Itchy Scalp

Itchy scalp

Try these products to resolve an itchy scalp naturally!

You’ve likely read the suggestion to apply oil to your scalp. This advice can vary when it comes to the type of oil you use, oregano essential oil diluted in coconut oil works great for many people.

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Itchy scalp - Amanda -
For the past 3 months I have had a very itchy scalp that is now covered in open cuts, due to my scratching. It may be a reaction to a shampoo, I have thrown out all the chemical shampoos but even a 'natural' shampoo from the health shop didn't help. At the moment i wash my hair every 3 days as then the itching is unbearable, my scalp goes very dry when it gets wet and water feels like acid being poured on. I sit there with my head feeling like it's on fire, sometimes I just scratch and scratch!! I was going to wash my hair today as my scalp feels oily but instead I filled my sink with water and essential and dunked my head in it, then massaged my scalp which has eased it a little. I'm wondering whether to give up washing my hair and letting my scalp cleanse itself, but is there any herbs etc that I could put in the water that will help ease my scalp?

Re:Itchy scalp - Timothy Long - []
Try soaking your head in pure aloe vera. Also try raw eggs. Be sure there is no chlorine in your water. Also try coconut oil. Leave these things on your head for a while and rinse out with pure water. Let us know what works.


Re:Itchy scalp - susan - nc
have had an itchy scalp for several months-tried traditional cures and dandruff shampoos-worse at night when head on pillow-almost burning itching sensation-want a natural solution

Re:Itchy scalp - Anon - Victoria BC
Itchy Scalp? Likely you have aphids. Well, that's probably not the technical name. They're probably subcutaneous, and you probably need a microscope to see them, but there's the basic idea. Instead of Safers Insecticidal Soap, try a good shampoo. Instead of shampooing less, shampoo *every* day and leave the lather in your hair to soak into your scalp for as many minutes as you can during your shower or bath. Bugs don't like soap. If you miss a day in the first (2-3-4?) weeks, you give them a chance to recover and you may be starting over again. I'd also suggest that if you wear a hat or tuque, launder it frequently (lots of soap?; *hot* water?) so they can't lurk there. I ended up using Pantene dandruff shampoo (even though there was no dandruff). Many other shampoos may also work fine, but the two or three others I tried first (including a medicated shampoo) didn't seem very satisfactory. If one doesn't give results in a couple of weeks, try another one. Anyway, the above is what worked for me after scratching my head over the problem for many months. Copyright waived, Sept 2002 -- The Author (Anonymous)

Re:Itchy scalp - Kathleen - Lanc.Pa
In the past couple of months my head has become very itchy and its driving me crazy.My whole head is itchy but the nape of my neck feels the worst especially at night when my head is on my pillow.I've tried dandruff shampoo.Please help me.

Re:Itchy scalp - douglasfir - b.c.
iv'e had itchy burning scalp for three years. tried every soap, product, allergy pill etc, on the market. could it be harmones.

Re:Itchy scalp - DW - Texas
I have some "sebaceous cysts" growing on my scalp in various places. They aren't painful or infected, but are very itchy!! I can't find any literature on the itchy part or a cure besides having them drained by a doctor. Any help out there?

Re:Itchy scalp - DEE - Australia
I have had a itchy scalp eversince having my baby 18mths ago. I have tried cortisone creams and tonics but it appears again. I have tried lemon juice and massage in egg and warm water this works well,also stress and lack of water help make it worse,It may be a good idea to try and relax with music or meditation as this also worked and My itching,burning and uncontrollable swelling has since dddied down. Cheers DEE

Re:Itchy scalp - ann - florida
had itchy scalp with sm bumps that don't pop. tried lots, dermatologist no help. Need Help!

Re:Itchy scalp - Ruth - Fl
Unless you have scalp parasites, forget all the fancy shampoos and other junk. You have a deficiency of oils in your diet. Get some flax oil, take it regularily. Had a dog with a flaky spot the vet said was an incurable condition. Ha ha. I added vegetable oil to her dog food. CURED!! Dermatologists know nothing about nutrition. Your body is made from the food you eat, the water you drink and the air you breath.

Re:Itchy scalp - Jessica - CT
The burning scalp can be relieved by adding omega 3-6 oils to your diet. The burning is an inflammation from the lack of the right fats in the diet. Also soy is used by the orientals and there is no male-pattern baldness. Barleans flax and primrose oil in combination liquid form sold in nature food stores, and soy tablets can be supplemented, or eat sockeye salmon, trout, or any fish but tuna and mackeral for the omegas, and tofu, soybeans or supplements for the isoflovones contained in soy which inhibits testosterone buildup which exacerbates hair loss

Re:Itchy scalp - Bunny -
I have bad itchy scalp and burning for 4 years after dying hair twice in same day. Dr. says seborrec dermatitius, but I don't know and nothing helps. It is awful. Can anyone Help?

Re:Itchy scalp - Madeleine - Rochester, NY
Problem continually with terribly itchy scalp, most like what "Ruth" (above) describes. Have tried everything available, including doctor's prescription. Help! What now? I do NOT have psoriasis or dandruff for anything else detectable!

Re:Itchy scalp - Betty - Nemaha, Iowa
I have had an itchy head since NOv 03. I took my allergy med claritin helped some, then I had aprem in Jan burned my scalp really bad but think itch is gone for time being but kinda would still like to ictch sorta but won't get started-who do I see, I use Nizolal shampoo really helps tho too! Thanks Betty

Re:Itchy scalp - Melanie -
I also have the itchy, burning scalp. I have been researching it on the internet and have found that many people have the same problem. I tend to have very sensitive skin so I was pretty cetain that my problem was a reaction from the shampoos that I have been using. Through my research I have found that there is a chemical in most shampoos that many people have this type of reaction too. It is called Sodium Laurel Sulphate. There were several suggestions for shampoos that do not contain this substance. Some of the shampoos were; Earth Effects, Natural Instinct and Playtex baby shampoo. For those that think their itchy scalp was from dandruff they suggested Nizoral. I tend to believe mine is more of a allergic reaction since some shampoos even dandruff shampoos bother me more than others. I have oto admit I haven't tried any of these shampoos yet but plan to as early as tonight to see what works for me.

