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Reversing & Preventing Mercury Toxicity

by International DAMS Newsletter/Winter-Spring 1998

Near Death from Mercury Poison

Dental Hygienist Creates Solution

Chemists classify mercury as a heavy metal. There are over 235 million dental patients in America with mercury amalgam fillings in their teeth.

These fillings release toxic microscopic particles into your body every time you chew.

Even small amounts can be extremely toxic and difficult to get rid of. Health problems caused by low-level chronic exposure to heavy metals may take years to appear.

Possible symptoms range from diarrhea and insomnia to more severe conditions like Multiple Sclerosis (MS), and Alzheimer's disease.

"My health declined to the point of being bedridden for 4 Years and near DEATH!"

I went from one M.D. to another in an attempt to obtain a diagnosis, but no one could determine what was going wrong or how to treat me.

After many years of perseverance, research, and using a variety of modalities (including removal of all my mercury amalgam fillings), detoxification, and specific nutrients, I was able to reclaim my health.

Because of my own personal health experience, I chose to further my education in the field of nutrition to help others.

My name is Dr. Maile Pouls. I worked as a dental hygienist for 16 years, between 1967 and 1983. At that time I did not wear a protective mask and was unaware of the health risks of polishing silver-mercury amalgam fillings.

During my last year as a hygienist, I began to develop many unusual symptoms that continued to progress to a state at which I became totally physically disabled and near death.

First with mild dizziness and fatigue that progressed to extreme symptoms similar to multiple sclerosis (MS), such as visual disturbances, pain, tremors, jerky movements, low grade fever, weight loss of 50 pounds and extreme exhaustion.

I proceeded to obtain my Master's degree in Human Nutrition and my Ph. D., as a biochemist and nutritionist.

For the past fifteen years I have been given the great opportunity to provide nutritional counseling and education to thousands of people all over the United States.

My own health experience created a passion in me for finding the truth about healing modalities, especially in the area of heavy metal detoxification and nutritional supplements.

It has been my job to assist people in detoxification and balancing their body chemistry, especially in the area of heavy metals.

During this period of time I have been requested to appear on many talk shows, written two books, co-authored many others, and I've created specialized vitamin formulas.

Over these past five years my husband and I researched and evaluated the top 450 nutritional and health companies and their products for our upcoming book, The Supplement Shopper.

Because of this extensive research, along with my clinical nutritional practice, I have evaluated the oral chelation formulas currently available in the nutritional industry.

I realized there was a tremendous need for a comprehensive "oral chelation" formula with superior ingredients.

I have spent the last year as Director of Research for Extended Health, formulating the most comprehensive Oral Chelation/Age-Less formula available on the market today.

Besides removing mercury and other heavy metals from the body and brain, this product includes a combination of vitamins, amino acids, herbs, enzymes, super-foods and anti-oxidants.

Also included are nutrients to mobilize mercury and heavy metals from the brain and nerve ganglions, natural chelators to bond and carry them out of the body.

These oral natural chelating supplements are convenient, effective, affordable, and safe for both children and adults.

The Oral Chelation formula referred to in this article can be purchased here from Long Natural Health.