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Natural Vitamins vs Synthetic

Natural Vitamins vs. Synthetic

by Richard P. Murray, D.C., P.A.

Life Vs. Death Truth Vs. The Lie

You won't find his name in "Who's Who" or cited as an authority in any establishment scientific publication. Encyclopedias that herald and/or memorialize pirates, terrorists, murderers and sundry other criminals or cads, never publish his name or spectacular accomplishments. WHY??? Because he spoke the truth about matters out of harmony with those who were living off of the propagandized public, those making fortunes manufacturing and selling counterfeit food supplement and those dumping chemicalized, refined and devitalized foods on people suffering with progressive and lethal degenerative diseases. Those poor souls who read in the daily newspaper and leading magazines that a CURE IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER.

Of the man I speak, many university biochemists and honest physicians claimed he was FIFTY YEARS ahead of his time. His writings stepped on too many toes and the backlash was profound. Those who had the pleasure of knowing him personally, those who helped many ill patients with his assistance, those who were aware of his generosity and kindness, were always amazed by his energy, productivity and unlimited mental storehouse of biochemical and physiological wisdom. His name was ROYAL LEE.

Doctor Royal Lee was a graduate dentist, and electronic engineer and innovator, a physiological researcher and a manufacturing biochemist. He developed many nutritional concentrating processes and held over 100 patents at the time of his death. Besides those things, he was a fine teacher and philanthropist but he had one very bad fault. He was silly. Silly in the sense that he thought that FACT and TRUTH had real value in the crazy world we live in; the world that went berserk after the turn of the century. Since that time the LIE PREVAILS and truth just does not sell or bring in the big bucks. In fact, too much truth, too loudly spoken, can get a person in a great deal of difficulty. But on the other hand, difficulties and assaults will bring up the level of adrenal output which gives a person the capability of FIGHT rather than FLIGHT. Doctor Lee must have had very good adrenals in that he fought the establishment for over a half century and won many battles.

A large portion of the information that follows was first brought to the attention of truth-seeking physicians by the professional, ethical pugilistic, tenacious purveyor of physiological fact: Royal Lee, DDS.

One of the most perilous deceptions of those who PLACES PESOS ABOVE PRINCIPLES is the passing off on a gullible public, phony, synthetic vitamins or crystalline-pure fractions of vitamins complexes and ballyhooing THAT THE BODY DOES NOT KNOW THE DIFFERENCE. That phrase was coined on the one and only Madison Avenue where the truth is spelled M-O-N-E-Y. At the very best, synthetic or pure vitamin fractions can function in the human body as only a drug or pharmaceutical agent; certainly not as a physiological supporting nutrient. At worst, as the following citations will demonstrate, that counterfeit supplements can seriously impair the most important of body functions by contributing to biochemical imbalance. With regard to VITAMINS, Dr. Lee said, "Natural Complexes differ from the synthetic crystalline vitamins in many ways." For example:

- They are colloidal, protein in nature, in the form of an enzyme or coenzyme.

- The crystalline vitamin itself, in the natural product, is in a critical combination and cannot be split off without destroying its biological activity. If separated it must recombine with the other members of the complex before it can function as a nutrient.

- The natural complex carries trace mineral activators without which the vitamin fails as a biochemical catalyst.

- If so-called "HIGH POTENCY" crystalline vitamins are ingested, they must be put into proper combination, as a complex, before the vitamin-function can be appreciated. Meanwhile, most (if not all) of the crystalline component is lost through the kidney's.

In his writings, Dr. Lee says that "...synthetic vitamins seem to be dangerous. Irradiated Ergosterol (D) the first synthetic vitamin to be widely marketed, is now known to be extremely dangerous. It has fatally poisoned children in doses smaller than those recommended for treatment of rickets." (JAMA, p. 1209, 4/26).

Another authority, Howard H. Hilleman, MA Ph.D., School of Science, Oregon State College, author of Maternal Malnutrition and Congenital Deformity (with 80 literature references) presented March 17, 1958, gave support to Dr. Lee stating, "Excess vitamin D in the newborn and young can cause death with metastatic calcification and the SYNTHETIC FORMS are more dangerous than the natural forms of vitamin D.

Augmenting the story, Dr. Weston A. Prince, in his book, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, reports the test effects of vitamin D in 500 human pregnancy cases. All those women given synthetic vitamin D developed calcified and diseased kidney's while those given natural vitamin D had no observable changes in the kidney's. This should not be surprising in that Dr. Casimir Funk who discovered the method for concentrating vitamin B, said, "the synthetic product is less effective and MORE TOXIC." Dr. Funk, incidentally, is the scientist who coined the word, "VITAMINE."

