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Your Children's Health, Mercury, Autism, Etc.

by Nona Baker

Dr. Danielle Duperret and I went to the Safe Harbor Alternative Mental Health Conference held on June 5-6 in Glendale, L.A. I am enclosing just a few tidbits of information gleaned from that conference. It was one of the best conferences I've ever attended (excluding ACEP, of course). It was comparatively inexpensive ($130) but they had some of the best speakers in alternative medicine that I have ever heard--psychiatrists, a holistic dentist, MDs, PhDs, homeopaths, bio-feedback, a session on traumatic brain injuries and even an attorney involved in many of the litigation lawsuits against the pharmaceuticals. This was an extremely interesting conference. Below is just a few of the tidbits we learned. I've chosen the lecture on autism because I know many of you are working with autistic children.

Thimersol = Mercury
Did you know that when using an "Allergen Patch Test" it contains 2% thimersol?
Did you know that 36 nasal sprays have thimerisol in them?
Did you know that contact lens solutions have thimerisol in them?
Did you know that hemorrhoid medications have thimersol?
Did you know that Otic and Ophthalmologic Drops (some designed for children) have thimersol in them?
Mothers who have metal amalgams in their mouth should have their newborn baby's hair tested for mercury.
Autistic children can't detox mercury poisionings.
Did you know that antibiotics decrease mercury excretion? Mercury goes into tissues not the blood.
Did you know that Camomile Tea makes a great eye wash?
Epsom Salt Baths are highly recommended with water as hot as as possible in detoxing mercury.
Most autistic children have sulphate levels that are only 12% of normal and sulphate treatment is necessary.

All of the above tidbits were from Dr. Andrew Levinson, M.D., who works with autistic children and is a psychiatrist in Florida. His website is His e-mail is I highly recommend if you are working with autistic children that you get his tape or if you can find where he is speaking, attend his lectures. He is really in the forefront of the alternative treatments for autistic children. I've only included a few of his recommendations.

I am so glad I went to this conference and encourage you all to consider it next year. I also believe that the ACEP group needs to seriously consider inviting Safe Harbor to your next conference. They are unaware of what you are doing and would be very much interested in possibly including some Energy Psychology into their next conference. I can see the two different modalities dovetailing together into helping each other spread alternative procedures all across this nation.................Blessings to you all! Nona Baker