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Whey Protein Powder

Whey Protein Powder

Re:Whey Protein Powder - Nelson - Taiwan
I want to know what temperature and how much time that whey powder will be overcooked. Is there any similar product that could be heat-resistant?

Re:Re:Whey Protein Powder - Timothy Long -
First of all, most protein powders are rancid to some degree. They are hard to digest and utilize, despite the advertising. Soy is one of the worst. Most protein powders are not a good source of protein. I have found a few exceptions... Premier Research Labs has very high quality products that have not been over-heated and are not rancid. Take a look at Premier Whey-Peptein, this is great for after working-out or to add extra protein to your shakes or meals. Premier also makes Premier Tocotriene Ultra and Premier Trim Body Blend which can be used as a meal replacement. Therazyme also makes a good rice based protein meal powder called Thera-zyme SRB Stabilized Rice Bran. I trust both of these companies. Premier Whey is heated at a very low tempurature

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Re:Whey Protein Powder - Gary 
I understand where whey is derived from. But how different is it from skim milk powder?

Re:Whey Protein Powder - dornie - canada
is whey protein powder healthier than soy?

Re:Whey Protein Powder - Heather - Australia
Skim milk contains the sugar lactose. Whey protien isolate has 1% lactose & no fat. Exellent low carb protien. Organic unheated Immunocal & ImmunoPro are the way to go. (Can't get in Australia). Soy is an endocrine disrupter, blocks mineral absorbtion, especially calcium & antithyroid which results in weight gain. Research is showing it can CAUSE, rather than prevent breast cancer. Senior Japanese brains were found to have marked degeneration in high tofu eaters. Whey isolate would be far better. Recommended by Dr. Atkins.

Re:Whey Protein Powder - Bill - California
I have tried to incorporate protein drinks into my diet (I've tried whey and soy) but any protein drink always upsets my stomach badly. Why does this happen, and what can I do to supplement my protein intake for workouts instead?

Re:Whey Protein Powder - Nelson - Taiwan
I want to know what temperature and how much time that whey powder will be overcooked. Is there any similar product that could be heat-resistant?

Re:Whey Protein Powder 
Man that stuff is good i have it for breakfest, lunch, and dinner, and even for midnight snacks!

Re:Whey Protein Powder - sanju - India

Re:Whey Protein Powder - Timothy Long -
Please see my earlier post. Most protein powders are rancid and not fully digestible. The best are whey and stabilized rice bran. Though they need to be produced by high integrity companies. The best I offer are from Dr Marshall of Premier Research Labs. See in my catalog: Premier Whey-Peptein, Premier Trim Body  Blend and Premier Tocotriene Ultra. These are all excellent. They can be used for working out or as added protein or nutrition for your diet.

Re:Whey Protein Powder - natural man 
i am a eater of natural foods and i have found that hemp protien powder rocks. it has virtualy no aleergies and is loaded with 9 of the essential amino acids high fiber and high in magnesium which is lacking in so many diets so hemp powder is the way to go i use nutiva brand and it is organic and not the same kind of derivative as the whey and soys

Re:Whey Protein Powder - glenda 
how is skim milk powder different from whey powder

Re:Whey Protein Powder - Peg - MI
so which is best whey, soy or hemp??????

Re:Whey Protein Powder - sahil - india, bangalore
i would like to know where will i be able to get whey protein here in india

Re:Whey Protein Powder - kat 
how many protien do we need a day can you get to much

Re:Whey Protein Powder - Anil - Bangalore
"Whey Protein" is minting money by building a strong brand name. I am sure that it is not the best one available in the market. Body builders need to take more than 100gms of protein powder on daily basis. However, there is some highly concentrated protein powders which are 100% digestible with a PDCAAS - Protein Digestible Corrected Amino Acid Score of value '1' in the market where only 10-15 grams of protein powder needs to be taken on daily basis. The per usage cost is extremely low when compared to whey protein. Also there are better options of protein taken from soya - which is the best source of protein.

Re:Whey Protein Powder - pankaj - india
I want to improve my body mussels and weight. Age -27 Body weight- 59 Height- 5’10” I'm asports teacher in a public school in Lucknow, india

Re:Whey Protein Powder - sanju - india
i want a product as my body became increase

Re:Whey Protein Powder - Rocky - Delhi
Hi, we get branded proteins at double the cost in India. Is there is a manufacturer who also retails whey or someone who is selling custom free whey? 5 lbs of whey costs rs 1500 in the US but 3k to 3500 in India.. that is very unfair..

Re:Whey Protein Powder - ravinder - india
hi, i was lookingfor some reply to Rocky's question. i cud not find any international standard whey protein in andia. the ones which are available are too costly. i heard about Matrix whey from british nutrition but dont know if its worth a try. if anyone could suggest some good whey available in india at reasonable price it will be of great help.