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When diabetes is not diabetes

When diabetes is not diabetes

When diabetes is not diabetes - Daniela - Sydney Australia
I was diagnosed 5 years ago with general anxiety disorder and depression. I was put on zoloft at max dose to relieve the symptoms whilst I was on the max dose but each time I have tried to come down in dose the symptoms return and I have to up the dose to cope. I recently had a Glucose tolerance test which showed high blood sugar and the GP prescribed medication to address this - he says I am diabetic. However my blood sugar is only high early in the morning which is when my anxiety is at its peak. I can feel the adrenaline pumping though me and as the day progresses I get better and my blood sugar stabilises. I have started seeing a wholestic practitioner who specialises in nutritional medicine and he feels my symptoms are due to my body being in a chronic canabolic state due to stress and poor diet high in processed foods and sugars. He says my blood sugar drops very low over night which triggers stress hormones to flood my body in order to utilise the glucose stored in my muscles and liver to raise my blood sugar - hence when I test my blood as soon as I wake up, it is always high even though I haven't eaten anything. The anxiety and fatigue which lasts most of the day is the after effects of the stress hormones in my body. He has taken me off all sugars and carbs, given me an adrenal support complex and a supplement used help athletes recover from muscle loss. He tells me that over time with rest, strict diet and the right supplements I will return to a healthy anablolic state and I should be able to come off the zoloft gradually with little side effects. I am 50 years old and am on bio-identical hormones but these are not helping my mood or energy as they are ineffective with the level of stress hormones I have. After 9 days on this regime and only a fraction of the zoloft I was on a few months ago the improvment is quite amazing so I intend to continue. My question to you is - what supplement would you recommend to ensure that I am getting all the nutrients I need to improve my health over time, considering that for the last few years I have practically been starving myself of nutrient rich food and overeating processed foods and sugar in large qantities? Apprec your kind advice. Regards Daniela

Re:When diabetes is not diabetes - Timothy Long - []
Get yourself natural liquid minerals. See our Bio Nativus Mineral Concentrate. Also take a good greens product. See Premier Greens Powder or Premier Greens Caps and NanoGreens. Congratulations for getting off Zoloft. So many people are put on medications that are a false answer to their problem. I guess I don't need to convince you to stop eating processed junk food and only put into your body natural, nutrient dense real foods your body was designed for. Be sure to take a good plant enzyme digestive formula with your meals. See Thera-Zyme Pan. Also, see all our products for sugar intolerance and diabetes here.


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