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Uterine Fibroid

Uterine Fibroid

Uterine Fibroid - Deb -
Dear Dr. Long, My 22 year old daughter has uterine fibroids (2), extremely painful periods and heavy bleeding. The gynecologist has taken a wait and see attitude but I would like to address life style and dietary changes to reduce her unopposed estrogen and hopefully reduce the fibroids. Is it safe for her to be on natural progesterone (from ovulation to day 27 of her cycle). She has changed her diet to organic meats and vegetables only. She is supplementing with extra choline and inositol along with EFA and evening primrose oil to decrease the inflamation and pain. She is also taking acidophilus in order to heal her gut along with a good multivitamin. Accupuncture is helping it seems along with stress reduction. Is there anything else you could reccomend? Thanks, Deb

Re:Uterine Fibroid - Timothy Long - []
Sounds like she is heading down the right path. I would skip the primrose oil and other polyunsaturated oils. Stick with organic butter, olive oil and coconut oil. It is perfectly okay and wise for her to use natural progesterone during the two weeks or so starting at ovulation. In her case I would probably do it for the whole 30 days at first. High estrogen is too common these days due to what is in the food, etc. Go organic. Avoid soy and polyunsaturated oils. Thyroid Glandular may also be needed to heal this problem.

Re:Uterine Fibroid - Minna Packer - New York City []
I'm 48 and I was diagnosed with two large uterine fibroids that are quite symptomatic. I hemorrhaged in August and was administered 5 units of blood as I became severely anemic. A D&C followed by Depo-Lupron put me into an artificial menopause for at least three months (I still haven't menstruated). My third opinion was Dr. Ina Cholst at New York Hospital who said my options are hysterectomy, fibroid embolization or continued Lupron (for several years--this is a drug that causes many side effects especially bone thining). I'm very unhappy with these options and need advise and a referral to a qualified New York City based homeopath and acupuncturist that you think can help me. Thank you so much.

Re:Uterine Fibroid - r - fl []
can accupressure or accupuncnture help

Re:Uterine Fibroid - lillie Bray - Union, New Jersey []
I have a fibroid with no pain or bleeding. I am searching for an herb or supplement to help skrink it.

Re:Uterine Fibroid - Bridget - New York []
For the woman who's 3rd opinion was Ina Cholst. I would search for another opinion. I have been a patient of Dr. Cholst for 18 years and she did not communicate to me that I had turners syndrome and what Health complications that it would cause me throughout my life. Unfortunately she was not a good communicator in 1986. It was explained that my ovaries did not develop and did not produce ovum. I would need to take HRT for the rest of my life and that was it. No mention of Turners. She did not look for any complications related to turners ie heart defects, thyroid problem in my 18 years as a patient. I ended up having an undetected thyroid problem that was not showing in the blood. Had Dr. Cholst examined my thryoid during my yearly physicals she would have noticed that it was becoming enlarged. Dr. Cholst just focused on breast exams and paps on my yearly. I feel even if it was not her job to focus on my thyroid she should have told me that I had turners and what complications should be looked for throughout my life. If my primary care doctors had known of the turners he would have ran more extensive thyroid panels that would have caught the problem before I had no choice but undergo surgery to remove. I feel as though Dr. Ina Cholst Failed me as a doctor. She also, does not call patients on the test results even if they are not normal. So If she is still your doctor, make sure you call for your test results and get copies of every result for your records.

Re:Uterine Fibroid - Sujata Basu - India []
I have got a subserous fibroid in anterior wall measuring 31*25mm.My uterus is anteverted and measures 80*46*43mm.Can it casuse pain, cramps, reflux oesophagitis, GERD, can it created any kind of pressure for instance upthrust on my digestive system. If it can cause pain tell me the nature of pain and what are the places where I am going to feel the pain. I'll remain ever grateful if you answer this question to my email address.

Re:Uterine Fibroid - Linda - Putnam County []
I also have been a patient of Dr. Cholst's for 18 years. She doesn't do thyroid checks -- that's for your primary care physician to do and that's who you should blame for not finding your thyroid problem. If it could be felt during a physical, why didn't your primary care physician find it??? I have an underactive thyroid which was diagnosed and treated by my primary care physician. I also have a pituitary tumor which Dr. Cholst has treated very carefully over the years. She has always given me excellent care and has always called me with my test results. This year she did a laparoscopic hysterectomy of my uterus which was covered with fibroids including one the size of a 5 1/2 month baby. She did it in a marathon 7 hour surgery and sent me home the same day. My recovery was extremely easy and very fast. Within 2 days I was shopping in the supermarket by myself. Other doctors told me I needed a standard hysterectomy with a big stomach cut and a 3 day hospital stay. Dr. Cholst is a very fine surgeon and she made it so easy -- I didn't even need the pain medication she gave me. She's a good doctor and I'm sorry to hear that your experience was not as good as mine.

