Avoid BPA in Plastic, Deep Sleep, Car Runs on Air


Avoid BPA in Plastic, Deep Sleep, Car Runs on Air

February 26, 2008
Published by Timothy Long
Topics of the week: Acne, Avoid BPA and drinking out of plastic, Sleep Deeply, Car Runs on Air

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10 Tips to Reduce Your Exposure to BPA (Bisphenol A)

To be fair, you probably can't completely eliminate your exposure to BPA any longer, since it's likely in our air, water, and food, too, but you can certainly reduce it.

The following tips will not only reduce your exposure to BPA, but also to many of the other dangerous plastics chemicals as well.

1. Only use glass baby bottles and dishes for your baby

2. Give your baby natural fabric toys instead of plastic ones

3. Store your food and beverages in glass -- NOT plastic -- containers

4. IF you choose to use a microwave, don't microwave food in a plastic container

5. Stop buying and consuming canned foods and drinks

6. Avoid using plastic wrap (and never microwave anything covered in it)

7. Get rid of your plastic dishes and cups, and replace them with glass varieties

8. If you opt to use plastic kitchenware, at least get rid of the older, scratched-up varieties, avoid putting them in the dishwasher, and don't wash them with harsh detergents, as these things can cause more chemicals to leach into your food

9. Avoid using bottled water; filter your own using a reverse osmosis filter instead

10. Before allowing a dental sealant to be applied to you, or your children's teeth, ask your dentist to verify that it does not contain BPA

In the event that you do opt to use plastic containers for your food, be sure to avoid those marked on the bottom with the recycling label No. 7, (which looks like this) as these varieties may contain BPA.

Containers marked with the recycling labels No. 1, No. 2, and No. 4 do not contain BPA, but they do contain other unsavory chemicals that you're best off avoiding as well. The Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy's Smart Plastics Guide offers more detailed descriptions of the most commonly occurring chemicals in plastic products. They also offer this handy reminder:

"With your food, use 4, 5, 1 and 2. All the rest aren't good for you."

Read the full article here.


Read this article.


See this car that runs on air. Do we really need to keep fighting for oil and destroying our environment? There is so much genius in the world. We only need the will to honor and act on it. This is just one of many inventions that could be expanded on to resolve so many problems that oil causes. We only need the will, courage and open-mindedness to change.

Full article here.


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