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Ulcerative Colitis

Ulcerative Colitis

Ulcerative Colitis - Darryl -

Re:Ulcerative Colitis - Priscilla -
Dear Darryl, First you need to find out if you have a milk allergy. If you have an issue with your mother regarding disappointments about nurturing. This might create a disconnection from her that could show up as a milk allergy. This is not to blame her, but only to acknowledge that for you, at that time, she was unable to give you what you needed. Another possibility is that possibly your father was unable to be there for you, or that he held you to standards that were beyond you, and had expectations that you could not meet at a young age, or made inconsistant demands that confused you. This would cause a wheat allergy. You might translate that self-blame and frustration with an intestinal response. Even if it came from the past, the limbic brain will still perceive it to be current until it is resolved and released. What you could to do find out about this would be to find a friend who can use a pendulum or muscle test you, to find out what age you were when it started. There might be a few subsequent ages as well that could have reinforced it. Each reinforcement would need to be cleared in the same way. The muscle tests can find out which meridians are holding that information, for each age it was reinforced. If your friend strokes the relevant meridians that the body has flagged, you can probably lift out the feelings behind the allergy. If so, this would relieve or at least minimize the intestinal symptoms. The third possibility is that you might have a parasite. This would not be an emotional issue or an allergy, but some invasive life-form may be there, causing intestinal inflammation and over-active peristalsis. To ask vibrationally, test with the pendulum about 10 inches above the body so you are not contacting the biofield of the parasites. If you contact the body by touching it, you won't get an accurate answer. The little critters will vote! They will tell you they are not there, for fear you may be trying to get them out. You can't get an accurate reading about them, close to the body. Ask above it, and you will read only the human aura, and you can avoid the interference of the parasite's aura. If the pendulum or muscle testing reads yes for parasites, ask Dr Long for his parasite remedies. We have been using them, and they are very effective. He has a follow-up program too, and can take care of this for you in a very thorough and gentle fashion. Best of luck. PK

Re:Ulcerative Colitis - Timothy Long - []
In my experience you need to begin with your digestive system. First cut out all junk food and excess sugar and simple carbohydrates. Eat only good wholesome natural food, and drink pure water without chlorine and fluoride. Second, take Therazyme Pan to digest your food properly, especially carbohydrates and sugars. Difficulty in digesting carbohydrates and sugars is usually at the root of the problem. Also, it is very important to replace your flora with a first class probiotic. I use Therazyme SMI, not only is it a top-of-the-line probiotic, but it contains special enzymes to destroy yeast and bad bacteria throughout the digestive track. Additionally, as Priscilla has said in her post, deal with any emotional problems that you may be storing in your intestinal area. Remember, the body's brain is centered in the solar plexus. Many of our memories, and emotions like hurt, sadness, anger, truamas, etc are stored in this area, along with anxiety and stress. It is also true that parasites can be part of the problem, but usually most of the above is also true as well. There are other special supplements that I utilize in my practice to successfully resolve colitis, irritiable bowel, etc. I won't mention them all here, because they are not always needed, and I like to individualize all my dietary and supplement programs. -- Timothy Long

Re:Ulcerative Colitis - Travis - York,AL []

Re:Ulcerative Colitis - Tammy - USA []
I'm 14 and i have it so your not the youngest. Whoever told you you were must not know much about it.

Re:Ulcerative Colitis - Fay -
Green poo forever!!!

Re:Ulcerative Colitis - sandy - Fla []
My son was diagnosed at age 12,he is 19 now and is still dealing with it, so tammy, your not the youngest. but that dosen't matter, it's how it affects your lives and how to deal with son is starting college and is majoring in pre-med,he wants to have the surgery to remove the infected area so that he can attend college without any problems. it's a big decision to make and he knows what the consequences one knows what people with UC go through unless they walk in their shoes. good luck to you!

Re:Ulcerative Colitis - CHERYL HILL - RI []
I have a family member with ulcerative colitis. He is tired of taking the steroids and abundant other meds to keep it under control. I read in a journal somewhere that ginger is good for the digestive ststem and is also supposed to be good for this condition. anyone have proof or more info on this Thanks for your help. cheryl hill

Re:Ulcerative Colitis - Amanda - Ohio []
I was wondering if anyone does know the youngest case of ulcerative colitis. My son was diagnosed last year and he was 3. We have had a rough year with it. He had toxic mega-colon. We have had many lengthy hospital stays. If there are any mothers of children that have ulcerative colitis that would like to email me their stories or and advice, please do so.

Re:Ulcerative Colitis - zach - usa
was just diagnosed yesterday. I am wondering does this differ from person to person, and will my symptoms be persistant, or will they go away sometime?

Re:Ulcerative Colitis - Sally - UK
I have had it for 5 years now (I'm 27) and I refuse to accept that there is not a cause for it. I am perfectly healthy in every other way, attend the gym 4 times a week and have a very healthy diet but I lose blood every single day and have done for over a year, I get a lot of pain, cramps, bloating etc. I have been doing a lot of research and am about to take a QXCI test as apparently this can pinpoint the cause. I suspect a lot of cases might be caused by certain parasites which are otherwise undetected by conventional tests. Don't go down the steroid route unless you really have to, I believe conventional medicine treats only the symptoms, not the cause. Good luck to everyone

