Del-Immune DPS Throat Spray Immunity in Depth

by John A. Sichel, Rph, PD

A New Immune-Support Companion for Del-Immune V®: DPS Throat Spray John A. Sichel, RPh, PD Del-Immune V® users often ask us, ”Do you have any other products?” The answer was always ‘no,’ because while we have been introduced to many other immune support products, we have never found anything that approached the quality, effectiveness and reliability of Del-Immune V®.



We are now able to say we have added a new product to be used with Del-Immune V® for immediate immune support. The new product is named “DPS Throat Spray,” and contains many immune-activating peptides. Peptides ignite the immune responses. Del-Immune V® and DPS Throat Spray create a one-two punch for immediate immune support.

As background, I learned about a special nutritional supplement throat spray derived from fresh bovine colostrum. Through processing, the formula is dairy-free. The final product contains high quantities of proline-rich peptides, (PRPs) protein-like materials, especially valuable to address the issue of winter germs. That same year, we travelled to the Institute of Biotechnology in Kiev, Ukraine and carried the spray with us. One morning, symptoms of a winter germ began. We added the spray to our daily dose of Del-Immune V® capsules to maximize the immediate immune system support. We didn’t want to risk being severely ill and stuck, unable to fly home during the Ukrainian winter. We had an impressive response and were functional in a few hours. We flew home the next day.

In late 2009, I met Dr. Andrew Keech PhD, the developer of this throat spray, at an industry trade show. Dr. Keech has earned multiple scientific degrees, and is the founder and managing director of APS Biogroup, manufacturer of this spray extracted from fresh bovine colostrum. In his book, “Peptide Immunotherapy- Colostrum – a Physicians Guide,” Dr. Keech tells the fascinating story of colostrum. As many mothers know, colostrum is produced in breast milk. It is not until the newborn receives the colostrum that the immune system is activated, particularly in four-legged animals.

“The true gem in colostrum is the ‘Proline rich Polypeptides’ (PRPs). These peptides modulate, balance, regulate or initiate indirectly most of the biochemical processes in the mammalian body. They (PRPs) happen to be found in abundance in colostrum-life’s first food,” writes Dr. Keech.

Dr. Keech combined extensive research with his manufacturing experience to create a process to filter the vital PRPs, the key immune support element in colostrum. He called the process ‘nano-filtration,’ which results in a solution rich in the essential PRPs. Dr. Keech discovered that in humans, the ideal delivery system for this refined solution is an oral spray. While the raw nano-filtered throat spray had an acceptable flavor, it was improved with natural vanilla flavoring.

Spraying the solution directly into the mouth and throat quickly delivers the essential immune support components directly to the mucosa of the nose and throat area, allowing a fast immune response, especially when combined with Del-Immune V®.

DPS® and Del-Immune V®: A One-Two Punch

Time has proven that Del-Immune V® is a reliable nutritional supplement that provides immediate immune system support. It works in most situations and in the past 10 years, has been safe for everyone from babies to seniors. If Del-Immune V® is so good, why would we suggest a companion product like DPS throat spray? Often during the winter cold and flu season, a faster broad-spectrum immune response is desired. We know that Del-Immune V® works in one of the body’s two fundamental immune systems, the innate, or primary immune system. We questioned whether a companion nutritional supplement could trigger the second immune system called the ‘adaptive’ immune system. Over the years, we have helped our customers learn about the innate immune system. This is where Del-Immune V® works, helping to bring the innate immune system ‘online’ when invaders are detected. Another key part of our immune system, is the ‘acquired’ or ‘adaptive’ immune system – the part of the immune system that learns about and remembers different pathogens and invaders it has seen in the past. It is the acquired immune system that responds to vaccines, learning to recognize and fight a threat it has been introduced to in very small doses as vaccinations, or through environmental exposure.

Working with Dr. Keech, we theorized that the two products used together might provide greater immediate immune response and support to the innate and the adaptive immune systems, providing a better outcome. User anecdotal reports, along with our personal experience, seems to confirm this theory.

DPS Throat Spray contains the peptide immune triggers for the adaptive, acquired immune system. Del-Immune V® works in the innate immune system and sends signals to both immune systems. The adaptive immune response is generally slower. Used together, the two products provide powerful, broad-spectrum immune system support in most all environments and through periods of high immune stress.