Re:Uterine Fibroid - Bridget - New York []
Linda: I am very sorry to hear about your health problems. However, I am glad that you had positive experiences with Dr. Cholst and that everthing turned out well for you. I suppose the other doctors that wanted to take an abdominal approach to your hysterectomy were not trained in minimally invasive surgery. I am not placing blame on Dr. Cholst for my thyroid problem. I am blaming Dr. Cholst for not telling me that I had turners syndrome and for making me think for 18 years that I had defective ovaries when turners syndrome is so much more. It is Dr. Cholsts resposibility to educate me on my condition and on the effects that turners syndrome could cause throughout my life. Most gyno's do conduct a physical exam of the neck. (so I am told by my family & friends). When I first starting going to Dr. Cholst I was 18 years old. Most young women in their teens and twenties that are not having any major health issues only go to primary doctors when they are sick and its usually a medical center where you see a different doctor every time. They treat your complaint and let you go. Dr. Cholst was the only doctor that I saw on a yearly basis. I'm glad to know that you had such a wonderful outcome with what traditionally is a big surgery. But How am I suppose to trust Dr. Cholst with the big stuff (which I hope to not have to experience) when she hasn't done well by me with the small stuff. Would I continue to let Dr. Cholst treat me? Probably. I guess doctors are human and make mistakes. However, I did report her to the state dept of medical misconduct. When I asked her if I had turners syndrome and why she did not tell me. She reserved her right to remain silent I think she seriously thought I was going to file a lawsuit. Then she said maybe I told you and you were 19 and it was left at that (in other words I was 19, stupid and did not understand) which was not the case. At 19 I was living on my own, had a full time job, went full time to school at night. I think I was capable of understanding my diagnosis. Thanks for telling me your experience with Dr. Cholst. If you would like, you can email at my email address rather than go through discusion threads. Take care and stay well.

Re:Uterine Fibroid - gigg - CA
Read much before taking Lupron drug. Consider trying Viatalzym enzyme supplements. I regret taking Lupron and am working to rid my body of it's effects. Getting ready to try Vitalzym. Has anyone else used these enzymes?

Re:Uterine Fibroid - JM - London []
I have been looking for someone that has used Vitalzym sucessfully, but can't find one sucessful story. Why?

Re:Uterine Fibroid - Jessica - Verona, NJ []
I miscarried my first pregnancy due to 6 large uterine fibroids. The fibroids took over my uterus and terminted my fetus in the third month. I had all six removed and waited six months to get pregnant again. I got preg again a few months later and lost the pregnancy early on.... My OB/GYN siad it was the typical 1 in 5 miscarriages. I was also found low in progesterone during both pregnancies. Will I ever have a full term pregnancy? I am going to a fertility center in 12 days. I just can't wait any longer. I am 36.

Re:Uterine Fibroid - - NYC [JILLR2121@AOL.COM]
After "trying out" three well known gynecologists in this City I finally found Dr. Cholst. At first I thought she was a bit "cool." It concerned me as I feel that a woman needs a gynecologist who understands her not only physically, but emotionally which is hard to do if you can't develop that relationship. I soon realized that Dr.Cholst was not "cool," just a fine dr who listened intently to every word I was saying and asked questions I had never been asked but should have been. She is the ultimate professional. I recently had surgery with her and I have to tell you that I have never felt more confident or at ease lying on an operating table. She was kind, confident and lovely. I am the pickiest person in life when it comes to drs, having been burned many times. I would recommend Dr. Cholst to anyone.

