Whole Body Healing Starts in your Emotional Mind

Whole Body Healing Starts in Your Emotional Mind

If you want to heal your body of any disease, if you want to prevent disease, if you want to get to the root of most physical illness, or emotional illnesses like PTSD, anxiety, social phobias, depression, dysfunctional marriages, broken-hearted relationships, even failures to succeed in career or business, no matter how it is you want to improve your life, the first place you want to begin is your emotional mind.

For over twenty-five years I have interviewed and counseled thousands of clients both as a naturopathic health consultant and as a psychotherapist. I am certain that unresolved emotional imbalances and trauma are the root of most health problems, disease, emotional unhappiness and dissatisfaction with life. Many people do not see this because much of it is hidden from their consciousness. I see my work as bringing awareness and consciousness to these underlying causative factors, as well as providing healing, counseling, or advice as needed.

The following excerpt was taken from this article from Acupuncture Today. I highly suggest you read the whole article if you want to heal your body or your life. According to Darren Starwynn, OMD, LAc:

The controversial German doctor Ryke Geerd Hamer discovered what he calls the "shock-conflict" causation of cancer and other major diseases. He proposed that cancer stems from emotional-psychic causes that remain unresolved over long periods of time, and that emotional healing and meditative practices provide the best cancer treatments. According to Dr. Hamer's observations the body is able to heal itself of most cancers if:

1. The patient is given therapy and support for de-programming and releasing the harmful effects of the shock-conflict on her body.

2. The patient's body is not interfered with by over-use of medical treatment. This rather bold view is based on the belief that many treatments given by oncologists interfere with the body's self-healing process and aggravate the emotional causes of cancer by promoting fear and disempowerment.

Dr. Hamer has been persecuted for his practices, as you can understand from that last statement. During one trial he went through in Wiener Neustadt, Austria the prosecutor of his case had to admit into evidence that 6,000 out of the 6,500 patients with mostly advanced cancer that Dr. Hamer had treated were still alive 4 – 5 years after being treated by him. This, a 90 percent success rate, is unheard of in conventional treatment of advanced cancers…


While most patients are aware of their surface emotions they are not as commonly in touch with the deeper causative levels that have helped create the life path culminating in their current issues and diseases. Practitioners who can evaluate and treat the emotional imbalances at the root of cancer can be of great assistance both for remedial treatment and raising the awareness of the patient (See full article by Darren Starwynn, OMD, LAc)

It is my hope and my life’s passion to bring great health and whole-body healing to the lives of others. If you want more information on counseling/healing sessions, please visit me online at

Timothy Long, Psychotherapist and Holistic Health Practitioner