Re:Itchy scalp - maggie - canada
itchy scalp with bumps under skin only on oneside of head, driving me crazy witch hazel helps for a while, had this for a long time, dr said i had a fungus but his cream didn't work can you help thanks

Re:Itchy scalp - Jenny - Alabama
I have had a itchy for years been to the dermatoligist prescription didnt help tried every dandruff shampoo known to man it is worse at nite I have found several cures on the net has anyone tried using vinegar or thyme or lime lemon juice, tea tree oil and salt water was another if anyone has tried these cures let me know if they work.thanks need HELP

Re:Itchy scalp - Timothy Long - []
Try neem oil for scalp and skin conditions. Look in your health store, or I can special order Premier Neem Oil and Neem Bark Powder for you. Many scalp and itchy conditions show a need to cleanse your liver and to eat healthier fats and oils. See the Premier Liver and Gallbladder cleansing products. The Premier Aloe Detox would also be very helpful. Read the articles on oils and fats and coconut oil in my website library. The three best oils in your diet should be Olive, Coconut and organic sweet unsalted butter. Organic eggs are very good too in your diet. Yeast can also be the problem. See Delpro, Loomis SmI, and Premier Colostrum-IgG. 

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Re:Itchy scalp - Anon - Victoria BC Canada
A Solution for Some: -- After a couple of years(?) of savagely itchy scalp, I put isopropyl ("rubbing") alcohol on my scalp several times a day for about three days. I used an eyedropper and applied it liberally until my scalp was thoroughly wetted, then combed it around. (I went through almost a cup in total.) It's a topical antiseptic and could kill anything from mites to plasmodium to ??? The alchohol made my head itch too, but after I stopped (do stop, it's strong stuff!), there was no more than normal occasional itching that doesn't get worse and worse. Now I'm back to just dandruff shampoo. What a relief! (I posted far above that I had got rid of my itchy scalp with lots of shampoo, but I was premature - it kept coming back. It's taken me this long to find something that actually seems to work!)

Re:Itchy scalp - -
If you have the itchy, burning scalp that feels worse at night when you lay your head on the pillow, try adding the following oils to your diet: 2 tablespoons of flax seed oil and 1 tablespoon of olive oil. This worked for me within about 3-4 days!

Re:Itchy scalp - Raquel - Greensboro NC
I have been dealing with the itchy scalp thing too. It's truly driving me crazy. Has anyone else had hair loss, from scratching? I've lost about an inch in length. I've lost another inch to trimming, to keep my hair looking healthy. I'm very worried about it. I think it started when I got wrongfully terminated from my job (discrimination problems). I went through a sort of identity crisis, and tryed to dye my hair, damaging it some more. I've been under alot of stress since then. I'm taking anxeity/depression medication. It been about a month and my company health insurance has been canceled. Does anyone have any other home remedies, seeing as though I can't afford a doctor, right now? In a minute I'm going to the emergency room, for I feel I might be going bald. PLEASE HELP ME!!!

Re:Itchy scalp - brenda - tickfaw la.
my head feels like acid and red-ants are biting me then it goes to itchin real bad.this has been for 7 months with no relief...have trated myself 6 times for scabies...about to go crazy with this

Re:Itchy scalp - Jane - Colorado
I've had itchy, burning scalp for years. It used to bother me just in the winter but not it's year round. I've tried all sorts of remedies, over the counter and prescription, and nothing helps much. As others have mentioned, it's worse at night when I lay my head on the pillow and when my scalp sweats from exercise. I don't really believe it topical. Has anyone considered a food allergy? Could it have something to do with menopause? The only relief I have is cold water, spring water with menthol crystals melted in it, and Ice cap shampoo and conditioner. I'd appreciate any advise from fellow suffers.

Re:Itchy scalp - -
I have had an unusual build up on my scalp that is oily and thick. It's been years now. When I scratch it comes off thick like raw cookie dough and it smells unpleasant. Does anyone else have this condition and know of a remedy? I am loosing my hair. And it seems to be getting worse. Please help.

Re:Itchy scalp - -
I had my hair straightened and they had to rinse it out early because it was burning my head. My head is red now and some of my hair is even hard. I went back to them and they washed my hair again they said the person who straightened my hair didnt rinse out the product good. Some of my hair is still hard even after they washed it again! My scalp is red and since the chemicals were on for at least a day cuz the lady didnt rinse them out...could I get an infection on my head? What could happen? Should I see a doctor? Im only 13 and im really scared cuz i dunno whats going to happen. Someone who knows what they're talkin about please reply. Thanks.

Re:Itchy scalp - nicole - pittsburgh
I have a severe allergy to fragrances. I tend to get itchy, painful sores in my head everytime hair grease is applied to my scalp. They hurt very much and when they tend to heal they itch, causing me to scratch and then the sore along with several strands of hair come out of my scalp. What should i do?

Re:Itchy scalp - mary - tennessee
have had this itchy scalp condition for about 2 months, have had my husband and my beautician check my head, no bugs, no redness, no rash, looks what is the problem it will not stop no matter what I do

Re:Itchy scalp - teresa - indiana
I have sores on my scalp that I can't clear up. They are driving me crazy. Dr. has tried everything, no help, I have had this for years, can't find help.the sores have only clear fluid in them.

Re:Itchy scalp - klin -
try phytosilic shampoo by phytolage. my husband swears by it. it's expensive but you only have to use a little. ley it sit in your hair for a few minutes, then rinse.

Re:Itchy scalp - leah - alabama
Ive had this lye relaxer put in my hair about 8 months ago and since then my scalp is very itchy and flaky I wash my hair every day because my hair itch so badly that i scratch until my scalp is sore and burns. I REALLY NEED HELP AND ADVICE!!! Is there anything that will help me PLEASE!

Re:Itchy scalp - Jeff - Alberta
Used Iso Alcohol for a long time, it "worked", though I worried it was upsetting the Organic Balance of my Scalp. I found it no True Cure. I have taken to an ASA/Vinegar/Witch Hazel mix. This is followed by a fresh * Kefir * being slathered on my head & left for a few minutes. I think that taking Anti Biotics has unbalanced my scalp.

Re:Itchy scalp - Wanda - New York
My hair is falling out in one particular spot, top right side. It itches all the time. I don't know what to do about it. It has been happening for about 13years. What can I take

Re:Itchy scalp - fay - nj
Three of my daughters have bumbs in their heads. The youngest who is four have it the worst. The bumps starts out flat and flaky and then when scratched off it takes out some of the skin and hair. Sometimes it is swollen and full of discharge it hurts alot and is very itchy, it also causes my daughter gladns on both side of her neck to be swollen all the time. The dermotologis says that she used a dirty comb and that it comes from a cat. I did not get a name for the bumps that is in their heads. As I mentioned above one is four, one is eight and the other is ten. At the moment the four year old one is using shampoo, oil and taking antibiotics prescribed by the dermatoligist. The four year old has been getting it on and off for at least two years now. One more thing when irritated it bleeds, and when it is all dried up it leaves bald spots. Please help me

Re:Itchy scalp - Audrey - Mississippi
I have had an itchy scalp for years with what seems to be thinning hair. I have tried dandruff shampoo, tar shampoo, and Scalpicin. These really have not worked. I periodically would ask for someone to lice check me - although I have no memory of ever having this condition (and no lice). I did in the last year have an occurence and diagnosis of eczema on my hands, called Palmphloemyx (spelling may be off) and I wonder if this scalp thing may be another kind of eczema. I feel stressed a lot and have difficulty sleeping. The itch keeps me up! I will certainly try some of the remedies suggested on this site and send an update if any work. Thanks.

