12/2/2009: Mammograms & Cancer, Sale, Vitamin D & Cancer

Topics of the week:

Mammograms Cause Breast Cancer!

Special Sale

Vitamin D Prevents Cancer!


Dear Readers,

I hope this letter finds you all doing
very well. I was going to skip the newsletter
this week, as I have been working long days
between my own practice and running the office
now that Jenelle is no longer working for me.

Let me first apologize to all of you that
have experienced troubles with my customer
service in the past few months. I am upset
to learn that many of you have not received
your packages on time and have experienced many
other problems. I did not know this was going on
until the past two weeks. This is not how my
business was run for the past 15 years, and it
will now be run once again the way it always was.

And I apologize for the many orders that were sent
out with the wrong products, missing products,
wrongly charged items, etc. I would like everyone
that has experienced such problems to call or
email me at the office. I wish to make amends.

I deeply apologize to all my customers for not
realizing this earlier. I simply was not
paying close enough attention and I feel
really bad about it. Not to mention I think
I lost a lot of business and respect because of it.

Nevertheless, I am now answering the phone
and packing the packages myself, until I
am certain I have the right person
in my office to take over again. I do have Lori
now helping. I hired her to help manage the new
web site launch coming up next month, and to
help manage the business. Though for now Lori will
also be helping me with the daily tasks
of filling your orders.

I deeply appreciate all my customers and clients.
Many of you have been with me a long time, even
15 to 20 years. I am honored to serve you. I live
to help people live healthy, happy lives. I also
want my business to be run efficiently. I want my
customers to have a wonderful experience when contacting
my office and ordering their supplements. I want my
customers to be cared for.

If you ever do not receive first class service
from my business, I am asking you to please contact
me directly. One long time customer just told me she
had been receiving lousy service, her products have often
been sent out late, etc., and in previous years they were
always sent out promptly, but she did not want to bother me.
Please bother me! I want to know these things.

I had not planned to write all this today.
The real reason I decided to write a letter
tonight is the following...

After just reading this article on
mammograms causing breast cancer, I decided
waiting to next week to share it was too long.
If I can prevent just one more barbaric mammogram,
then taking the time to write this letter tonight,
despite how tired I am - will be well worth it!

For over 25 years I have taught women to avoid
all mammograms at any age. I also teach people to avoid
all possible dental x-rays. I let them do
it once every 5 years or so, after refusing
it year after year. Plus my dentist has a state
of the art machine that has little to no
radiation. I would not accept normal dental x-rays
but once every 10 years at most.

X-ray radiation accumulates over time. Along with
fluoride in drinking water and toothpaste, mercury
in dental fillings, mercury and aluminum in vaccinations,
sending cancer causing radiation through a woman's
breast to look for cancer - is one more of western
medicine's stupid, idiotic, criminal practices.

Don't believe me? Read This Article.



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See Article.

Said Luke Peppone, Ph.D., research assistant professor of Radiation
Oncology, at Rochester's James P. Wilmot Cancer Center:

"Vitamin D is essential to maintaining bone health and women with breast
cancer have accelerated bone loss due to the nature of hormone therapy and
chemotherapy. It's important for women and their doctors to work together to
boost their vitamin D intake."

If you live in a winter climate, or don't get much sun at all,
you need about 5000 IU of Vitamin D a day!

I recommend Pure Encapsulation Vitamin D3. I have it in 1000 IU caps
and in liquid drops. Your children need it to. Vitamin D is essential.
It also is a major preventative of colds and flu, and all cancers
and chronic diseases.

Don't be fooled taking commercial multi vitamins with
400 IUs of vitamin D. That is way too little.

Want to know more.... visit www.vitamindcouncil.com



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My passion is teaching people how to become healthy and stay healthy! And to
provide practical, no-nonsense health products that actually work!

Wishing you great health,


Timothy Long, EFT-ADV
Naturopathic Health Practitioner,
Transpersonal Counselor & Life Coach
Long Natural Health

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