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Holistic Pet Care

Holistic Pet Care

by Timothy Long & Penny Wieser

Pets benefit from a healthy diet just as much as we do, so why shouldn’t they receive the nutrients they deserve? One customer sent me information on how she keeps her beloved dogs healthy.

“Hi Timothy,

“I wanted to share with you how I am putting into practice much of what you have taught me over the years in terms of nutrition and natural health practices as it relates to the care of my beloved dogs. I realized over time, that everything you were saying to me, in terms of the grave shortfalls of allopathic medicine and some of its dangerous practices applies to traditional veterinary care as well, as most vets are allopathic practitioners. I would like people to know about what I have learned, so that they might provide better care for their pet, improve the health of their pet and extend the life span of their precious family friend.

“1. Nutrition - In my opinion, all commercial dog foods fall far short of ideal nutrition. As you have taught me, nothing takes the place of real food. My dogs have organic eggs for breakfast, (very lightly cooked - runny) with some of (your) Tocotriene mixed in. For dinner they have brown rice, with either grass-fed hamburger or natural chicken (meat and poultry are cooked) mixed in. They always have vegetables; dogs love them - peas, string beans, zucchini, carrots, and broccoli are my dogs’ favorites. Do not give them onions. I also give them a generous dose of olive oil with dinner.
They also have goat’s milk yogurt each day - with (your) Premier Greens added in. They love these greens. Twice each year, they also have Premier Colostrum mixed in for immune support.

“I am happy to say that their health has improved greatly since I rescued them from the shelter!

“Every few days I will add in some Premier Max B-ND and Premier Vitamin C. I am going to start adding a small amount of Bio Nativus Trace mineral complex to their yogurt. One of my dogs also LOVES apples - cut up.
Most dogs are very allergic to wheat, corn and soy, which is what most commercial dog foods are made of. Most commercial foods use very poor protein sources (chicken feet etc.) Giving your pet real food is also more cost effective in the long run. Pets need abundant amounts of protein - remember they are from the wolf or big cat family!! For a treat- my dogs love whole kernel rye bread with organic butter.

“2. Care - I have seen one too many unnecessarily sick dogs at the vet - listless, eyes not clear, coat not shiny. I am horrified because in the name of "prevention" our pets are being slowly poisoned to death with the poisonous tick and heartworm preventers as well as the vaccinations. I have recently decided NO MORE vaccinations for my dogs and I am currently researching natural remedies to keep mosquitoes and ticks off the dogs. Perhaps one of your readers knows about this and can share. I was APPALLED recently to learn that my (ex) vet who is one of the better ones does not even use a lead apron to cover a dog who is being x-rayed!! They also insist that the dog be sedated for x-rays. I believe it is not a coincidence that the highly increased rates of cancer and tumors in dogs and cats are correlated to the poisons being prescribed. Add the total lack of nutrition that most pets are living with and they have no immune system to try to cope with anything.

“3. Lyme Disease - When my dogs came to me from the shelter they tested positive for Lymes. I am now convinced that antibiotics do not cure Lymes- I think they just suppress the symptoms for a time. My dogs are so healthy from their diet - that although they are still testing positive for Lymes - you would never know it because they look and act the picture of health!! I am treating them now with a holistic remedy and as an adjunct therapy, will use (your) Del-Immune and Premier Olive Leaf Immune over a 3-6 month time period. Dogs are very sensitive and respond quickly to small doses of holistic remedies. (The vet prescribed an antibiotic dose that was 3 TIMES the dosage that was prescribed to me when I had Lymes! I became extremely ill from the antibiotics as did my dogs.)

“So, thanks for all that you continue to teach me and share with me. I hope that my experiences can serve as a new paradigm for other pet owners to begin to care for their pets in the new wonderful way that you have taught us to care for ourselves.

