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Good News: Food Vitamin E vs Vitamin E Supplements



Consuming wheat germ, sardines, whole grains and other foods high in vitamin E may protect your heart better than taking vitamin E supplements. A study out last week found that women whose diet was naturally high in vitamin E were more resistant to the presence of dangerous oxidizing chemicals in their blood than were those who took vitamin pills. It seemed that the supplements blocked some of the benefits of vitamins found in food.

Note from Timothy Long: I included this article to not only bring awareness that 'food is our best medicine', but that most supplements on the market aren't worth taking and can even be dangerous to your health. It is also important to realize that these types of studies are usually done with synthetic vitamins, not whole food natural vitamins. Vitamin E is a very crucial vitamin needed in our bodies, with many well documented benefits. I give high importance to offering high quality vitamin E supplements and recommending taking them daily.

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