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Mercury and Vaccines, Misleading Medical Reporting

by Mark Sircus Ac., OMD

Confused and Misleading Medical Reporting

International Medical Veritas Association

On December 14, 2004 the New York Times published In Autism, New Goal Is Finding It Soon Enough to Fight It. In a long article written by Anahad O’Connor, the New York Times shows at best myopic medical vision, at worst, a newspaper subservient to its large corporate advertisers. This is a polite way of communicating the experience of reading a shallow essay on a subject bringing ruin to many American families. It is not just a case of the essay not really communicating anything of value to parents; alarmingly there is nothing to warn parents that their children might be falling to autism spectrum syndromes because of vaccines with thimerosal, as a growing body of scientists think. Nothing is said of the growing concern, among a broad collection of researchers, of toxic causes of autism. Nothing is said of the fact that 1 in six women of childbearing age are toxic enough with mercury (because of fish consumption and dental amalgams) to seriously threaten their children with neurological disorders.

A hard lesson in journalistic terrorism is found in this medical article, which screens out vital information. Anything that does not agree with the mainstream medical establishment’s official party line is absent, censored, excluded and denied to parents who need important information to protect their children. Even the title is an exercise in confusion. Having no established cause of autism what are parents going to fight?

Mentioning nothing about prevention, Dr. Deborah Fein, a professor of psychology said to the Times, "Intervention should start before the age of 3, and certainly by the age of 4. After a certain point, you can still teach an autistic child certain things, ameliorate destructive behaviors, but you're not really going to change the developmental pathway that they're on." And Fein is correct, nothing can be done for the child if toxic causes are not diagnosed and treated.

The Times says, “Propelled by an explosion of public awareness and growing evidence that early treatment with behavioral therapy can improve a child's chances, scientists have set out to diagnose the disorder as early as possible, and slowly, more children with autism are being identified before they turn 2.” Though usually detected later this earlier diagnosis is yet another indication that children are being mowed down in the first two years of life by the childhood vaccination program and other toxic influences in the crucial developmental period that the first two years represents. Many are these influences but in the eyes of toxicologists there is one chemical influence that seems to be more involved than any other and that’s mercury, which the FDA admits is “everywhere,” even in childhood vaccines.

“Pediatricians are getting a lot more sophisticated at detecting it," said Dr. Fred Volkmar a professor of child psychiatry at Yale, but not more sophisticated at treating it. Pediatricians are especially slow in understanding autism because there is a great possibility that they are the primary cause of it. Pediatricians have overloaded the childhood vaccine schedule, which pumps many harmful chemicals into children’s bodies when they are most vulnerable. Through a basically insane chain of rationalizations, in 1991 pediatricians decided to inject newborns with the hepatitis b vaccine loaded with mercury (hepatitis is not a disease which children are at risk for). And then, because of the overcrowding of the childhood vaccine schedule (which they are presently overcrowding even more with the flu vaccine and other vaccines coming soon) they clobber very young children with four or five shots at a time even though no study has ever been conducted to assure us of the saftey of such practices. Some physicians who understand young children’s special developmental vulnerabilities have suggested that all vaccine shots wait to be started at two years of age but pediatricians are busy adding new shots as fast as they can never stopping to think overdosing young children with vaccines could be causing the autism pandemic.

Many mothers think autism is not even the appropriate diagnostic label for their children preferring simply to say their kids are suffering from mercury poisoning. A Dr. Rashid Buttar, in a presentation to congress in May of 2004, presented a new treatment method that in its first year of use, is demonstrating breathtakingly hopeful results. The treatment is to simply pull the mercury out of the children using a transdermal application of an old drug called DMPS, which was developed fifty years ago by the Russians and Chinese. There is no doubt that DMPS pulls the mercury out of the cells and that children are getting better because of it. There seems to be also little doubt that the incidence of autism is being reversed inCalifornia , for example, after they removed the mercury from the vaccines used there. Did the NY Times mention a word about mercury and its relationship to autism? If you read O’Connor's essay I can promise you will not find a word mentioned about mercury. Is this criminal neglect or criminal ignorance in their medical writing department?

Mark Sircus Ac., OMD
Director International Medical Veritas Association