Synthetic vitamins are reverses conformationally or MIRROR IMAGES of natural vitamins. However keep in mind that synthetic vitamins are not vitamins at all but synthesized FRACTIONS of a vitamin complex; a mirror image duplicate of just a portion of the real biologically active and physiologically precise nutritional complex. There is no possible way that a fraction of a vitamin should be called a vitamin. The analogy here is essentially the same as an automobile salesman handing you a wheel from a car and telling you the wheel is an automobile.

Gilbert Levin, Ph.D., (Discover, 1981) DISCUSSING OPTICAL ISOMERS or ASYMETRICAL MOLECULES WITH ATOMIC ARRANGEMENTS THAT ARE MIRROR IMAGES OF EACH OTHER, states: "Because its structure is reversed, a left-handed molecule cannot take part in chemical reactions meant for right-handed molecule any more than left had can fit in a right-handed glove... its odd geometry would prevent it from being metabolized by the body."

In turn, the human physiology cannot properly utilize synthetic (mirror image) fractions in the way natural complexes find their way into the biological reactions that are essential to tissue repair and the sustenance of life. As stated, a synthetic vitamin fraction can only be utilized for a drug or pharmacological effect. As is well known and never denied, the effect of a drug is PALLIATIVE not curative. Palliative means a making or covering-over of symptoms while the disease process remains unchanged or progressively gets worse for lack of proper attention. Tissue and cell repair or replacements require the following restore the approximately 24 billion cells that break down each day in the human body:

- A constant, uninterrupted nerve impulse supply

- A constant, uninterrupted blood supply

- All of the VITAMINS in the natural complex form

- All of the minerals in an organic form in most instances

- All of the trace elements essential to metabolism

- All of the enzymes, coenzymes, and apoenzymes

- All of the 22 or more amino acids from protein hydrolysis

- A discontinuance of organic and inorganic poisons either inhaled or ingested in bad air, bad food and/or bad water

Continuing with some of the abundant evidence against counterfeit food supplements, a report from the Korean conflict is enlightening. A medical columnist, writing in a Pennsylvania newspaper following the said conflict, told of his experience as the medical officer in a North Korean prisoner-of-war camp. He said his fellow prisoners were becoming totally debilitated with the classical B deficiency disease, BERIBERI. From the International Red Cross he obtained some synthetic B in the form of Thiamine Hydrochloride. He administered the Thiamine HCI to the most ill prisoners but no change was seen and they continued to worsen. Finally, he procured some RICE POLISH which is a natural source of vitamin B complex. Rationing this rice polish out of the very ill POWs did the trick and their Beriberi symptoms abated. Obviously, the body does know the difference. Incidentally, another form of the synthetic B1 is called Thiamine Mononitrate.

In January of 1952, Dr. Lee announced: "I could write volumes on how synthetic vitamins like thiamine castrate the descendants of the victim who uses even as much as double the daily requirement." In support of this statement, in a taped lecture, Dr. Lee cites a study by Dr. Barnett Sure (Jol. Nurt., Aug., 1939). He tells us that Dr. Sure fed a group of rates twice the daily requirement of synthetic B. A like number of pigs were given the same amount of natural B. The results: ALL of the first generation offspring from the pigs fed the synthetic vitamins were STERILE. NONE of the first generation offspring were sterile from the parents fed natural B. Obviously, synthetic B is not only NOT A NUTRIENT, it is a genetic poison that damages the chromosome packages responsible for transmitting sexual characteristics from the parent to the offspring. In the case of Dr. Sure's pigs, the first generation offspring reaped the toxic, genetic damage. In the case of humans, more than one generation is required.

In 1981, a report from the University of Florida revealed some startling facts. It stated that in one year 1929, the average, young American male adult produced approximately 100 million sperm cells per milliliter of semen. In 1973, forty-four years later in the year 1980, the average count was down to 20 million/ml. Incredible.

1929 - 100 million/ml 1973 - 60 million/ml 1980 - 20 million

What in the world happened to bring about such a horrible drop in male fertility in just 61 years? One very possible explanation could very well lie in the historical use of synthetic B and other counterfeit nutrients. Textbooks record that vitamin B was first isolated in the year 1926. About 10 years later, scientists were able to synthesize the mirror image of thiamine from coal tar. About the beginning of World War II (9/39) enrichment of refined, devitalized flour became compulsory. The enrichment, so-called, was with synthetic fractions of pseudo-vitamins. The practice continues to this day. Since World War II, the American people and people of other countries as well, have had a daily ration of a genetic poison in most of the bread, flour products, cereals and other food items that are forced, by law, to enrich with the only cost-feasible enricher; synthetic vitamins.

