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Sorry, Klaire probiotic products, such as Ther-biotic Complete cannot be sold in our web store according to our distributor. Though they can be ordered and drop shipped by contacting our office directly at 303-845-1827. You can purchase all Klaire Labs products through us. 

Klaire Labs® was founded in 1969 by Claire Farr, whose primary goal was to provide nutritional support for individuals with severe food allergies and environmental sensitivities. Klaire Labs® developed some of the very first hypoallergenic nutritional supplements available, making Klaire Labs® an innovator in dairy-free probiotics and vegetarian enzymes for gastrointestinal support. An unwavering commitment to hypoallergenicity, product purity, and rigorous quality control has been the hallmark of the Klaire Labs® brand for more than 47 years. And having earned a strong reputation and brand recognition in the medical community, Klaire Labs® products continue to be the choice of physicians worldwide.


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