Re:Itchy scalp - Tasha - USA
Have bump like looking raise on my left forehead. I am female cauc. 53 what is it from menopause? birthing a child? how to remove if any and what type of doc do I need? etc

Re:Itchy scalp - Faith - MA
Hi, I am going to try tea tree oil for mine. I had a reaction to my therapy G shampoo, my head was on fire. The only problem is that I finally figured it out, six months down the road. In the mean time I have been using peroxide and some drying agent for psoriasis(?) I am also using Suave clarifying shampoo and conditioner. So far so good. Some of my bumps were raised, but there are a few that are raw from my scratching, which I have stopped. I have always had sensitive skin so hopefully this will end soon.

Re:Itchy scalp - alanna - NS
at first it started with a large hard, sore bump at the base of my neck. the next day there was another one. now the whole right back side of my head is covered with itchy, hard bumps that also burn and sting, but itching them is the only relief. strangely it only really bothers me at night time, when it gets dark. is that weird? this has been going on for about a week. even now as i write this i have to keep stopping to itch. and to make things even worse last night i found a large, hard lump in the right side of my neck that is painful to touch. i'm really frightened about what the cause of this could be. ive been getting dizzy and headachey a lot too although i'm not sure if this is related. please reply soon!!

Re:Itchy scalp - Lori - Michigan
Sounds like a build-up of sebum, and oil which can grow fungus and creat an itchy smelly scalp. The best remedy is to rinse every day with apple cider vinegar. Continue to use it a couple of times a week after it has cleared up.

Re:Itchy scalp - dogbarks - michigan
Tried everything including many dr using Pantene shampoo/conditioner everyday and has completly cured the problem...Just use the combination it comes in one bottle dont separate you will see improvement in 1 week no other shampoos/conditoners work ..

Re:Itchy scalp - annie - new york
obviously i have similar issues. I made a mistake dying my hair in august and had to get it fixed by getting all the dye stripped out , then it was re-dyes all in about 4 hours. Basically my scalp was burned. it wasnt that bad, but i guess i didnt really notice, but i have a pretty large bald spot on the back of my head and i have lost a lot of hair. i used to have decently think hair, and now i do not. Its very flaky and itchy and i cant brush it w/ a real brush b/c my hair falls out. I am really scared i am going to become bald! Should i go see a doctor? BUt what kind of doctor? PLEASE help mE!

Re:Itchy scalp - Sabina - Nassaun bahamas
I relaxed my hair, an i think i left it on too long and arounnd my hair line the hair came off.I am tryin to grow it back , i don't know if i should keep using the aloe on it. Please help!!!

Re:Itchy scalp - -
For burning and itching of the scalp try white vinegar cheap and it rebalances the PH of hair. Also tea tree oil mixed with natural shampoo may work for some.

Re:Itchy scalp - Frank Alfonso - TAMPA, FL
Hi, i have had sebaceous cysts on my scalp and have had them removed twice and they keep coming back, what is the root of my problem and would your product seriously help me... thankyou for your time.

Re:Itchy scalp - Joan - Teaneck NJ
Have burning and stinging on scalp and have bald spot. I used to have thick hair but became thin. Tried many dermatologist visits and given many shampoos and lotions. MOst pain when laying down Could use lots of help!

Re:Itchy scalp - -
Help. I keep getting tumor size bumps on my head they are some times itchy. they are definetly embarassing. I use Aussie shampoo they started a bout a year ago. I am not sure if that correlates. Help my students are noticing and I think there is something wrong. there isn't is there?

Re:Itchy scalp - tracey sloan - oklahoma
I also have sebaceous cysts on my scalp and have had them removed just to have them come back again, any help on what to do would be greatly appreciated as im planning on going back to doctor to get a few more taken off...

Re:Itchy scalp - marlene - columbus NE
it is red scaby, itchy and it burns they sometimes bleed then i have a bump on the side of my neck weird can you help me

Re:Itchy scalp - Dana - Omaha NE
Have had an itchy scalp for about 20 years and also at the center top of scalp an area that hurts and has left a bald spot....only thing that has helped temperarily is cortisone shots directly where the pain is. What can help both of these problems and are they related? Have spent years going to doctors and they don't know what to do. I am allergic to steroids and dandroff shampoos have not helped. Vinegar helps the itch a bit. Any ideas?

Re:Itchy scalp - Penny -
I have had an itchy scalp for about one year. I think it might have something to do with hormones. I am 51 and peri-menopausal. I am hoping that the itching will stop as soon as my hormones stabilize. I take two allergy pills a day. One in the AM and one in the PM. My skin frequently breaks out in red welts as well. I have been skin tested and nothing major shows up in the results. I am also allergic to aspirin and non-steroidal anti-inflams.I check every solution that I put on my skin ,in my mouth or on my head before I use it to make sure it does not contain any allergans that may cause me to react. I feel as if my body has let me down. I was always a healthy person until about 4 years ago and now I awaken to a new ache, pain or allergy. Growing old is not "golden" The itchy scalp is driving me crazy.I have even tried lice medicine thinking that perhaps I picked them up at work but nothing has worked yet. Help!

Re:Itchy scalp - Sue - New York
I have an itchy scalp that is driving me insane and is embarrassing! No dandruff those. Is there a natural way to heal this! HELP!

Re:Itchy scalp - Patty - Kansas
I have had itchy bumps on my scalp for about 5 months now. Have tried Scalpican, peroxide, alcohol, head n shoulders new sensative scalp shampoo. Going bonkers. What is it?

Re:Itchy scalp - clekessy - coventry uk
i have irritating razor bumps on my head, i have tried many solutions but they all seem not to work. please,what is the best natural cure for small irritating bumps on the head

Re:Itchy scalp - Sora - Virginia
I've had a very itchy scalp for a couple of years now and I can't seem to do anything about it. I'm 15 years old and tonight I bought dye to highlight my hair with. Only when I got home, on the package it said not to use it if you had sensitive/itchy/damaged scalp. My scalp is itchy but I'm not sure about the other two. I have sores that I have scratched at so I'm not so sure if I should use the dye or not. Any advice?

Re:Itchy scalp - Sora - Virginia
Do not use any kind of dyes on your scalp, when you are having trouble with it.

Re:Itchy scalp - dawn - chicago
I have itchy scalp and hair falling out all the way to the root on the crown of my head to the middle back. This is where it itches I know that my hair is going to fall out when it goes through this period of itchig.

