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At Long Natural Health, we want to see you get well and achieve your health goals as soon as possible. For over twenty years, we have experienced great success with clients suffering with a variety of symptoms and believe the following tests and health consultations are the foundation of this success. These options will help us identify the root causes of your most pressing health concerns so that we may offer the best solutions for resolving what ails you.   

For most everyone, the best place to begin is with Dr. Loomis’ 24-Hour Urinalysis Kit with Consultation. This test is incredibly useful and informative as it addresses some of the major areas of concern that are applicable to everyone’s health.

Also consider adding any of the other options below, particularly if you are concerned with vitamin or mineral deficiencies, your thyroid or adrenal health, hormonal imbalances, heavy metal toxicity, or neurotransmitter balance.

Each test can be done easily in the comfort of your home. When your results arrive, we’ll provide you a PDF copy of these results by e-mail. At that time, give us a call to set up your Health Consultation to review your results and receive recommendations.

By clicking the links below, you can read more about each individual test and the various consultation options we offer.

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Health Consultations & Testing

Dr. Loomis’ 24-Hour Urinalysis Kit plus Consultation

Dr. Loomis’ 24-Hour Urinalysis Kit

Analytical Research Labs Hair Mineral Analysis

Sanesco HP Profile

Sanesco HPA Profile

Sanesco Neurotransmitter AH (adrenal) Profile

ZRT Laboratory Comprehensive Female Profile II

ZRT Laboratory Comprehensive Iodine and Thyroid Test

ZRT Laboratory Comprehensive Male Profile II

ZRT Laboratory Vitamin D Blood Spot Test

ZRT Iodine Test

Health Consultation

Healing/Coaching Session

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