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Loomis Enzyme products are only available directly through health-care professionals, who help each individual determine which formulas will provide the most benefit. Due to Enzyme Formulation’s policies, Loomis Enzymes (Therazymes) can not be sold or displayed online. 

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Why do People Take Plant Enzyme Supplements?

Modern food production, travel time, storage and cooking practices deplete the enzymes found naturally in fresh food, that nature provided to naturally digest the food. Aging, illness, and inadequate diet and nutrition can also lead to a deficiency of enzymes and a weak digestion. People take enzyme supplements to improve their overall health and energy, and to help prevent illness and aging.

Fortunately, there are some outstanding supplement options for those who need enzyme support. One of the most renowned companies in the market today is Enzyme Formulations, Inc, (EFI). Their professional enzyme products Loomis Enzymes (formerly Thera-Zyme, Chiro-Zyme) and Natural Enzymes, are based on extensive clinical research and are validated by clinical results. All products in these lines were formulated by Dr. Howard Loomis Jr, who founded the company in 1985. Dr. Loomis first developed an interest in the health benefits of herbs and enzymes in the early 1980’s, and has combined his knowledge of physiology, biochemistry, and enzymology to provide health-care professionals with truly unique and superior supplements for their clients.


"More than $1 billion is spent annually on drugs to relieve heartburn, excess acid, bloating, and other symptoms of indigestion. These products are designed to give temporary relief or to cover up these symptoms."

–Dr. Howard F. Loomis, Jr., DC

Loomis Institute of Enzyme Nutrition and Enzyme Formulations, Inc.

Finding the Right Loomis Enzymes Formulation for Your Body

If you’re interested in learning more about how enzyme supplementation may help you reach optimal health, we recommend you start by taking Dr. Loomis’ 24-hour Urinalysis. This test kit helps determine which enzyme formulas will specifically bring you into better health, as well as help determine dietary and nutritional needs which will aid this process. After completing this unique Loomis 24 Urinalysis, you will receive a phone consultation with our Naturopathic practitioner, Timothy Long, who will review your results and help you devise your personal path toward better health.