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Vitamin C: A Response to Jane Brody


by Serafina Corsello, M.D.

On April 15, 1998, the SCIENCE NEWS UPDATE from the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) and the Archives Journal wired the alarming news that "adverse drug reactions (ADRs) in United States hospitals may be responsible for more than 100,000 deaths nationwide each year, making it one of the leading causes of death."

It is very interesting that a few days later, Ms. Jane E. Brody of the New York Times found it necessary to write an alarming article about vitamin C. In my opinion, Dr. Victor Herbert, who she interviewed, is less than enthusiastic about the benefits of natural nutritional medicine. My response to Ms.Brody's article, which originally appeared in the British Journal NATURE, follows.

Vitamin C is not only an antioxidant, but it is also an activator of the body's defensive system. It does this by promoting the release of free radicals from neutrophils (specialized white cells). This is a normal defensive posture when the body is invaded by extraneous organisms. In a colloquial way, I call the immunological effect of vitamin C, "the fire hosing of the enemies."

Physicians, such as myself, who are trained in medicine and chemistry, have known for a long time that vitamin C needs to be taken with other antioxidants. In fact, Dr. Carlton Fredericks, as far back as twenty years ago, used to recommend "that vitamin C be given with vitamin E." Since we know that the germicidal effect of vitamin C can be harmful to the body, unless we protect the cells with other accompanying antioxidants, we do not give simple ascorbic acid. We use natural vitamin C, accompanied by its natural and necessary companion, the bioflavanoids. Bioflavanoids are always present with vitamin C in its natural habitat (fruits, vegetables, etc.). These bioflavanoids assure that vitamin C itself does not get oxidized and ensures protection of our tissues after the "fire hosing" by the white cells.

At our Center, we not only give vitamin C with bioflavanoids, but with other very important antioxidants and hepato (liver) protective substances, such as...taurine, glutathione, selenium and more...

In summary, not only should one use vitamin C accompanied by bioflavanoids, but other antioxidants, as well.

It is very interesting that immediately after the alarming news about deaths related to drugs, the alarming news about vitamin C was broadcast throughout the media.

One cannot help but wonder!

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