Re:Ulcerative Colitis - Rachel - PA []
Hello, I hope this helps. I've had Chronic UC for the last 3 years--the last 2 I have been in remission for the following reasons: Stop eating dairy, avoid Corn at all costs and in all forms, avoid lots of sugar (although I sometimes find this difficult). Take probiotics--I began with Florastor (6 pills a day) and have increased them in other forms of probiotics (I reccomend going to a compounding apothecary where a pharmacist with knowledge about these products will find the perfect blend, if you need a reccomendation please let me know). These have kept me in remission-i dont know how to stress that more. What got me into remission was 6MP or Purenthol/Mercaptopurine. This is a harsh drug, but I needed to take it for a period of time in order to stop the ulcers from forming in my large intestine. It was scary to be on it, since i was nauseated and tired for a while...but all of these symptoms go away quickly. Additionally I get b-12 shots monthly for the anemia that usually accompanies UC, I reccomend going to see a hematologist as well as your gastroenterologist--he will help you get some energy back by checking for anemia from blood loss and electrolyte levels to get you back into shape fast--you will feel like your self again with more energy and able to fight the disease stronger. Additionally I reccomend reading the book "The new eating right for a bad but" by James Scala Ph.D.--it gives great ideas on how to get a handle on proper diet--its pretty cheap on Amazon. Also he reccomends taking Metamucil--I go with Citrucel--WAYY better. I take a lot of natural pills every day--probiotics being the most important, I take a 5-asa (colozal), the b-12 shot, 6mp, citrucel, and adrenal fatigue natual helpers (because I was on prednisone for >1yr which destroyed my life for a while (AVOID PREDNISONE AT ALL COSTS--and if you do use it, only use the 6 day packs). Also ask your doctor about Rowasa Enemas--they are very helpful during a flare. If anyone needs any other suggestions--I am available-I went through hell, and I would rather take 20 natural pills a day then be in the bathroom 20x a day and being in pain. *also ask your doctor about Remicade--I had this treatment but it was unsuccessful for me in terms of being allergic, but it has helped many--they are now coming out with step 2 biologic--i believe they are using the humira or a derivative of it for UC/Crohns patients and it works from what i hear! Good luck!!

Re:Ulcerative Colitis - Anthony - PA []
I was diagnosed w/ UC @ the age of 3 and had my entire colon removed @ the age of 5, I am now 24. I do use the restroom more than most ppl (the reason being b/c food has less room to travel through) but other than that I live a very healthy life. I take prescription Imodium daily and Cipro and Flagyl when needed. I have probably livin w/ this disease more than most ppl so if anyone has any questions feel free to ask me.... I was just curious what other medications ppl used and if they were/weren't beneficial...

Re:Ulcerative Colitis - shahid qadeer - india []
i am suffering with ulcerative colitis since 3 to 4 years .the medicines r not working .it only work till i take them. and when i stof taking it it agin creats problem of bleeding.plz tell me the solution to solve this problem parmanently .as i belong to middle family the medicines are also very costly.are there any natural dite that i can take along .

Re:Ulcerative Colitis - georgette - Georgia []
i too have had uc for goin on 24years. 10 years of which no abdominal or back pains .exercise has been a great help and Iron (liquid) w/calcium helps with the loose bowels .i have a steady job not stressfull ,i'm self employed and have a supportive family.

Re:Ulcerative Colitis - Alicia - GA []
Anthony from PA, I've just recently had surgery to remove an 8 inch section of my colon and 4 inch section of my small intestine. Right now my doctors are perscribing me purenthol for long term remission as opposed to pentesa. I read that purenthol is more toxic. Any suggestions?

Re:Ulcerative Colitis - lindsey - []
Actually, I classes where lead about me as a child, and they wrote about my case of Colitis in medical books, because I was the youngest person to be diagnosed with Colitis. I was 3, at the time. This was in 1990 though, so there may be someone younger by now.

Re:Ulcerative Colitis - lindsey - []
Actually, I classes where lead about me as a child, and they wrote about my case of Colitis in medical books, because I was the youngest person to be diagnosed with Colitis. I was 3, at the time. This was in 1990 though, so there may be someone younger by now.

Re:Ulcerative Colitis - Anthony - PA [gav123_99]
Alicia, for me I only take prescription Imodium. Honestly the best cure for me is to avoid things that would cause bowel movements (milk/cheese, fruit, etc.) Also, try to avoid stress, it is also a big contributor. Lindsey, did they ever figure out why you got it so young? My grandfather has colon cancer, but they said that was unrelated and they were unable to find out a reason that I had it so young.

Re:Ulcerative Colitis - Jordan - Fort Polk, La []
My daughter, Madison, was the youngest person ever diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. She was 2 and 1/2 months old when she was diagnosed. She was so sick as a baby. Spent so much time in the hospital. My husband and I decided we would try our own way of doing things. When she began eating regular foods we didn't allow her to have anything that was to acidic, sugary and so on. We tried to keep her life as stress free as possible. Which is hard because her daddy is in the Army and when he gets deployed its very stressful on everyone. But Madison is now 9 1/2 and she only had one other flare up since she was diagnosed. The doctors are amazed. They told us that we'd deal with this all the time. If anyone would like to discuss this more just email me.

Re:Ulcerative Colitis - Lane - Houston, texas []
hi, i believe i am one of the youngest on record to be diagnosed with UC. I was diagnosed when i was 13 months old. I then had my entire colon removed at 4 years of age. I am now 19 and have lived with an ostomy ever since those days. I am going to have re connection surgery this coming up summer. Has anyone on here had an ostomy for some time and then had it reconected? i would like to hear your story and how you are doing with it. I cant wait i dont know what life is like without a osotomy i mean 15 years of never crapin in a toliet is a long time! like to hear from you soon.