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UTI - Amanda Sutton -
My baby is 4 months old and after her severe oral thrush and colic disappeared, we now see her colic return where she has trapped wind every time she feeds- she goes bright red in the face! Now when she passes urine she usually strains and grunts, though not every time, but mostly. She is in cloth nappies and her urine is clear,plentiful but smells (not of ammonia). She is wholly breastfed and I am on a vegan diet. I took her to the Dr. who didn't even check her, just said that if it was cystitis she would cry on passing urine (she doesn't) but I think she may have a urinary tract infection. What can I do?

Re:UTI - Timothy Long - []
I think you should go to another doctor. I would also consider giving your baby Premier Colostrum-IgG and get a good baby probiotic formula as well.

Re:UTI - hyland - long beach, CA
Baby may have Candida Albicans which can be systemic. There are a few books that have been written on it.