The usual dosage for DPS is four sprays, swirled around the mouth and swallowed, repeated twice a day. The DPS Throat Spray has a pleasing vanilla flavor and the spray delivery system allows rapid absorption of immune supporting particles through the mucosa of the mouth and throat.

An Informal Trial

During November, 2009, we purchased 600 bottles of this peptide throat spray from Dr. Keech’s company and distributed them to friends and customers during periods of seasonal illness to supplement their use of Del-Immune V®. I suggested users take two Del-Immune V® capsules and 4 sprays of the throat spray morning and evening at the first sign of winter problems, continuing for about 5 days.

We wanted to see how the product performed in combination with Del-Immune V®, and if it offered extra protection during the worst of the winter season. Our interest was to distribute the 600 complimentary bottles to customers to supplement their Del-Immune V® capsules and ask them to report their results to us. After several months of working with the colostrum colostrum extract spray, we discovered that this product is an outstanding companion product to Del-Immune V® capsules, working in the acquired immune system, while Del-Immune V® brings immediate support to the innate immune system. Pure Research Products, LLC has acquired this spray, called DPS Throat Spray and it is now available to customers via internet or phone orders. A number of folks reported identical results to our Ukrainian travel experience – the two products, when used together, worked fast. Many described how they were really concerned about being out of commission for several days even with their use of Del-Immune V®. But the two products together was really a surprise at how fast the combination helped. . . sometimes within hours.

What our customers say about using Del-Immune V® and DPS Throat Spray

Over the past 10 years we have received regular reports from our customers about how fast Del-Immune V® has worked for them, especially when fighting winter germs. Our published research from the Institute of Microbiology in Kiev, Ukraine, refers to the speed of Del-Immune V® activity* (*Study of the Interferonogenous Activity of Del-Immune V® N. Tymoshok, V. Pidgorsky, L. Shynkarenko, J. Sichel, M. Spivak, D.K. Zabolotny. Institutute of Microbiology and Virology of the National Academy of Science, Kiev, Ukraine, 2007.). When Del-Immune V® and DPS throat spray were used in tandem, users stated they were very surprised at how fast they were back on their feet when the products were combined.

Because the overall response to the combination of products was so convincing, we decided to add the throat spray to our product line consisting of Del-Immune V® and Delpro® capsules. Here are a few of the comments that I received from those that participated in the trial with DPS Throat Spray and Del-Immune V® capsules. Obviously these reports are anecdotal.

More Science Behind
DPS Throat Spray and Colostrum Peptides

Dr. Keech and I wanted to learn why there was a synergy between DPS Throat Spray® and Del-Immune V® – we found clear answers.
“The true gems in colostrum are the Proline-rich Polypeptides (PRPs). These peptides modulate, balance, regulate or initiate indirectly most of the biochemical processes in the mammalian body. They (PRPs) happen to be found in abundance in colostrum-life’s first food,” Dr. Keech explained.

“The role of PRPs is to transfer immune recognition signals between immune cells and thereby assist in educating naive immune cells about a present or potential danger. PRPs are natural, microscopic molecules that are found in all animals.

Dr. Kenneth J. Frank, a contributor to Dr. Keech’s book, states that, “Dr. Keech has discovered a way to process fresh liquid colostrum that would ensure high content of PRPs. “I was pleased by how easy it was to use, simply spraying beneath the tongue, holding there, and swallowing. Many blood vessels lie immediately beneath the mucus membranes there, so spraying the product under the tongue maximizes absorption. Much is absorbed through the mucus membranes in the rest of the mouth,” he said.

The peptides separated from the colostrum have been identified as a group that support part of the total immune complex called the adaptive immune system. Del-Immune V® supports the innate immune system. So here are two immune products that when used together work in both immune systems.

The difference is that the innate immune system is the first responder when a foreign particle like a virus, bacteria, fungus, or pollutant gets into our bodies. The pathway is usually the nose and mouth with the invader entering our bodies through the area in the back of the throat.


The other key ingredients in colostrums are immunoglobulins. In his book, Dr. Keech writes, “The best known immune components of colostrum are the immunoglobulins, also known as ‘antibodies.’

