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The Miraculous Papaya

by Countess (Beach Magazine, Nov. '98)

In America many people honor the Tree of Life at Christmas by decorating the evergreen trees with beautiful brilliant lights. In the ancient Mayan civilization, the people honored the Papaya Tree as their sacred Tree of Life.

Once we become familiar with the Papaya Tree, we can easily understand why the Mayans selected to honor that miraculous tree. Every part of the Papaya Tree can be used can be used to nourish the human being. What a wondrous gift from the Supreme Creator.


When ripe the papaya fruit turns orange and can be eaten in the morning, or at lunch and dinner with a main course. The green papaya can be sliced and steamed like a squash. Papaya is one of the best foods for digestion and works to maintain the human body's good health. The stomach acid level becomes balanced, and people begin to experience more energy.

The skin of the ripe papaya can be refrigerated and later used to wash ones face. The Island people of Java have very clear skin which they credit to papaya.

The seeds contain papain, and are very good to cleanse the liver. Instead of discarding the papaya seeds with a plate on top -- within a few weeks they will sprout - a total organic meal. Try placing the seeds directly in the ground, and within six months, there will be a Papaya Tree.

The dried seeds can be pulverized and used as a spice when cooking meat, fish, chicken, or veggies. The papain acts as a protector against radiation.

(Ed. Note: Apple pectin is also great radiation remover!)

The green leaves can be used to tenderize meat. Simply roll the raw meat within the green leaves and leave overnight in the refrigerator. When making a soup or stew: cut up green leaves, green papaya, even dried papaya leaves can be added. The taste is delicious. The green leaves simmered in pure water can be served as a tea. The bark of the Papaya Tree is used to produce ropes.

(Ed. Note: According to Australian research, the leaves are strongly anti- cancerous).