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When is DHEA safe to use?

When is DHEA safe to use?

When is DHEA safe to use? - PB - CA []
Can you please tell me when a person could take DHEA, and it be safe? I was told I need to take DHEA to help support my adrenal glands, and that my DHEA level is low. I am confused, is there any other (safe vitamins, ect?) that would help the hormones get more leveled out besides DHEA, or ERT therphy? Thanks in advance-PB

Re:When is DHEA safe to use? - Timothy Long - []
Dear PB, People need to be very careful with DHEA. For the needs you describe in your email, you would be wisest to support your adrenals with Premier AdrenaVen (herbal-nutritional support) and Pregnenolone. If your body needs DHEA it can produce it out of pregnenolone safely. You can read about Pregnenolone and DHEA in my web site Library and order these products in my E-store. You can also call me to discuss it. Wishing you well, Timothy 888-337-0511


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