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Weight Gain

Weight Gain

Weight Gain - Slim - Canada
I am 17m, 5'9" and 140lbs. Ideally I would like to gain 20 more pounds. I feel skinny, therefore uncomfortable. What is the best way to gain weight fast (by best I mean type of food, not some weight gain product unless someone knows of a good one). Thanks.

Re:Weight Gain - Timothy Long - []
This is not an easy question to answer without knowing more. But beginning areas to look are, parasites, liver fuction, digestive function, thyroid function, and diet. You are very correct in not going out and taking weight gain products, I venture to generalize here and say they are all junk. There always is a major emotional-mind factor as well going on. I had this problem you have for years. I have resolved it along the lines above. If you wish, I would be glad to help you resolve the problem now, so you dont have to wait until you are in your forties like I did! Go to my web site and sign up for the in-depth Health Consultation. It is designed to tell me what I need to know to help you. - Sincerely, Timothy Long

Re:Weight Gain - tired of being thin - U.S. []
I am tired od being thin, and would like to know what could be done about it. If you have answers please help