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Vaginal Yeast Infection

Vaginal Yeast Infection

vaginal yeast infection - Lucy - Louisiana
looking for a natural treatment for vaginal yeast infection. Nurse practicioner prescribed 1 pill Diflucan (took today 1-9-08) and Clotrimazole and Betamethasone cream. Hysterectomy 2 years ago. Looking for vag yeast treatment because I know these drugs are only a band aid treatment. On Dr Ohira's probiotics past 5 months. Also on XanGo past 2 years. History of crohn's all my life since 1973. Weaned off Remicade Oct 2005 with help of XanGo juice and some treatment with natural items diagnosed via CDSA 2 and ELISA testing. I am not experiencing any GI distress from the yeast, other than flatulenty if I indulge in junky food or carbs.

Re:vaginal yeast infection - Barbara - California
Go get you some Megadopilis and Bifido, or the Triple at Natren, and get it fresh. Some health foods carry it but it never has a very long expirartion date and I always want the freshest possible so I go over to Natren and order mine. This will help the yeast go away take it daily, maybe twice daily for a few months. Your tummy will love you and it puts all the good bacteria.... back into your Body that Antibiotics and other meds kill. Fungus does not stand a channce and the Bifido helps rid the bowels of bad bateria too. It helps with any stomach problems. It is like GOLD to us. I have taken it for 23 years and would never be without it. Our entire family and friends take it now. I do not work for them, wish I did I might get a discount.

Re:vaginal yeast infection - Barbara -
sorry about the spelling my arthritis has been acting up.

Re:vaginal yeast infection - Jennifer -
As Barbara said, many people benefit from taking probiotics. We have some excellent probiotic products here. The Premier Probiotic Caps includes 12 different strains of probiotics, which include 2 strains of the Bifidobacterium mentioned above. It comes in 30 caps or 60 caps. We carry a powder form Thera-Zyme SmI probiotics. We also sell Delpro, which is a customer favorite.

Re:vaginal yeast infection - Timothy Long - []
Taking good probiotics is very helpful. Though the root problem concerning diet and digestion needs to be addressed. One major factor would be taking a digestive enzyme that properly digests sugars and carbs. The very best is Thera-Zyme Pan. It has to be taken at the very beginning of the meal. Of course, sugar, simple carbs and junk food have to be cut way back on. There are a number of other things that can be done to heal IRB, Crohns, and the like, which are very inter-related to the yeast problem. It is best to work with a naturopath who has experience and success in clearing up these issues, rather than wasting years of time and money trying all kinds of products and methods. The types of medicines that medical people give for these problems end up causing more problems and do not resolve the root cause of the problem.

Re:vaginal yeast infection - david - brooklyn, new york
There are many treatments and cures for yeast infection. Apple Cider Vinegar, by BRAGGS, is the only one that should be used. It contains pure and unadulterated apple cider. It is not refined. All other apple cider vinegars on the market contain Acetic Acid. Acetic acid is damaging to the body and allows for yeast to grow. Apple cider vinegar by Braggs kills yeast. Begin douching with Apple Cider Vinegar and this will help. Write me for any questions or concerns.

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