Penny Wieser”

Products Mentioned:

Premier Tocotriene Ultra
Premier Greens
Premier Colostrum-21 Powder
Premier Max B-ND
Premier Vitamin C
BioNativus Ionic Trace Mineral Concentrate
Premier Olive Leaf Immune
Del-Immune V

There is an animal center using Del-Immune with numerous cats and dogs with astonishing, miraculous results. I mean cancers, meningitis, hyperthyroidism, asthma, renal failure, heart failure, diabetes, etc., many they thought were dying! Del-Immune is one of the greatest supplements of all-time and I would not hesitate a moment to give it to any person of any age, or any animal with any health problem. - Timothy Long

Additional Info:

Please do your own research before giving your pet supplements. I am not trained in veterinary health and cannot guarantee that the above supplements are beneficial. While I cannot claim responsibility for the above letter, I do have numerous customers who have told me they’ve had great results giving their pets certain supplements. In addition, cats and dogs seem to Love coconut oil. Just don’t give them xylitol, because it is deadly for cats and dogs.

Coconut Oil

Another customer related the following to me, regarding her cat:

“Many vets believe that too much magnesium in the cat's diet will lead to urine crystals – thus there are many "low-magnesium" foods on the market. There are also articles that refute that belief.

“However, I used to put a couple of mineral drops in my cat's water and she developed bloody urine with crystals in it. Yuck. I stopped the minerals and put her on a low-magnesium diet and she got better. I can't say if it was actually the magnesium or not, but it does make you think.”

I have cared for a lot of cats and I found it to be true that they get urinary problems by food high in ash or magnesium. So I would suggest being careful in choosing food for your cats. - TL

Supplementing your pets is a wonderful idea because most food on the market is junk. Just be careful to make sure the supplements are Ok for your particular animal’s body.


Pet Success with Del-Immune

Pepper the Poodle
Pepper, ten-year-old Standard Poodle…chronically ill with unspecified stomach trouble since puppy hood. Soy diet for at least five years; indifferent to food. Much expenditure for vet examinations -- no clear diagnosis….Bad breath, poor coat. Recently withdrawn, appeared lame. Rx: 125mg Del Immune for ten days. Appetite changed to hungry -- finishing every meal (same diet). Eyes clear, breath good, obvious energy charge. Chasing tennis ball again without lameness. Coat looks better.
Hugh H.
Denver, CO

Baggy the Cat
...19-year-old cat, Baggie. She has been declining for about a year or more with failing kidneys and chronic inflammatory bowel. She gets dehydrated and vomits a lot.... she began to wobble and fall over and run into things.

...I began giving her one capsule daily divided up in her food 4 or 5 times a day. Within three days she stopped vomiting and was walking more gracefully and seemed in general to be feeling much better. It has been over two weeks now and she is doing very well. …she is more her old happy self. My wish for her is to live out her life comfortable and die exquisitely and the Del-Immune is sure helping in that regard.
Taos, NM

Ellie, the Poodle
...I noticed Ellie was frequently shaking her head. Then I noticed she had secretions coming out of each ear.

It seems she had both a yeast infection in one ear, and a serious bacterial infection in the other ear. ...I have spent a total of about $4,000 on medications, holistic therapies, canine chiropractic, and anything else you can think of. Sometimes her ears would get better, but the discharge from her ears never stopped, and required multiple cleanings each day.

...I started Ellie on one capsule a day. Within three days, the discharge in each ear slowed down. Within a week, there was almost no discharge in either ear. Then the discharged virtually stopped. My vet friends and I were really astonished.

The discharged stopped for 23 days, then Ellie started shaking her head again. My vet went back to the latest therapy, and we continued Ellie on the Del-Immune, now giving her two capsules a day. Within 72 hours, Ellie stopped shaking her head, started bringing me her toys, and had new energy exhibited by leaping across the bedroom into my bed.

The vet now has Ellie on a very small dose of an antibacterial, and Ellie has not had any discharge from either ear for 100 days. We are continuing her on two capsules of Del-Immune a day.
Jim S.
Denver, Colorado

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