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Natural Treatments for ADD Are a Reality

Natural Treatments for ADD are a Reality

From the Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) crosses every socioeconomic class in America. Everyone knows someone who had it, has had it, or is being tested for it. Since no one knows exactly what the dysfunction is, where it comes from, or how to cure it, it seems reasonable to explore all types of treatment. Drug treatments are well known. These two titles from Safe Goods divulge the latest information regarding natural treatments, diet, preventative approaches, symptoms relating to environmental and food allergies, supplementation and more.

ADD The Natural Approach

ADD The Natural Approach tells us about the pitfalls of using drug treatments on people with attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity. Are we creating a society of drug dependent children? The authors, Nina Anderson and Howard Peiper suggest alternatives.

ADD The Natural Approach gives the reader the choice. Masking the problem with drugs may serve to create drug dependence. We may have created this disease in ourselves and by following the author's suggestions, we may not only lessen the symptoms, but also eliminate the problem completely.

This book is for the skeptic as well as the believer in natural healing. It makes sense and the information within its covers could change your life and the life of your child. Gillian Martlew, ND, comments, "I am pleased that this simple, down to earth and honest book is available to the public and can be used as a holistic reference for ADD and Hyperactivity, and most especially, that it explains natural solutions that work." "Parents, teachers, health professionals and the children will appreciate your contribution. Welcome to the 21st century," says Esteban A. Genao, MD, FAAP, and Pediatrician.

Printed book, 40 ppg, $4.95, ISBN 1-884820-19-0; Book-on-Audio Tape for $9.95, ISBN 1-884820-25-5.

The ADD and ADHD Diet

The authors, Rachel Bell and Dr. Howard Peiper have compiled the latest research information concerning contributing factors for ADD and ADHD that have dietary implications. They present this material in an easy-to-read book that reveals how Candida can become a problem, what foods can be toxic, eating habits that contribute to mal-digestion and immune system compromise, nutritional supplements that help ADD/ADHD and information on non-dietary approaches to relieving symptoms.

According to Linda Rector Page, ND, Ph.D., "Conventional therapies normally address only the symptoms of an illness, not the cause. It is clear they are not the answer in the long run. Addressing the cause of ADD is the first big step. Nutrition is a major key." Doris Rapp, MD in the foreword states, "This is an important book, The ADD and ADHD Diet will provide the type of answers that are needed to make an informed choice for safer, better, easier and less expensive treatments for ADD and ADHD." Written in cooperation with Dr. Marshall Mandell, "this book is an enlightened and important contribution to giving children and adults diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, the gift of a quality life," Linda Rector Page.

Printed Book, 96 ppg., ISBN 1884820-29-8.