and emotional health around rather quickly. He is lucky to have a good friend like you Selena. Timothy