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Are You Being Fooled By Fish Oil Marketing?

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For years I have been writing about the dangers of consuming fish oil, omega-3, cod fish oil, krill oil and other similar supplements. For those of my clients still wondering why they should avoid these polyunsaturated oils, I have created a compilation of all newsletters I have written on the topic. In this article, I highlight some of the main messages I have shared throughout the years and include links to the newsletters where the information originally appeared.

It is the research and advice of Dr. Raymond Peat and Dr. Guy Schenker that have greatly contributed to my belief system around consuming these polyunsaturated oils.

Three articles by Dr. Peat have been most informative:
The Great Fish Oil Experiment

If you’re taking polyunsaturated oils like fish oil, you’re participating in the “Great Fish Oil Experiment” so aptly named by Dr. Peat. This article points to an abundance of research as to why one should not supplement with fish oils and shows many of the ways the current mainstream ideology is flawed. For example, Dr. Peat explains, “The most popular way of arguing that fish oil will prevent heart disease is to show that it lowers blood lipids, continuing the old approach of the American Heart Association’s ‘heart protective diet.’ Unfortunately for that argument, it’s now known that the triglycerides in the blood are decreased because of the fish oil’s toxic effects on the liver.”
Oils in Context
Unsaturated Vegetable Oils: Toxic

In my 7/14/2009 Health Newsletter, I included several statements from Dr. Peat that I addressed to him specifically:

Timothy: Do you see any merit in people using fish oil, omega-3 oil?

Dr. Peat:"The article Great Fish Oil Experiment on my website gives some background. Omega -3 generally, including fish oils, are anti-thyroid, immuno-suppressive, increase bowel leakiness and metastatic cancer, and probably contribute to chronic allergies…”

Timothy: So many people tell me these formulas take away their pain, inflammation, skin problems. How is that?

Dr. Peat: "Treatment with x-rays, gamma rays, and radon have been widely used historically for exactly those problems, and it worked to suppress arthritis, neuralgia, ringworm, etc., by extremely similar immunosuppressive actions. The doctors usually retired before the terrible effects were generally known."

As many of you know, Dr. Peat is the genius who taught me about the ill effects of soy, of estrogens and thyroid inhibitors, the health effects of coconut oil and all about thyroid disease and its cure. This was long before the rest of the world caught up with him. Like Dr. Peat, I believe the present information on Omega fatty acids will go the same way as the reversal in beliefs about soy, estrogen replacement, fluoride, silver amalgam fillings, mercury in vaccinations, polyunsaturated oils, and so on.

Margarine is another item that can be added to the list of products that are no longer seen as beneficial to health.

In my 8/19/2011 Health Newsletter, I shared the article “A History of Margarine & Trans Fats.” This article clearly explains how polyunsaturated fats came to be and how they affect our well being at the cellular level. Essentially, because fish swims around in polluted seas, it becomes necessary for the fish oil manufacturers to remove the toxic heavy metals, dioxins and PCBs by heating the oil. However, exposing the oil to high heat creates toxic polyunsaturated fat (trans fat) molecules.

The Takeaway

Eating some safe and healthy fish every now and then is probably fine and good. Avoid large fish like sword fish and shark, farm raised and most shell fish, as they can have too much contamination.

A good resource on safe fish is the Environmental Defense Fund’s Guide to Safe Seafood and Responsible Fisheries.

By stopping the use of fish oil supplements and making certain to have ample good fats and oils in your diet, as well as ample antioxidants, you can minimize or cancel any ill effects from past use of fish oil supplements (as with margarine, flax oil, soy, canola and other polyunsaturated oils) over time.

The best oils remain high quality virgin cold-pressed olive oil, virgin coconut oil, real unsalted organic butter, and the healthy oils and fats found naturally in organic meats, free-range eggs, poultry, fish like wild salmon, raw goat and cow milk products, etc. The best oil for cooking is coconut oil.

Read more about coconut oil in this article by Dr. Peat: Coconut Oil

It is important to keep antioxidants in diet to protect against the unavoidable bad oils in our foods. A natural vitamin E supplement is a good one to take.

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