Undigested food and loose stool

Undigested Food and Loose Stool

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Undigested food and loose stool - Kyle S - []
Without trying to get too graphic: I often get undigested food in my stool and the stool is usually loose but is still solid. Last thing I noticed was onions in my stool when I wiped. It also had a foul odor.

Re:Undigested food and loose stool - Timothy Long - []
Your digestion is weak. Taking plant digestive enzymes will help you. There are many posts on this site concerning this. You most likely also need to replenish your flora-good bacteria. I would suggest Therazyme SmI (use two bottles), and use Therazyme Pan on a continuing basis to digest your food and get full nutrition from the food you eat. Be sure to take the SmI on an empty stomach, and the Pan right at the start of meals. Also, be sure to chew your food better. 

Therazyme Pan and Therazyme SmI and now renamed Loomis Pan and Loomis Smi.

Re:Undigested food and loose stool - -
If you take enzymes before the meal, they will end up going into the bloodstream, because there is nothing in the stomach to hold them there. You have to put some food in first if you want the enzymes to help digest that particular meal. I would suggest eating a quarter to a third of your meal before you take your enzymes. Then the enzymes will help digest that meal. Also taking enzymes on an empty stomach is very important and beneficial. What are the benefits of taking Enzymes on an empty stomach? Digestive enzymes will help all of the following in the bloodstream: *** Digest proteins *** Stimulate the Immune System *** Assimilate fats *** Shatter Crystalline Deposits *** Increase energy *** Breaking up Cholesterol Deposits *** Reduce bacteria *** Increase the White Blood Cell size and activity *** Assimilate and Eliminate Toxins *** Increase the surface area of the red blood cell... making it possible to carry more oxygen to all parts of the body. *** Eliminate Yeast *** Break up and dissolve Uric Acid Crystals *** Raise T-Cell activity and production If you do not take digestive enzymes on an empty stomach ALL THE ABOVE BENEFITS WILL BE MISSED!

Re:Undigested food and loose stool - Timothy Long - []
I agree there are many benefits for taking digestive enzymes on an empty stomach. Enzyme Formulations have many formulas designed for these reasons. Therazyme Trauma (now named Loomis Trauma, Loomis TRMA) is especially beneficial between meals. I agree also that Digestive enzymes taken to digest meals need to be taken at the start of meals with food in the stomach, not before meals. They can be taken at the beginning of the meal, even in the middle of the meal to digest the meal. If a person forgets to take them, and takes them at the end of the meal, they will still digest a lot of the meal just eaten.


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