Re:Uterine Fibroid - Bridget - New York [Disbri@aol]
Jill, I read your Dr. Cholst Story above. I am very pleased to hear that your experiences have been positive with her. However, my experiences have been less than positive. Let me tell about my first exam experience with Dr. Cholst. I was not nor have I ever been sexually active when I went to Dr. Cholst. After going to Dr. Cholst for a number of visits Dr. Cholst decided that it was time for my first pelvic. She would always examine the external genitalia. On one particular visit Dr. Cholst put me in a position where I thought she was going to do the same as other visits. But this time she said she was doing a pap and started shoving a standard sized speculum into my vagina. I had an extremely difficult exam because Dr. Cholst did not use a small speculum. She used a speculum made for women who are sexually active and who have had children. I was screaming, hysterically crying and begging for her to stop from the excrutiating pain. She ignorned me and yelled and screamed at me. To add insult to injury after the exam I was made fun of because I did not use tampons and was told I really should start using them and she also said "you really need to start preparing yourself for sex" you should start sticking your fingers in and out of your vagina while you are in the shower and in bed at night. Her assistant gasped at the remark. Her assistant at that time was left in the room to take another blood pressure and her exact words to me were "I am so sorry. I feel so bad at at the way you were treated". This viotlent and abusive treatment caused me not to have exams for many years. I asked Dr. Cholst (because she made me sign paper saying it was not her fault If I got or had cancer)at that time if a pap could be done with a small speculum and she said absolutely not because you can not see. So I did not have speculum exams for many years. I believed her (why would a woman dr. lie). The only reason why I continued to go to Dr. Cholst was because she prescribed the medications I needed without an exam. Year later she by magic could do an exam with a small speculum which was a more positive experience for me. I kept asking her "you can do a pap with a small speculum" she said yes. I am not a confrontational person but all those years of not having exams was so unneccessary. My first exam did not have to be so negative. She risked my life by telling a lie that caused me not to have exams for almost 10 years. The next year I trusted that my exam would conducted in the same manner. She knew my history, she knew how long it took me to get as far as I did. I did not tell her which instrument to use because I trusted her. I trusted that she would do right by me and she switch speculums under the table without telling me causing me another horrific experience. When I told her that I knew she switched instruments she laughed (like she was thing I am caught) then made up a lie say oh somethimes I am busy and I forget and I have it written in you file. I knew this was a lie because she just told me that I had significant osteoporosis (a year after she got the results) so she had to have read my file. She must really think her patients are stupid to actually come out and say I forgot like I really was going to believe that. She did it knowing that I did not do well with that instrument, she knew my history and my vagina was a clear reminder as to how my exams should be done. She tried this on 3 occassions where she switched under the table and I knew immediately and stopped her. I do not find Dr. Cholst to be lovely or confident. Arrogant maybe (in a quiet manner). I don't find a doctor who deliberately tries to hurt a patient and lies to be lovely or trustworthy. I reported her to the office of professional medical conduct for not giving me abnormal test results on 2 occassions and for not telling me that I have a chromosomal defect. She told me at the age of 19 that your ovaries did not develop and do not produce ovum. You will not be able to have children. She took my blood. After a month I went back for a followup and she told me that the blood test was inconclusive and she had to take it again along with my mothers blood. I assumed the test was normal because Dr. Cholst never called or told me on many subsequent visits that the test she ran was abnormal. The state determined that Dr. Cholst was not guilty of misconduct because Dr. Cholst gave me some of the "elements" associated with my disorder but did not give it a name (turners syndrome) because she felt it would have been misleading or alarming. Also, my doctors have advised me that alot of the problems that I have (Thyroid, diabetes, osteoporosis, abnormal lipids are all common disorders of turners). Knowlege of the Turners would have alert my doctors to look for, prevent or delay some of these complications. Don't know if I would feel confident if I every had to have a sugery with her. She may be an excellent surgeon but not a very nice or lovely woman. I am glad to hear that you had a great experience but I feel really horrible that I was treated the way way I was. I do not trust any gyn and have not been to one since 2004. Young woman out there, who are having there very first exams and are not or never been sexually active PAPS CAN BE DONE WITH A SMALL (PETERSON) SPECULUM). If any doctor tells you it cannot be done get off the table get dressed and walk out and find another doctor. It is a lie Do not start off a relationship with a doctor that does not tell the truth. There are doctors out there like Dr. Cholst that just want to do things the way they want to and don't care what it does to there patients. Thanks for telling me your experience Jill, good luck and I hope there will be no more surguries. Stay well.

Re:Uterine Fibroid - kirti - mumbai []
I have 3 fibroids in my uterus 1st is 11mm posterior wall,2nd is 5mm anterior wall intramural fib,3rd is 11mm anterior wall subserosal.may it a reason of infertility?

Re:Uterine Fibroid - Courtney - WV []

Re:Uterine Fibroid - mary - WI []
I tried Vitalzym and found it did not work for my fibroids. It just cost alot.

Re:Uterine Fibroid - F.Jahan - sydney,australia []
i have large fibroids14-16weeks fibroid uterus.fibriods measure 4-10cm diameter.i had a hysteroscopy,curettage,laparoscopy and ablation endometriosis done.please send me more information regarding fibroids. thanks

Re:Uterine Fibroid - Melissa M. - PA []
There is a new therepy anyone with fibroids should look into. It uses sound imaging and lasers to kill the fibroids. They use an MRI machine i think.