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Undigested Food Appears in Stool

Undigested food [appears] in stool

Undigested food apears in stool - Ryan F - Edmonton Canada []
Anytime that I eat any green vegatables, such as lettuce or brocolli or any other green veggy, it comes out of me undigested (just chewed, and not in the slightest bit digested). What is the cause of this and is there any other food that I can eat that helps to digest green vegatables. Also where can I find a healthy eating guide, with a list of foods that I need to eat and in proper proportions? Thanks

Re:Undigested food apears in stool - Timothy Long - []
You could benefit by taking digestive enzymes. Try DGST. I would also chew your food longer. If you email me directly, I will email a sort of diet to help you.

Re:Undigested food apears in stool - Kyle S - []
I also sometimes get undigested food in my stool, and when I do it's usually kind of runny or loose stool, but still solid. Last thing I noticed in my stool was onions. I'm known to eat pretty fast. Should I have any concerns?

Re:Undigested food apears in stool - TJ P. - []
Speaking of "undigested onions", I got one of those just today. But I'm still not sure if it's a tapeworm or an onion. Does anyone know how to tell the difference? I'm really worried.