Re:Itchy scalp - Helen - Germany
Itchy bumps on head? I have these also and they seem to be related to stress!!!!!!!!apparently the are not dangerous? I found washing the hair and then combing olive oil through helps, leave it over night and then wash it out. Evening primrose could help the stress. Hope this is of some help to someone as I know how maddening it can be

Re:Itchy scalp - Heli - MA
Hi all! I have been looking for this message board for a long LONG time. What a relief! I have experienced hair loss and occasional sore red little bumps on the top and back of my head accompanied by general soreness and oversensitivity of my scalp for about 3 years now (female in my 30's). On a bad day, the wind in my hair can be painful, even the sensation of turning my head on the pillow can wake me up! I have seen three dermatlogists and one quote-on-quote Hair Specialist in Boston (Dr. Lynne Goldberg) who was an absolute disgrace both in terms of her helpfulness and sensibility to my problem (she didn't even look at my scalp and told me flat out that I was going bold!). I'm finding a lot of your comments useful, my problems also started around the time that my salon tried this brand new relaxing treatment on my hair and I suspect it was left on too long because symptoms started pretty much right away after that. Also, I've been able to determine that FOOD ALLERGIES IS a factor so start monitoring what you're eating on a daily basis!!! It took me about a year to realize that I have become allergic to olive oil in my food, olive and nuts. I don't know if it's because they're rich, greasy foods that I simply can't break down anymore (I use to be able to eat all these) but within 24-48 days, I get sore scalp, red bumps and the hair starts dropping like crazy right from the bulb!!!! Good luck to all, I haven't found a cure yet but am doing my best to control it by watching my diet and staying away from Laurel sulfite shampoos as someone recommended earlier. Good luck to all! Heli

Re:Itchy scalp - Marilyn - US
I've been studying alternative medicine for years and one thing I found out is that we die because we slowly dry out (that is unless something else gets us first)So, at 59 I have several things that are drying out. My head itches and has little bumps, my eyesight is going due to the beginning of cataracts, my skin is turning scaly, my vagina is dry unless I use progesterone cream, my feet itch, SO now, in my research, I realize it's all about drying out. Therefore, I've started to replenish my body with good water, Omega 3 and 6 oils (fish and cod liver) both internally and externally. Yes, I put fish oil in my hair and it stopped the itching, at least for today. I believe if we moisturize ourselves from theinside out, we will avoid a lot of these "drying out" problems. Even arthritis is a drying out problem, so hope this helps someone.

Re:Itchy scalp - Marsha - Bahamas
Dear all: I've had the same problem - itchy scalp, bleeding and then the drying including loss of hair - had injections in head from Dermatologist (it helped the itching for a few days), excellent steriod based cream (Schederma), antibiotics and then I found a hairdresser who knew exactly what I had!!! She recommended (since Feb) lots of brushing, no heat (except for hair dryer 2 per month), medicated hair products Design Essentials, no stress on hair with pins, rubber bands etc. and guess what - I have had no problems!!! the lumps are gone and I've saved my hair! Mind you the cream stops the itching after one day and it did help but she is great with the maintenance and my scalp is beautiful! Please check these out.

Re:Itchy scalp - newjerseyone -
I had small itchy bumps on my scalp that just got progressively worse. They started showing up on other parts of my body like my cleavage, legs, back. I thought it was stress related (stress probably aggravated it) but it turned out to be Foliculitis(sp) - infection of the hair follicles. I needed antibiotics and a prescription cream that cost almost $100.00 (WITH insurance)! It is working - and I'm glad now that I know what it was.

Re:Itchy scalp - Randi - Mendota
For about two years I have had scalp psoriasis and it just keeps getting worse. I've used the shampoos and it doesn't work because I have used them for so long. I itch it and pick at it and I'm 18 years old and losing my hair because of it. I've tried the things my doctor have suggested and they work for a while then it just quits working. I'm willing to try anything

Re:Itchy scalp - Rodney - west palm Beach
I have a bump in my head and hair is growing out of it. and it hurts like hell and i don't know what to do. I put Alcohol on it and it goes down and then it just comes right back up do i need to go and see a doctor or do i just need to just get some aloe vera and put it on my head let me know. take care and May God continue to Bless you. And i will try anything

Re:Itchy scalp - carlyn - fla
I have had burning scalp for about 6 yrs. One Dr diagnosed post-herpetic neuralgia which is crazy since i never had shingles. I have been using clobex shampoo which does help some. My burning and itching is mostly at night and i find my eyes are burning also. Maybe drinking more water ant eating more olive oil is the thing to do. Please email me if you have any answers.

Re:Itchy scalp - Margaret - alberta
add me to the list of itchy scalps. It's driving me crazy! I can't stop scratching and picking. Medicated shampoos, Scalpicin, nothing works. I'm 47 - is this part of aging? How can I stop this vicious cycle of itching, picking, scabbing....? :(

Re:Itchy scalp - -
Well i'm a burning scalp lady. Mine began march of 2006 and has been going on ever since. Now its November. My scalp also itches and feels like a pin cushion at times. I am also noticing my hair is thinning all over. I am taking Yasmin and it seems to be helping the pain calm down. Stress makes the pain worse. Tea tree oil shampoo is the only thing I can use its the organic form. I take mega vitamin C and also zinc tabs and a multi vit. I use scalpacin hydrocortisone 1% When the burning and itch get real bad I get very depressed. I'd be willing to try anything to stop it. I read that coconut oil on the scalp is good along with emu oil. Might try those

Re:Itchy scalp - Frances - Brooklyn
I have had an itchy scalp for a few months. I saw nizoral shampoo recommended on a website. It was under the product reviews. It helped a lot. Not completely gone but a lot of relief only after using it once. It might not help everybody but if you haven't tried it maybe it would for you.

Re:Itchy scalp - Mike - Ca,
WATER ALLERGY? I tried them ALL...I have been battling ALL of the above symptoms for 15 years, most notably the severe NIGHT SCRATCH and more recently the NAPE of the neck night itch. As near as I can tell it is more of a reaction to WATER than any shampoo or rinse. Shampooing more often or daily makes it MUCH worse. I found if I can keep my scalp dry for extended periods of time (7-8 days) the condition gets much better after the first week. Shampoo with minimum use of water VERY LIGHTLY and SHORTLY no more than a minute and dry your scalp thourghly. As soon as I wet my hair with or without ANY make/brand of shampoo the condition comes back..Worsening on the 2nd or 3rd day after I wet my hair...I have tried "waterless" shampoos but they also contain water...I think we should start looking for remedies that are NOT water based. I have heard of using powder to clean the scalp (talc) I will give that a try next.

Re:Itchy scalp - Mary - Tx
My grandmother developed an allergy to tap water but she was able to use distilled water.