Immunoglobulins, part of the adaptive immune system, are special proteins that can specifically bind virtually any bacteria, virus, protein, peptide, carbohydrate or cell the body recognizes as ‘foreign.’ Once immunoglobulins attach themselves to the foreign substance, the immune system’s scavenger cells can attack and destroy or neutralize it.

“The principal immunoglobulins that function as antibodies are IgG, IgA, and IgM. Also present are small amounts of IgE and IgD. Immunoglobulin IgG makes up about 85% of the total immunoglobulins. The function of IgG, the predominant immunoglobulin in bovine milk colostrum, is to identify and help destroy invading pathogenic microbes. IgG is also known as ‘gamma globulin,’ Dr. Keech writes.

Dr. Lauren Sompayrac, PhD, a retired professor from the Department of Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology at the University of Colorado is the author of “How the Immune System Works.” In his text, a series of lectures, he explains in simple language how the immune system holds together. Included is a discussion of the immunoglobulin IgG.

Dr. Sompayrac says that IgG antibodies are very good at neutralizing viruses. New mothers provide their fetus with a supply of IgG antibodies until babies can produce their own, several months after birth.

The adaptive immune system is involved in the creation of antibodies that protect against foreign invaders. This process takes time usually five days to two weeks. One example is how a vaccine works in the adaptive immune system to create antibodies. If, after vaccination, smallpox infection invades the body, the antibodies quickly reproduce and alert the innate immune response. The two systems working together quickly eliminate the smallpox infection.

During the past 10 years, thousands of Del-Immune V® users have benefited from millions of capsules of the product. Research from Institute of Microbiology, Kiev, Ukraine was reported in the newsletter” The Del-Immune Difference” Winter 2008 Issue. Professor Nikoli Tymoshok, Head of the Department of Immunology presented a paper titled “The Interferogenous Activity of Del-Immune V®” to the International Congress of Prebiotics and Probiotics” held in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Dr. Tymoshok reported Del-Immune V® stimulates the interferons which are important immune messengers in the primary or innate immune system. The interferons are the first responders to foreign invaders into the body like viruses, pathogenic bacteria, and certain fungal issues.

What You Should Know...
Probiotics & Flu Season

Many flu sufferers are forced to resort to using doctor prescribed antibiotics due to secondary infections such as sinus infection or bronchitis. Not only is it ‘flu’ season, it is ‘antibiotic’ season as well. It has been found that antibiotics cause intestinal overgrowth of yeasts in 50 percent of users. This condition is persistent in around 15 percent of these people. Overgrowth and colonization of yeast was reduced to nearly zero percent when high-potency probiotic cultures were given during and after antibiotic therapy. (Ozaki, 2004)

In simple terms, it is good sense to supplement with probiotics, or ‘friendly’ bacteria, when taking antibiotics, as antibiotics often kill the ‘good’ bacteria in our intestinal tract along with the bacteria to blame for the infection. When the good bacteria are gone, opportunistic bacteria such as yeast (candida) can grow at rapid rates in the digestive tract. Probiotics help keep these ‘bad’ bacteria in check and stop the overgrowth that can lead to new illnesses.

Researchers also know that infants who had milk intolerances, when given lactobacilli, or ‘good’ bacteria, had a significant decrease in intestinal inflammation. Other studies have demonstrated the same effect in adults with milk intolerances (Majamaa, H. and Isolauri, E., 1997, Pelto et. al. 1998).

There are some basic rules to maximize the effectiveness of probiotics taken during a course of antibiotics.

1. For concurrent use with antibiotics it is recommended that the probiotic formula be taken between doses of antibiotics rather than at the same time. Probiotic use may begin at the same time a course of antibiotics begins, or may be started prior to the use of antibiotics.

2. It is recommended that probiotic supplementation continue for 30 days following the end of a course of antibiotics.

Stability of DelproTM
The stability of Pure Research Productís DelproTM probiotic blend is substantially increases due to its proprietary freeze dry technique. DelproTM is shelf-stable for approximately six months at room temperature. Refrigeration is recommended for optimum viability and efficacy, and extends the product shelf-life to 24 months. Freezing DelproTM extends shelf life indefinitely.

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