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Health Resources

Dr. Raymond Peat's Web Site

There are some great health articles written by Dr. Peat on his site. See articles on Nutrition, Hormones, Oils and Fats and more.

Coconut Oil Benefits

An excellent site outlining the vast benefits coconut oil, including recipes!

Loomis Enzymes/Enzyme Formulations

Read articles all about Enzyme Formulations and Thera-zymes.

Environmental Working Group's 2013 Guide to Pesticides in Produce

If you cannot always buy organic fruits and vegetables, this guide will give you information on pesticide residue amounts on conventionally grown produce. You'll want to steer clear of produce with the most pesticide residue, aptly named the "Dirty Dozen"!

The Vitamin D Council

Provides information on the latest vitamin D news and research. Find out about how vitamin D deficiency affects your health and what you can do about it.

Environmental Working Group's Cosmetic Database

Are the ingredients in your beauty products safe? Find out how to make smarter choices in cosmetics for healthier living.