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Heavy Metal Toxicity and Oral Chelation

Although these articles may represent the thoughts and opinions of Timothy Long, it is a good idea to consult your medical doctor or health professional when making decisions about your health.

ADD/ADHD and the Connection with Lead Exposure by Extended Health
A great article discussing the role lead exposure plays in causing ADD/ADHD and what can be done about it.

Chelation by Extended Health
Answers, statistics, information on the benefits of Chelation.

Fluoride Alert! What you need to know!
This article was published via the Fluoride Action Network and offers 50 compelling reasons to oppose fluoridation in our water supply.

Mercury and Vaccines, Misleading Medical Reporting by Mark Sircus Ac., OMD
Mercury and Autism, Mercury in Vaccinations, fish, dental fillings.

Oral Chelation by Extreme Health
The abilty of oral chelation to remove toxins, heavy metals, prevent heart disease and other pathologies.

Reversing & Preventing Mercury Toxicity by International DAMS Newsletter/Winter-Spring 1998
Mercury amalgam fillings toxicity, natural Oral Chelation, Extended Health, Extreme Health, safely detoxify mercury, lead, aluminum, heavy metals, chemicals, arteries.

The Dangers of Ingested Mercury (Hg) by Townsend Letters for Doctors
Mercury accumulation through eating tuna, etc.

Your Children's Health, Mercury, Autism, Etc. by Nona Baker
Synopsis of Medical Conference concerning Mercury, Autism, Etc.