Re:Itchy scalp - Katie - Portland, OR
I've had luck using coffee. Just use leftover brewed coffee. Use a dropper to get it under the hair on the scalp. It's not immediate, but 15 minutes later you'll say. Hey my heads not itching. Of course, you need to drink enough water and make sure you are getting your oils in your diet.

Re:Itchy scalp - The Night Itcher - CA
Yea I am having problems with my scalp! It only seems to itch late at night! Sometimes it would wake me up just because it was itchy. Also the only thing that is working for me is washing it in hot water. I eat, drink, exercise healthy. What could be the problem. But I have noticed one thing in the past year or two, there are white little dots in my hair. they dont seem to move and I am pretty sure it isnt Dandruff or Lice because it is just x3 bigger than a spec! Do u think it could be Lice or What? Email me back please if u have any answers. -Night Itcher!!

Re:Itchy scalp - Alexander - Serbia
I've had the same problem for about 2 yrs. till all of you,until my doctor gave me shampoo called Alpecin C1 with caffein complex and after shampoo liquid that goes allong with it...It's made by a German dr.Wolf ,and it is a hair energizer shampoo that in matter of a month helps.I'm using it for about 2 months and I already can see a big improvement...If you find it,try it!And ofcourse let me know about your expiriance using it...good luck!

Re:Itchy scalp - Me -

Re:Itchy scalp - dimsie -
I get an itchy scalp sometimes and am pretty sure in my case it's down to stress. I have no flaking or anything at all to be seen, just the itching and a sort of burning soreness. I don't think daily washing and drying with a hair dryer help either, but don't like to have my hair looking a mess so tend to keep on doing these. The reason I think stress plays a big part is because any time I've had this problem I'm either in a stressful period of my life or have just come out of one. In the past the itching has just gradually gone away on its own so I'm hoping the same happens this time. The trouble is of course that the itching causes stress of its own, which doesn't exactly help any. Good luck to everybody suffering with this - it may not be a serious illness but it's truly maddening. If anyone comes up with a surefire way to make it disappear overnight please, please let us know!

Re:Itchy scalp - VIN - London

Re:Itchy scalp - Andrew - Powell River
Liquid phenol, brand name P&S scalp treatment system, has worked for me to stop the burning itch at night when my head hits the pillow. It is availabe over the counter and worked for me after the first application. The label says that it softens and loosens scales(which I don't have) caused by psoriasis & seborrhea. It is really oily and I wore a shower cap to bed. I last used it 10 days ago and I am still itch free.

Re:Itchy scalp - casey - kingsley
my head is really itchy and mostly at the nape of my neck and the back half of my head!! it just itches and i know its not lice but ive tried all sorts of dandruff shampoo because i do have alot of flakes in my hair but it doesnt help the ITCH!! its crazy and most itchy in the morning!!! wut the heck do i do!?!??

Re:Itchy scalp - Jessica - Southern California
I have itchy and painful scalp too it hurts to touch, get my head wet, shampoo, brush or sleep on it. It even hurts when I don't do anything with my head. It's itchy and I got painful pimple- like bumps on my head that hurt like crazy I'm hoping to find a cure its on my scalp, the back of my head (toward my neck), and some bumps are on my forehead. What do I do.

Re:Itchy scalp - jackie - windsor ontario

Re:Itchy scalp - Kiya - New York
I'v had itchy sores on my scalp for several months that scab up a yellowish color. I don't know what to do. Every time they try to heal I scratch tjem because they itch so much. Even right after my hair is washed they itch.

Re:Itchy scalp - Petra - South Africa
My son (6) has had itchy scalp for some time now. I've changed his shampoo to aloe vera, still no difference. His hair is cut extremely short and he also has no dandruffl. I do see that when he does sport and obviously starts sweating the scratching gets worse. What to do please? Could it be an internal problem, i have also had him on Omega 3 & 6 for 3 months now.

Re:Itchy scalp - Eric - Oak Park, Illinois
I have been on a crusade to figure out what causes these little itchy bumps. I started to get them about 2 years ago, followed by an obvious allergic reaction to something about 8 months ago. Tried changing diets, detergents/soap/shampoo, tried allergy/cold etc meds, tried the doctor. We were at a loss, then I found on the internet... article after article about Bed Bugs. I am a clean person, but we travel a lot. Three weeks ago I cleaned and sealed the entire condo and sprayed with a non-toxic mint based bug killer. No bumps since, allergy is calming down, but not gone yet. I suggest, for as icky as it sounds, if you have white bumps that itches like a bug bite.. no red, no rash, no strange skin infections, no solution... Only you have it, not your bed partner... it may honestly be bed bugs which have been on the rise over the last five years. Do research.

Re:Itchy scalp - Eileen - Dublin Ireland
My husband is suffering from a scalp itch for the past 5 yrs. It is killing him. He is 65 and has attended every specialist between Ireland and the UK without finding something that would give relief. It is scalp, underskin, mainly around the crown and surrounding areas. He has been told it is Typhoon, another specialist said it is Maliaris (with Acne prefexing this) but Acne can be misleading . Does anyone know what it may be. Currently, only ice cubes which freeze his head give him some relief. HELP PLEASE IF YOU KNOW WHAT THIS IS OR WHAT HE CAN DO TO RID HIMSELF OF THIS AWFUL CONDITION. Thanks, from his wife, Eileen

Re:Itchy scalp - donna - sc
i have had a terrible itchy scalp for 7 months. dermatologists dont help, seems to make it worse. my hair is extremely dry and brittle, never dyed it or perms, only conditioners calm it down. it is worse at night there is no dandruff just once in awhile a bump. what is it?? any home remedies it feels real fuzzy and like starch on my head. please help me hairdresser recommended mosituring shampoo and a balm to leave in as long as i can, but it still comes back every night and keeps me up.

Re:Itchy scalp - Jade - New Zealand
SOOTHING & HEALING ANTIFLAMMATORY REMEDY: Apply a mixture of 1 teaspoon of Neem oil (antifungal & antiitching) 1 teaspoon Teatree or Manuka (also antifungal) which much stronger than teatree, one teaspoon of Rosemary oil and one teaspoon of Lavender oil together in 3 tablespoons of carrier oils such as Olive or Almond oil (Wheatgerm and Macadamia carrier oils closely match your natural sebum) and apply to your scalp daily.

Re:Itchy scalp - Mary C - New Jersey
I had dealt with the itchiness and dermatologists for two years. Then I went to an allergist who discovered I was allergic to most shampoos, conditioners, and hairsprays on the market (include benzyl alcohol, lavender oils, and all fragrances to name a few). If your pharmacy does not have any of these products, ask them to order them, or look at Burt's Bees Grapefruit & Sugar shampoo & conditioner DHS Tar/Sal shampoo Free n Clear shampoo & conditioner Physiogel shampoo Good luck - hope this helps someone!

