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Targeted Nutritional Therapy


Sanesco’s protocol for correction of neuro-hormonal imbalances includes Targeted Nutritional Therapy™ (TNT) options. TNT™ is a clinical protocol using natural non-drug formulas specifically balanced with precursors and nutrient cofactors to give practitioners more control in restoring neurotransmitter imbalances than typical high dose amino acid therapies.

Targeted Nutritional Therapy™ (TNT) formulas represent the therapeutic aspect of the Communication System Management™ (CSM) model. After Sanesco’s multi-disciplinary team of researchers and clinicians expertly analyze and interpret a patient’s test results and symptoms, TNT™ formulas are recommended to address imbalances found in the Communication System.

Each TNT™ formula is designed to act on the inhibitory or excitatory aspect of the HPA axis—a system critical to all metabolic function—or as adjunctive support. Used as either a stand-alone therapy or as an adjunct to other treatment protocols, TNT™ formulas are effective in accelerating the healing process and minimizing the chance of symptom recurrence.


Phases of Rebalancing

TNT™ formulas can be used during the Initial, Restoration and Maintenance Phases. In the Initial Phase, measurements establish a patient’s baseline levels and define any imbalances which may exist. During the Restoration Phase, serial retesting allows the practitioner to follow patient progress and monitor and adjust the initial therapeutic protocol as needed. The Maintenance Phase begins when a patient’s HPA axis functions have been restored, symptoms are relieved and prevention of symptom recurrence is sought.

Initial Phase

Restoration Phase

Maintenance Phase

Targeted Nutritional Therapy™

Sanesco has three TNT categories: Inhibitory, Excitatory and Support. Inhibitory formulas are most often recommended during the Initial Phase. Excitatory formulas are usually recommended during the Restoration Phase when indicated, after the Inhibitory System has been rebuilt, or at times, in the Initial Phase if inhibition is adequate. The Support formulas can be utilized during any phase—Initial, Restoration, or Maintenance—to address a specific symptom such as insomnia.

All of Sanesco’s TNT formulas are manufactured in strictly-controlled facilities from selected all-natural ingredients of the highest pharmaceutical-grade quality. Optimal product safety and potency are ensured through a proprietary delivery system— NSB—that permits smaller doses and fewer capsules per dose. In addition, many formulas contain Suntheanine® and/or Lactium®, advanced ingredients backed by extensive research.

Achieving Communication System balance in the most efficient, cost-effective manner is now possible utilizing Sanesco’s CSM model. Contact the Technical Support team to learn how to choose the correct formula for each patient.