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Dear Readers,

We are researching and acquiring some great new tools
for getting everyone healthy! Please pay close attention
to the information concerning testing neurotransmitters.
We are seeing fantastic results with the clients who have
done this. People that have not slept or felt good in
years are now feeling great!!! And quickly!!

Also, I am continuing my research into Iodine. This promises
to be a great new tool! Finally, a way to get the fluoride
and bromides out of people's bodies and thyroids!!!

Read on....



From the Townsend Letter for Doctors & Patients

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"The requirement for iodine depends on the goitrogen load. The greater the
goitrogen load, the greater the need for iodine. Bromide is a goitrogen that
interferes with the uptake and utilization of iodide by target cells.3,18
The U.S. population is exposed to large amounts of the element bromine in
its organic and inorganic forms. The United States utilizes two-thirds of
the annual world production of bromine.15 The annual world production of
bromine is 280,000 tons. At 909 Kg/ton, we have then an annual world
production of bromine of approximately 254,520,000 Kg. The U.S. consumes
167,983,200 Kg of bromine annually. Out of that amount, 45,450,000 Kg are
used in agriculture (food supply) and 9,090,000 Kg for water sanitation
(water supply). The amount of bromine used in our food and water supplies
compute to 21% of the total U.S. utilization of this goitrogenic halogen.15
It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that we, in the U.S., are
exposed to high amounts of the goitrogen bromine via our food and water
supplies in all its inorganic and organic forms, such as methylbromide in
agriculture. Bromine competes with iodine for cellular uptake and
utilization; and has goitrogenic, carcinogenic and narcoleptic properties.3
Iodine pulls bromine from storage sites18 and chloride increases its
excretion in urine.15 For detoxificaton of bromide, the halides iodide and
chloride are the most effective.

The annual world production of iodine in 1981 was 12,000 tons or 10,908,000
Kg.16 Some 20% of the iodine used in the U.S. is for animal feed supplement,
and none for human food, except the minimal amount in table salt. Between
1960 and 1980, iodate was used in bread with one slice of bread containing
the full RDA of 0.15 mg.3 But some 20 years ago, iodophobia resulted in the
removal of iodate from bread, replacing it with.you guessed it.bromate. If
you wanted to keep a nation sick and zombified, we cannot think of a better
way to achieve this goal.3


Our experience at the Center for Holistic Medicine has shown that patients
with the lowest urinary iodide levels on the loading tests are often the
most ill. Many of these patients with very low urine iodide levels following
the loading test have severe illnesses such as Breast Cancer , thyroid
cancer or autoimmune thyroid disorders. All of these conditions have been
shown in the literature to be associated with iodine deficiency.3 Positive
clinical results were seen in most of these patients after supplementation
of orthoiodosupplementation within the range of 6.25-50mg of iodine/iodide
(1/2 to 4 tablets of Lugol in tablet form).

Guy E. Abraham, MD and David Brownstein, MD




Iodine - Dr. Guy E. Abraham M.D.





Visit this link to review how much vitamin D you
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Most people are not taking enough! Listen up
pregnant mothers, nursing mothers, parents with
children! And everyone that wants to prevent
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Many chronic symptoms and diseases share a common cause...

Your body's "Communication System" of Neurotransmitters and
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Subject: RE: Del-Immune

Speaking of progress and well-being...I think I already have a
"testimonial"! How about that!

On the 12th I saw my doctor about inflammation on my face - he diagnosed
allergic reaction and gave me a script for steriods...It was soooo painful.
After a week, no better by the way, I went back on the 19th. He realized
that he had misdiagnosed it and that I had shingles of all things on the
right side of my face...it was still soooo painful. He said that there was
nothing he could do at this point, it was just going to have to run its
course. He said that it would take about 4-6 weeks and there would be pain
involved for a few weeks to come. Gave me a script for pain killers. But I
had one better...the package from y'all had just arrived that same day. I
began taking the Del-Immune and I have to tell you - within 48 hours the
pain in my face is all but gone and the swelling is almost gone as well.
Plus I feel soooo much better. So much for 4-6 weeks of face pain. It's
just a wee bit now.
Can I say thank you enough!?

>>>>>>>>>> Del-Immune has proved to be one of the greatest supplements
of all time in my practice. I have seen it help so many people - fast!
I personally took one cap daily all year. Though now I am taking 2 each
day, so I do not get ill this fall or winter. Anytime I feel I have been
exposed to anything, I take a few more. Del-Immune and Vitamin D
are my two favorite things to prevent getting ill with a flu
or cold. - TL

Everyone who is following my recommendations for Del-Immune and Vitamin D
has not gotten a cold or flu for the past year. IF anyone out there
does get a cold or flu and you are following my advice, please call me!


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Hello Badgers,
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If you live at a higher elevation the atmosphere is much thinner and during
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My passion is teaching people how to become healthy
and stay healthy! And to provide practical, no-nonsense
health products that actually work!

Wishing you great health,


Timothy Long, EFT-ADV
Naturopathic Health Practitioner,
Energy Healer & Coach
Long Natural Health

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