Re:Itchy scalp - Fran - Florida
I have had itchy scalp for years and would scratch my scalp raw. I finally bought some Burt's Bees shampoo without Sodium Laureth/Lauryl Sulfate and then would rinse with white vinegar. It burned the first time I rinsed with it, but it stopped the itching immediately. I also threw out my old pillow I was sleeping on (in case of mites or something) and am sleeping on a towel on my new pillow. It's been 3 weeks now and no more itching. Hope this helps someone.

Re:Itchy scalp - mamta - atlanta,ga
i had shingles on my scalp a month back.Everything is all healed but left me with constant itching of the scalp day and night.some one who had a similar problem can understand my plight! i am miserable as i have given up coloring my hair for the fear of making the itching i hate to see to myself in the mirror! pls help

Re:Itchy scalp - mamta - atlanta,ga
i had shingles on one side of my scalp a month back which has healed now but left me with constant itching of the scalp day and night! i am miserable as i cannot color my hair for the fear of causing more damage to the scalp! i hate to see myself in the mirror now..pls help!!

Re:Itchy scalp - Shirl - Maine
Don't eat any food with dye in the ingredients. I found out that I was allergic to dyes and that caused terrible itching of my scalp. Yello #5 and Red #40 is especially bad and Gatorade is full of dye. People don't realize that they are allergic to the dyes in food. My itching stops when I am careful what I eat - no dyes. Hope this helps everyone.

Re:Itchy scalp - Lori - Louisiana
I also have the itching. I have tried everything. Mine is worse when sweating. I live in louisiana and recently visited chicago. While I was there I didn't itch. So I would say it has to be an allergy of some sort. scalpectn helps but doesn't get rid of it. any suggestions?

Re:Itchy scalp - Rhyan - Ohio
Ive been haveing a problem with my hair for two days know and it dosnt itch its feels oily but there's this orange stuff on my scalp and i cant figure out what it is if u know what it is or what to do please email me

Re:Itchy scalp - Jody - Canada
I have been dealing with a Burning & Itchy Scalp for about 4 months now. I need help! It burns & itches all the time. No Rash, or red ness. Everyone tells me my scalp is not overly dry. I just want to cry all the time and I feel like I want to scratch my head off. Please help me

Re:Itchy scalp - Anonymous - Midland, Texas
I've had an itchy scalp for 5 years. Tried everything on the shelf. It is some kind of microscopic bug (not lice). Leaves bumps all over which itch like crazy. Neem oil, was the answer for me. After one week my problems were gone. You can buy it on E-bay. Smells bad, you won't attract a mate. Does not mix well, you need to shake it if you mix it with other oils, like tea tree or lavendar.It seperates within 10 minutes. But sure worked for me!!! Hope this helps someone out there! I spent countless sleepless nights trying to figure it out. Found neem oil on this website. Thank god! I feel human again!

Re:Itchy scalp - luz - Atlanta, GA
In the past couple of months my head has become very itchy and its driving me crazy.My whole head is itchy but the nape of my neck feels the worst especially at night when my head is on my pillow.I've tried dandruff shampoo.Please help me.

Re:Itchy scalp - Pam - Boulder Colorado
Has anyone thought that the itchiness is caused by a sensitivity to caffeine or all out caffeine toxicity? I have had an itchy head with no other symptoms (dryness, red, bumps) for about 3 months. I know that I'm sensitive to caffeine so I'd been off it for quite a while. I'm not sure if this is a coincidence, but when I looked at what I had been doing differently - having caffeinated drinks was the only thing I could come up with. I started having one decaffienated beverage a day, usually a latte or mocha. I know that the coffee shop that I go to doesn't have equipment specific for decaf drinks so there's definitely cross contamination, plus the naturally amount of caffeine in decaf. My scalp started itching at the bottom and soon went to almost the entire head except for the very front-top. I've been off caffeine for about two weeks, and the itching has lessened. I went to the dermatologist and he prescribed a topical. I asked him what the cause was and he said, "I don't know. It could be alot of things." The only information I found that is serious is from webmd. Use the symptoms search tool and you'll find that an itchy scalp can be a symptom of lymphoma or leukemia. I would love to hear if anyone else is sensitive to caffeine. If you think you may be search the internet for Caffeine Toxicity.

Re:Itchy scalp - pebbs - Wilmington nc
I would love to know if any one has found anything that really works. I have had this sine 93. Itchy and hair loss. Please share with us anything that migh help an of us. Thanks!

Re:Itchy scalp - Naz - PA
I have had itching on my scalp and bumps and when they dry the hair falls out. head and shoulders does not help. need help.

Re:Itchy scalp - manny - philippines
i had itchy scalp for almost 6 mos. now till i found this polytar liquid shampoo. i'm just using it for a week and it's really helping a lot. no more itch.

Re:Itchy scalp - Edna - Texas
I been on the net for about 4 days trying to find something that would stop the itching and burning and my hair is sheding really bad because I constantly dig and scratch it is very depressing that I cant find any thing that will help I'm 38 and i been dealing with this itch about 9yrs it started when i was pregnant and it got worse 1 year after i had my child when i let someone put a super perm on my hair which really burned my scalp and in the top of my head my hair broke off at the root and haven't been the same since it has gotten worse, I now have a really thin spot in the crown of my head leading to the left side of my head. I even had my hair cut off about three different times thinking it would grow back healthy and that hasn't worked either it always itch, and burn constantly, i also have bumps that bleed in the top of my head. Everyone say that my hair grows fast but only if they knew how i suffer with this chronic itch. After reading through some of these scalp problems it seems that a lot of us have the same systems so there has to be that we are missing something that our body needs to control this. I go to bed with and itchy scalp and wake up with an itchy scalp but i am going to try and take omega 3 and use some of the mixture of oils on my scalp i don't know of any thing else at this point, if this works for me i will most definetly do a follow up regarding this issue because i know the felling is undescribeable.

Re:Itchy scalp - Edna - Texas
I made a typo above when i was describing by scalp problems, I put that we have the same systems which is not what i was trying to type, instead a lot of us are having the same symptoms. Edna

Re:Itchy scalp - toni - DeeWhy
I have had shingles and think it may have been caused through burning my head with chemicals to dye my hair . Interesting it started then after applying a home pack from the supermarket . What can I do as the shingles pain is severe and has attacked the entire head.

