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Why is there such controversy?

Why is there such a controversy?

Why is there such a controversy? - Anita 
I have found that every person in my family, includung my teenaged son, are hypothyroid. Nothing showed in blood tests, but we all tested at temps below 97.8 under our arms. Mine were as low as 96.4 degrees. Fortunately, our doctor is a great believer in this and put us on armour thyroid. We have all responded great! All of the medical problems I had are leaving! Is this a conspiracy on the part of doctors to keep us all ill, so they can make more money treating the major illness caused by hypothyroidism? Or is this plain ignorance? I tried everything to relieve my problems with female disorders, depression, lack of energy, no libido, etc. I was on prescription pain pills for the female disorders. Within two months of taking the the thyroid, my periods are normalizing, the cramps are minumal, and I feel like a new person. I have heard that many doctors will not give the thyroid to people who do not test low in blood tests. This seems inhumane. My family tried for many years to figure out what our problems were and our health only became worse. I spent loads of money on health care for other issues that are being resolved now. My father has had four heart attacks before the age of 55 years, and of course he tests "normal"...the man doesn't sweat and cannot lose weight even when dieting or working out. Any insights? Is there somebody protesting this?

Re:Why is there such a controversy? - Timothy Long
Thank you Anita. We hear from a lot of people who have low temperatures and many symptoms of low thyroid. The problem has been getting increasingly worse over the years. The basic thyroid blood test that doctors perform are not reliable. I tell people to test their temperature under the tongue and to take their pulses. This data along with symptoms are the best indicators of thyroid problems. There are very extensive blood tests that can be useful, though very few doctors perform these.

Re:Why is there such a controversy? - Barney
Thany you Anita and Timothy. I experienced the same things you did Anita. I am on synthroid. Would prefer a more natural treatment. I think the level they have me on is too low. At any rate, thanks for bringing this problem to light.

Re:Why is there such a controversy? - Penny - Boulder
nutri-pak distributes an over the counter thyroid tissue extract. Is this the thyroid treament you are referring to or do they have a prescription extract where they tell you how many grains a pill is? Thanks.

Re:Why is there such a controversy? - Erin - California
I have been taking Nutri-pak's thyroid tissue for a few years and it changed my life! I too test with in range but have all the low thyroid symptoms when not treated... it is a huge array of illnesses and pain that completely vanished when my thyroid levels were in creased. The trouble I have is me need for it has slowly increased and I can not seem to get the dose in balalne any more. I increased it to 4 /day, but could not sleep more than four hours a night. Felt loopy in the afternoons for lack of rest... and began to gain weight again.. and my fingers remained swollen with retained water. I halfed the dose after reading that a too high T4 dose can produce the same symptoms as a low Free T3 problem... I wish nutir pak indicated the ratios of T3 to T4 so I had a better idea of what is happening. The surprising thing was, I lowered it after I started taking iodine, and some other suplements... and I had great focus, plenty of energy... but over time my voice went back to the rough gravel sound it had when I was too low... and I became incredible intolerant... I want to aquire a better balance regularly but it seems my need really varies and it is hard to monitor. Any suggestions? E

Re:Why is there such a controversy? - Beth - Texas
What about those of us that have tested low and diagnosed as hypo? Do I take the Thyroid Tissue too?

Re:Why is there such a controversy? - Joan - Portland
Erin, Maybe, you should have your adrenals checked? I have read that natural thyroid will make you worse if the adrenals are low. Sometimes, if the adrenals get fixed the thyroid starts to work properly.

Re:Why is there such a controversy? - Jane - Illinois
With the information available about soy ...Take a good look at all of the food labels of the foods you consume ... if they contain soy ... see if excluding them from your diet helps.