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Andy's Ear Infection

by Suzanne Coovert Bonner

Submitted by:
Suzanne Coovert Bonner,
Andy and Sam's Mom, April 6, 1999

Testimonial for Whole Food Supplements

When our second child was 10 months old, he weaned himself from breastfeeding in October of 1995. Within a week, he had his first ear infection. After being allergic to Amoxicillan, we went on to stronger antibiotics. However, despite constant treatment, we were unable to clear up his ears.

At the same time, I tried various things on my own, including children's vitamins, herbs, and homeopathic remedies. Nothing seemed to help. When he started wheezing, we were concerned that allergies played a part in the infections. In January, after seeing a specialist, we agreed to ear tubes, thinking that the tubes were better than the constant stream of antibiotics in his system. Three thousand dollars later, the surgeon came out of the operating room to tell us Andy's ear was now clear and should be fine. Relieved, we went home.

However, our relief was short-lived. Within two weeks, Andy was waking at night, and acting fussy. Since I was certain he could not get another ear infection, I raced him back to the ENT's office, convinced that the ear tube was poking him. Wrong. He had yet another ear infection! We left the office so discouraged. When I got home, I phoned a good friend of mine and said: "Denise, your kids aren't getting sick this winter. What are you doing?" She said, "The only change we've made is to start on this product of fruits and vegetables in a chewable tablet. Our kids take it twice a day. Jessica isn't getting strep throat anymore, and Scotty's nose quit running all winter long."

Since we figured we had done everything else, what could fruits and vegetables hurt? Besides, something made from food made sense. I knew very little about nutrition at that time, but I did know that steady doses of antibiotics had to be had on our boys' systems. (Andy's older brother Sam was taking preventative antibiotics all winter since her was prone to ear infections, too.) Our only hope for the fruit and vegetable tablets was that it would repair some of the damage the antibiotics must be doing.

About 2 12 months later, we first noticed Andy had completely stopped wheezing. He didn't have an ear infection at the time, but since we were going into spring, I figured he would have one soon. However, it has been over 3 years, and I am still waiting for the wheezing and the ear infections to return! He has been free of both all this time. We definitely credit those fruit and vegetable tablets for his health and his brother's (Sam got off of preventative antibiotics, too!). This was the only change we made at that time, other than all of us getting to sleep through the night again!

Today, we faithfully take our tablets, treating it just like the food it is. It goes on our plates at breakfast and again at dinner, the most important part of every meal. We do not want to use antibiotics again.

What a blessing our friend Denise cared enough to share this product with us. Now, I feel we must share this story with others. For less than the cost of a snack machine snack each day, we can give our children the gift of good heath.

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