Re:Itchy scalp - josef - london
i have very itchy burnig and oily scalp for 15 years getting wores i seen many doctors but they don't know what is that.i have no idea what to do shampoos making wores i need help please help me

Re:Itchy scalp - SugaFree - Seattle
Stop eating sugar and white colored foods you probably all have Candida. I stopped eating sugar and I never even get dandruff anymore. Drink aloe juice and eat prickly pear it will help clean your gut. Google the symptoms and natural cures. Watch Practical Magic. Good scalp itch joke in it

Re:Itchy scalp - anita - australia
I also have constant itching and seems to get worse at night. I have self diagnosed that Im allergic to hair dye, and feel its been getting worse in the last few years. Its now becoming quite common. Its the PPD component to it. Unfortunately Im not ready to go grey yet, so put up with the itching. I know think Im down to the last hairdresser in Melbourne that does 'natural' hair dyes. They use Eco hair dyes from the States. As far as the itching goes Im trying home remedies using neem, rosemary,lavender,tea tree, and wheatgerm oil. Hope it works.

Re:Itchy scalp - Anita - Australia
I did the home remedy and it seems to have worked. It was quite smelly and managed to sleep with it over night on a towel and washed out the next morning. Was only slightly itchy and gave it another go a week later. The Eco hair dye product seems to be quite good as well.

Re:Itchy scalp - Post Perm - Victoria BC
Healthy Normal Hair pre-perm. Post Perm, itchy itchy hair, gets worse everyweek. Washed hair once a week pre-perm, no itches.. Did the Perm kill all my good bacteria on my head that protects it from bad bacteria? I know we have good bacteria in our bodies, and why shouldn't it be on our head too? How to get the good bacteria back,,cut out the sugar in the diet, it promotes bad bacteria in your body, artificial foods with preservatives, and make sure your hands are clean under the fingernails if U itch it,, I know if I itch my forhead, for a few days on and off, zits start to form.. the same goes for your head, dirt under the nails will cause more problems if U itch it.. probably good to have a bath with healthy oils, keep the nails clean, and U will be cured! like me!

Re:Itchy scalp - Post Perm - Victoria BC
My main point was to get the good bacteria back on your head, which I had pre-perm..avoid artificial packaged preserved colored anything, sugar, it is difficut to cut out the sweets, but it gives your body a chance to repair itself, and kick out the bad bacteria on your head!

Re:Itchy scalp - Kimi - Georgia
I've always had good, healthy hair and scalp. I began using Garnier Fructis in June 2006. I had no problems with that shampoo until a few months after I had my daughter in November 2006. The itching began a few months after her birth. I suppose it could be stress related (I've been under a lot of it), but I've been stressed out before and not encountered this sort of problem. I tried switching shampoos from the Garnier Fructis to Tresseme Normal to Oily shampoo. Things seemed a lot better for a few weeks. Then it came back... at least 3 times as bad. The sores started off small and have progressed to the size of dimes in a few spots. I try hard to resist scratching because I know that isn't going to make it better. But it's hard not to. It feels good to wash my head and use my fingertips to massage my scalp. I recently got a hair cut and I was in absolute heaven having someone else wash my hair and scrub at my scalp for me. Dandruff shampoos make me feel like my head is on fire. What baffles me the most is that my hair is fine. It looks normal and healthy. I lose a decent amount of hair still, but my hair remains at it's normal thickness and sheen. A friend of mine had a baby about 7 months ago and is experiencing the same problems now and has also switched shampoos. Her and I both will be trying out some Tea Tree Oil in hopes it will help. I still need to consult a doctor for this.

Re:Itchy scalp - Sree - US
Hello, i found this helpful site for severe dandruff(itchy, scaly scalp).

Re:Itchy scalp - Anon - Chicago
I would like to recommend the following to everyone with this problem as this is what really helped me: -DHS Clear Shampoo and Conditioning Rinse (extremely gentle wash) -Nordic Naturals Fish Oil -Dermatop Ointment (prescription only) Nothing has ever helped me as much as this. Good luck!

Re:Itchy scalp - - Chicago
I relaxed my hair, and it burned very badly--as usual. Now I have lumps in the back of my head and throat that are very painful. What's going on?

Re:Itchy scalp - Kristina - Boston
Dear Friends! I am really happy that I have found this website and that I can share my terrible story as well. You all will understand me and my unspeakable and unbearable condition. In September 2007, my scalp started to itch and burn like crazy, and the condition is continuing until now. At first, I got very scared because I did not know what it was. Now I actually feel much better because I know that I am not the only one with this terrible condition. Dear friends, like many of you, I have gone to dermatologists and regular doctors, I have tried various shampoos, but nothing helps me. Selsun Blue with selenium sulfide helped me get rid of a little dandruff that I always had; however, it did not help the itching and burning of the scalp. Sometimes I can't sleep or do anything else and I feel like crying. This is probably worse than having cancer. I can't even find a medication to relieve my pain. I will try claritin since one of you said that it helped a little bit. My life has become unbearable. Sometimes I think that it is better to die than to live like this. I am sorry for saying that. By the way, I am 23, and I recently got my Master's. I have been a full-time student for 6 years, and I have been under a lot of stress. So maybe, as one of you mentioned, this condition is stress-related. Maybe I need some vitamins. I don't really know what caused this terrible condition; however, when I think that I will have to live like this 'till I die, it really scares me. I am so sick and tired of this, that I don't really know what else to do. I have tried so many things, and nothing really helps. When I start complaining, my parents and relatives don't really understand me. They think that it is not a big deal since this is not an illness from which people die. However, only you can understand what my life looks like now. I don't even feel that I am living any more. I am rather dying. I don't even ask you to help me since most of you need help too. I just felt like sharing my story with people who would understand me. Thank you and I wish all of you to find a cure. Unfortunately, I know that there is no cure! Kristina

Re:Itchy scalp - Jennifer -
I know that Timothy has helped people resolve this problem before. Consider having a consultation with him.

Re:Itchy scalp - Bea - Wisconsin
I can identify. I can go for years without scalp itch, but as soon as life gets stressful, it comes back. My best treatment to date has been a prescription selenium shampoo. The next best thing is Selsun Blue. I just dumped some Burt's Bees rosewater and glycerin toner on my scalp and that gives temporary relief.

Re:Itchy scalp - Pamela Ing - Long Island
I have had an itchy and painful scalp for many years accompanied by hair falling out at the roots. At times I get itchy welts. I have used numerous products and found that now I can only use organic SLS free mild shampoos then I rinse with a mixture of alkaline water and peroxide. If conditioner is necessary turn head upside down and just put on the ends not letting any touch the scalp. During the day I break off a piece of aloe vera leaf and rub it on the welts. Both seem to keep my condition under control.

Re:Itchy scalp - Richard - London
can anyone find a cause or an answer for this problem... please please let me know if you do... it is terrible doctors and neurologists aren't aware of what this even is... !?

