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Weight Management

Although these articles may represent the thoughts and opinions of Timothy Long, it is a good idea to consult your medical doctor or health professional when making decisions about your health.

A Holistic Approach to Natural Weight Loss by Timothy Long
This article includes a weight loss testimonial from one of Timothy's clients. Timothy discusses the approach he prefers to take with clients for successful whole body health, healing and weight loss.

Avoid the Time-Bombs & Live Longer by Cass Igram, D.O.
A concise list of what to avoid to prevent disease and obtain good health.

Carbohydrate (Sugar) Intolerance by Dr. Stephen C. Gangemi
Very good article on sugar and carbohydrate intolerance, and how you can test yourself..

Coconut Oil by Dr. Raymond Peat
All about Coconut Oil, Fats, Essential Fatty Acids

Coconut Oil Recipies by Dr. Lita Lee
Dr. Lee has shared these recipes for her favorite condiments, made with coconut oil!

Health Benefits of Coconut Oil by Quality First Int. & By Bruce Fife
Research and clinical observation have shown that medium-chain fatty acids, like those found in coconut oil, may provide a wide range of health benefits