Water Retention

Water Retention - Sylvia Henson - Ukiah  [smbrewton1@sbcglobal.ent]
I need some information on tackling a problem with water retention. My feet ankles legs swell. I have CHF. I've been in the hospital twice because of the water problem. The doctor's have in the past put me on all kinds of medication that made me almost deathly ill. I've tried different herbs and taurine etc, etc. Does anyone have any ideas? I watch my salt intake, I eat Realsalt and Himalaysis french salt. I do not know what to do. There's no point in me going in the hospital again, they will just give me water pills. I have some and they don't work too good. Help!!!

Re:Water Retention - Timothy Long -   [timothy@longnaturalhealth.com]
I would be glad to help you. Call me at 1-888-337-0511. I need to ask so questions before determining what will help you. Timothy Long