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Although these articles may represent the thoughts and opinions of Timothy Long, it is a good idea to consult your medical doctor or health professional when making decisions about your health.

Are Soy Products Dangerous? by Charlotte Gerson,
with portions reprinted by permission of Newlife Magazine. This article explores the sometimes controversial topic of whether soy products are considered health food, or something more dangerous.

Avoid the Time-Bombs & Live Longer by Cass Igram, D.O.
A concise list of what to avoid to prevent disease and obtain good health.

Chelation by Extended Health
Answers, statistics, information on the benefits of Chelation.

Comparison of Progesterone and Estrogen by Raymond Peat, PhD
Comparison of effects of progesterone vs estrogen

Energy Medicine by Dr. Mercola
Research proves that unresolved emotional conflicts cause diseases like cancer

Enzyme Therapy for Cancer Prevention and Treatment by Mary Laredo
This Article Explains the Usage of Certain Enzymes in the Treatment of Cancers.

Estrogen, progesterone, and cancer: Conflicts of Interest
by Dr. Raymond Peat
Learn how the government and pharmaceutical interests continue to put profits ahead of woman's health. The story of Estrogen VS Natural Progesterone; cancer and money VS health and sanity.

Estrogen, The Catabolic Stress Hormone by Guy Schenker, D.C.
Dr. Schenker clearly states the dangers of high estrogen, an epidemic among the young and old, men and women. This is one of the most important subjects to understand for anyone interested in obtaining and keeping good health.

Oral Chelation by Extreme Health
The abilty of oral chelation to remove toxins, heavy metals, prevent heart disease and other pathologies.

Organic Food vs Inorganic Food by Jon Ungoed-Thomas
Two articles examining the nutritional benefits of organic food

Phyto-Nutrition - What the Experts Say by BioPharma - NanoGreens
The science behind phyto-nutrition vs synthetic vitamins.

Soy Isoflavones: Panacea or Poison by Mike Fitzpatrick, PhD, MNZIC
Extensive article disputing the safety of soy isoflavones.

Tamoxifen - A Major Medical Mistake? by Sherrill Sellman
Lethal dangers of Tamoxifen, alternatives to synthetic estrogen.

The Heart and Cancer by Mark Sircus Ac., OMD
Understanding Your Heart and the Emotional Aspect of Disease

Vitamin E - Super Important Anti-oxidant by Various Research Material
History and Health Facts about Vitamin E

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