As far back as 1941, Dr. Agnes Fay Morgan (Ph.D.) food research scientist at the University of California, reported in SCIENCE, 93,261-262, that animals on a synthetic vitamin enriched diet DROPPED DEAD LONG BEFORE THE ANIMALS ON AN UN-ENRICHED DIET BECAME DISABLED. She remarked that at the time that such phony enrichment might: "PRECIPITATE CONDITIONS WORSE THAN THE ORIGINAL DEFICIENCY."

The Vitamins in Medicine, Bicknell and Prescott, 3rd. Ed., warns about the toxicology of synthetic B1 on page 205. It reads, "In man, side effects have been reported after the parental administration of 10 to 100 mg. Doses in excess of 10 mg. daily are unwarranted as they are not metabolized and excreted under changed in the urine. Sudden death has been reported following the intravenous injection of aneurine (B1). It may cause severe reactions and signs of meningeal irritation."

In the year 1940, volume 30 of the Scandinavian Veterinarian Journal detailed an experiment involving Silver Foxes. One group was fed all of the known synthetic B vitamins as part of their rations. What happened to this group? (1) they did not grow, (2) the quality of their fur deteriorated and (3) they died prematurely. The second group (controls) were given natural sources of B complex with their rations, and guess what the difference was:

(1) They grew as normally expected,

(2) they presented excellent quality fur and,

(3) they survived their expected, usual life span.

Another outstanding experiment showing the toxic or poisonous nature of synthetic vitamins found in the Newsletter of the American Academy of Applied Nutrition, March 1949. It relates a test with animals fed un-enriched white bread as their food. The group fed un-enriched white bread lived for 54 days. Another group was fed a diet of enriched white bread (enriched with synthetic vitamins). This group on the enriched bread lived for 49 days. Since the group eating un-enriched bread lived 10% longer than those on the synthetically fortified bread diet, the obvious conclusion is that, again, the synthetic vitamin is, in reality, a poison and as this reported experiment shows, reduced the LIFE SPAN.

As stated many times on many occasions to many physicians:


Now let it be perfectly understood, plagiarizing an expression from you know who, there is a NATURAL ascorbic acid which is derived from citrus fruits, ascerola cherries, rose hips, green peppers and other fruits and vegetables. However, most all of the ascorbic acid (vitamin C, so-called) on the market is synthetically produced from corn sugar (glucose) and even though it is synthetically manufactured, it is called natural and organic because corn sugar comes from corn (unless synthetic) and corn is found in nature and of course, anything containing carbon is organic. In turn, the terms natural and organic have been rendered meaningless.

Again, a fraction of a vitamin whether natural or synthetic at best is a drug and can only have a drug effect in the body--not a physiological or curative benefit. The literature is abundant with studies demonstrating that large or megadoses of ascorbic acid can and do create serious health problems in the human biochemistry. Some problems reported include: Collagen disease, rebound scurvy which is vitamin C deficiency disease, impaired mineral metabolism, imbalance of other vitamins like vitamin A and B, formation of some types of kidney stones and diabetes mellitus. In the matter of diabetes, keep in mind that synthetic ascorbic acid is HEXOSE derived and that hexose is a six carbon sugar; a monosaccharide.

Dr. Linus Pauling was a strong advocate of ascorbic acid being used as a nutritional supplement as well as a pharmacological agent in the treatment of acute infectious diseases and malignant degenerative states. In the book, New Dynamics of Preventive Medicine, 1974, Dr. Pauling is quoted as to the truth of what ascorbic acid is--contrary to what most people believe. He writes:

"It is worthwhile to take pure crystalline ascorbic acid. It is made from glucose (corn sugar). What is called rose hips vitamin C is same pure crystalline ascorbic acid with a pinch of rose hips powder added. It is almost impossible to buy ascorbic acid from a natural source. The rose hip and aserolebarus ascorbic acid is out of the same barrel from Hoffman-LaRoche, as the others, but with a pinch of rose hip powder." There you have it from the horse's mouth.

Today, the majority of people in the civilized world are becoming victims of degenerative disease resulting from the chronic poisoning and malnutrition. Even though well fed--they are starving to death for the most essential MICRONUTRIENTS. To administer a counterfeit when they cry for bread is to HAND THEM A STONE.

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