ADD/ADHD Connection with Lead Exposure


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"Many ordinary illnesses are nothing but
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2) ADD/ADHD and the Connection with Lead Exposure
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Dear Friends and Subscribers,

This month I've introduced a new product into my catalog called Quantum Adrenal Complex. This product is for anyone experiencing stress, fatigue, sleeping problems, hormonal imbalances, etc; and especially for anyone trying to support their thyroid. Supporting your adrenal glands can be half the battle of healing your thyroid. This is the best adrenal support product I have ever offered.

I highly suggest everyone visit to learn more about how toxins and heavy metals like mercury and lead can cause ill effects in your life and in your children's lives. (See related article on Lead Exposure later in this newsletter.) I highly encourage everyone to use the Oral Chelation/Longevity product manufactured by Extended Health at least once every five years. It not only removes toxic metals from your body, but it cleans out your arteries and veins as well. So I equally encourage everyone to use this product at least once every five years to keep your circulatory system clean and healthy and to help prevent heart disease. Oral Chelation II / Longevity II is one of the most important and effective products I offer to create optimal health and to avoid illness.

Be aware, the Oral Chelation/Longevity product described on the Extended Health web site contains EDTA, and has a few other minor differences than the new improved formula I offer. EDTA is a chelating chemical and it is unnecessary in the formula to achieve the same results attribultd to the original formula described on the web site.

I would also like to highly caution people about eating fish. I am severely curtailing fish in my diet due to mercury contamination, PCB's, etc. You can learn more by visiting the extendedhealth site above, and at

I think it is best to do the Body Balance Mineral Check, though not necessary, to determine what the levels of toxic metals and healthy minerals are in your body, before doing the Oral Chelation. Then you can repeat the test afterwards to be sure all the toxic metals have been removed from your body. The Oral Chelation/ Longevity product comes with a 100% money back guarantee. You can read more about the BBMC test and the Oral Chelation product on my web site at

Oral Chelation/Longevity II is one of the smartest things everyone can do to bring about a far greater level of health in their lives. Remember, you are not just cleaning out toxic metals, you are cleaning out all your arteries, veins and small capillaries of plaque. This brings about vastly improved blood circulation, assimilation of nutrients, oxygen to your brain and cells, etc.

All women should chelate their bodies of toxic metals BEFORE getting pregnant. Toxic metals cause birth defects and many problems in developing children. If you are pregnant or nursing you can not use this product.

Wishing everyone the best in health,

Timothy Long
Long Natural Health

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(Read about our natural solution)

Did you know that many of the symptoms of ADD/ADHD could be caused by exposure to Lead and other toxic metals?

Lead is a potent toxin very commonly associated with a host of neurobehavioral problems in children, including hyperactivity, attention deficit, and other learning disorders. A leading expert on the effects of lead toxicity in children, Dr. H.L. Needlemen of the University of Pittsburgh Medical School, has conducted scores of studies over the last 20 years clearly establishing the link between lead levels in children and specific hyperactive and attention deficit behavior traits. Follow-up studies indicate that these effects often persist into adulthood. According to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, an estimated one out of every six children in the United States has blood lead levels in the toxic range. What's more, researchers have discovered that the amount of lead necessary to produce central nervous system effects is far lower than previously realized.

Verify Lead toxicity by a hair test for a child or an adult! A simple hair test will reflect levels of toxic metals in the body (lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic, aluminum, plus 15 others. I am making this test available at wholesale cost. Order on-line at or call 1-888-337-0511. Possible treatments for element imbalances include Extended Health's Oral Chelation/Longevity Plus Formula, water purifying systems, dietary changes, and other natural approaches. You can take a FREE TEST survey on (When you click on, on the left side bar, click on # 1 for the Free Test).

There is a natural solution for removing Lead! Even if your adult or child patient is currently on medications you may begin taking Extended Health's natural formula called Oral Chelation / Longevity Plus Formula. It has been proven to reduce levels of toxic heavy metals (including lead plus 19 others). Review clinical studies or read success stories on Extended Health's web site at or call 1-888-337-0511 for a copy to be sent to you.

How has Extended Health's natural Oral Chelation / Longevity Plus Formula helped others?

"My 13-year-old male patient was diagnosed with ADD. He has had excellent results reducing arsenic, lead, and cadmium in a two-month period using Extended Health's Oral Chelation/Longevity Plus Formula." (A before and after hair test was provided by the doctor to verify these results). Dr. John Brighton, author of the book titled Natural Forms of Defense

6-year-old female has been on Extended Health's Oral Chelation/Longevity Plus Formula for 5 months. Mom reports her daughter is less hyperactive, sleeping better and has more word usage in appropriate situations. Mom provided a hair test to verify daughter had high lead levels plus other toxic heavy metals before she began using the formula.

If you are looking for a natural solution for the symptoms of ADD/ADHD please try Extended Health's Oral Chelation/Longevity Plus Formula. A FULL REFUND is guaranteed if our formula is not successful.

Attention deficit disorder (ADD) and attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD) can severely disrupt a child's education and socialization process, incurring life-long effects if not properly diagnosed and treated. Increasingly, there is a tendency to prescribe stimulant medications, such as Ritalin (methylphenidate), to treat these types of disorders. While prescription drugs may sometimes be necessary for treatment, recently there have been reports of an epidemic of hasty misdiagnoses and over prescription. In fact, the rate of methylphenidate prescriptions for children in the U.S. has jumped three to six times in the last decade alone. In some locales, as many as 8-10% of elementary public school children take prescription drugs for ADHD symptoms.

You may order the Hair Analysis or the Oral Chelation product on-line at ,or you may call your order in at 1-888-337-0511.



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***Body Balance MineralCheck -- A test that can be done at home using a small amount of hair. It is a kit that then goes to the lab and the report is mailed directly to you. Highly recommended to be sure you dont have metals like mercury and lead in your body. Measures 9 toxic metals and 11 minerals. I am selling this product at just about cost, $45.00 It can also be purchased in some pharmacies or on-line at for $60.00

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