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Great Service - Dogs take Thera Zyme (Loomis Enzymes)

Great Service - Dogs take Therazyme (Loomis Enzymes)

Great Service - Dogs take Thera Zyme - Vicki - Blairsville GA
I ordered products and they arrived within a few days. Thank you so much for fast efficient service. My vet prescribes Thera Zyme for my senior dogs. It is amazing how the product cured IBS in one dog. The other senior dogs take Thera Zyme for various conditions. No drugs but enzymes for their good health. I had GERD and used the enzymes prescribed for my dogs and felt better within hours. Amazing product. Thank you Tim and staff for great service.

Re:Great Service - Dogs take Thera Zyme - Timothy Long - []
You are welcome. I have a number of customers using Thera-Zymes (now named Loomis Enzymes) for their dogs and with very good results. Del-Immune products are also amazing for pets, as well as humans!


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