Re:Itchy scalp - dee - phoenix,AZ
i noticed an itchy spot in my head back in 1996 but paid it no attention i would scratch it when it itched and finally in 2000 i realized where i had been scratching my head the hair was thining really bad, i havent been to a doctor but started using a liquid called detrol and also tea tree oil also several other oils such as safflower oil and olive oil and ive noticed hardly any itching anymore and my hair is growing back in the spot that was thin. i hope this helps someone else out there

Re:Itchy scalp - robbie - tupelo, ms
Anyone have any ideas on itchy scalp with terrible hair loss? Scalp looks perfectly normal.. been losing lots of hair for a yr. Went to dermatologist and he says its telogen effluvium but that doesn't cause itch.. and it is usually over in a few months, not yrs.. please help if you have ideas...

Re:Itchy scalp - stacy - arkansas
It sounds like most of you have seborrheic dermatitis. you can google this. dandruff is just a mild form of dermatitis . the raised red round or redness on the scalp is seborrhea. sometimes thes have plaques scales and sometimes they dont. i got this when i was 17 and it all started with a itchy scalp. it had dandriff and when i would lift my hair up and look it looked like small white scales. i always thought i had dry scalp. nothing really works that will cure this you just have to control it. washing every day will help .you really must wash daily. you will notice an improvement. i really believe this is heridity and hormonal related condition. when i was pregnant i had cradle cap on the top of my scalp about a quarter of an inch thick in just a matter of weeks. i would have to just scrape it off. after i deliverd my baby it went to just normal seborrheic with the redness on top of my scalp and scales. this disease runs its courses. sometimes it will be better and sometimes worse. the climates really have a lot to do with how it changes. i moved to the coast and i rarely had breakouts and down there i had a dry looking white scaly scalp all over when i moved away from all the humidity it got better. i am sure different kids of water has somthing to do with the changes too. my dad has excema my son has atopic dermatitis on his legs when he was little and my daughter has the same seborrheic dermatitis on the top of her head just like me. so i really believe this is an inherited condition. i found that Pureology made a huge improvement on my scalp. you can get it at target, usa drug, walgreens , salons i was using the hydrating shampoo. it has no sulfates and is gentle but it cleans really well. it got all the crud off of my head and really worked better than t gel. tgel really is good about controlling the flakes but really doesnt need to be used more than twice a week. it can get irritating. this is somthing that will go into remission and one day just come back overnight and noone knows why. but i did start out with just a itchy flaky scalp and for many years thought i had dry scalp. and i wouldnt wash my hair every day. but this is the wrong way to handle it. it helps and you will notice that if you wash daily your scalp will be less itchy and irritated. i has to do with you body making so many more flakes than a normal person because i build up cradle cap so often and that is just flakes compiling on top of one another. i was crying for 2 night cause it was so bad but things could always be so much worse and there are so many things that you can have that are a lot worse than handling a itchy scalp. just try the pureology and see if that helps.

Re:Itchy scalp - Anne - Oregon
TEA TREE OIL is the solution!! Tried and tested it was the only thing that really worked for me!!

Re:Itchy scalp - Debbie - Florida
I've tried everything and been to a dermatogist twice. I'm convinced that my scratching prevents the sores from healing and going away. I soothe my scalp with the juice from a lemon. It stings for a while but it takes the itch away. I also juice fresh ginger and massage the juice onto my scalp. this is very soothing. I wish I had a cure.

Re:Itchy scalp - Eliza - Melbourne
Wow! Wonderful to know others are having this horrifyingly embarrassing problem too. I started with light dandruff when I was 15, and it just steadily progressed from there to lovely big, itchy lumps which are highly embarrassing. I've tried but never successfully gotten rid of it - head and shoulders worked at the start, then lost it's effectiveness, as did selsun blue, as did nizoral blue - now nizoral red is not really getting rid of the problem. And it's certainly common - my boyfriend has it, his sister has it, friends have it, my uncle and grandmother have all had it. So to help (hopefully) someone: - A friend swears by BathOx: the cheap bath foam and shower gel - as it is a moisturiser and is very mild - at $2.99 you've gotta try that one - it cleared up his itching of over 20 years. - Most people do have allergies to Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, however, given the many variations of it, it's very hard to find a shampoo without it - if you see one, please let me know. - Have you tried brushing your hair? Most people now days don't brush their hair enough. Following on the idea that it is a bad case of cell over-reproduction, brushing simply exfoliates the head - I tried this and it did help clear it up, although not totally. - Baby shampoo: apparently mild and therefore non irritating - johnsons doesn't work - and it will do more damage than good in the long term as it doesn't clean it properly. - Nizoral is brilliant to fix it quickly, but it won't solve the problem. There are 'chemist brand' versions, but for us they did nothing at all. It is expensive, but buy it if you need a desperate fix (like the wedding we're going to this weekend). That's all I know so far, and i hope it helps someone. Going to douse my hair in vinegar now - will post results on here. Failing that, here's my list of 'to try's' from tonite's research: - white vinegar douse - apple cider vinegar douse - application of rubbing alcohol - overnight application of tea tree oil - neem oil (if it can be found) - omega 3 and 6 supplements - flax oil supplements And that's all the answer's I've found so far. Goodluck all.

Re:Itchy scalp - Ralph - Trinidad and Tobago
head and shoulders my dear

Re:Itchy scalp - Maria - El Segundo
Here is some great advice and some natural remedies to try for that painfully itchy scalp.,-Natural-Scalp-Treatments:-Using-A...

Re:Itchy scalp - June - Australia
Itchy scalp also may mean ring worm, it is not a worm but a fungus and if so requires special antibiotics. Ask you doctor to test for Tinea

Re:Itchy scalp - LADY82 - WEST VIRGINIA
My scalp has been itchy for 3 months now. It started out itchy with a couple of dry scabs on it. But now it has spread all over the top and sides of my head with very dry scalp and my scalp is red and itchy.. I have very bad dandruff too. any suggestions?

Re:Itchy scalp - Rose - Grenada
My scalp has been itching for two years now and i can't seem to find the reason why i have no dry scalp no flakes no dandruff but a terrible itch especially at night preventing me from getting my hair relaxed because it is so iritated please help me to stopp the itch , pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease

Re:Itchy scalp - donna - myrtle beach
i have had a severe scalp infection for 3 years. i know how horrible it feels. my only relief is to wash it and rinse with cold water and sometimes vinegar. i try to use organic shampoos and conditioners with no sodium sulfate layreul i think that is the problem plus wearing visiors for years golfing started the infection. i am now using kenalog spray from the dermatologist which makes it really dry and usually clears it and pills for itching. anyone had any luck with something that relieves the burning itch, swelling and redness i am losing some hair on the crown too , plus most of the grainy bumps are on the crown and sides. dont try accutane that was a waste. reply if you know the answer

Re:Itchy scalp - Satya - Rhode island
please, everyone, get a patch test at your dermatologist!!! Most products you are allergic to, and the skin on your head/ scalp, is responding. Try the allergy and asthma diet... and avoid all irritating foods, take great supplements and relax. Inside and outside are related!