Medical Incompetence, Progest E & Pregnenolone, CellFood


Medical Incompetence, Progest E & Pregnenolone, CellFood

May 29, 2007
Published by Timothy Long
Topics of the week: Medical Incompetence, Progesterone and Progest E, CellFood

Hello Everyone,


"Hi Timothy,
I came across your site and liked it. I was wondering if you could provide some help with my digestive system. I have noticed since past couple of weeks that I am having undigested food pass in my stools. I want to find out if there is any natural remedy that can solve this problem.

"I have always had issues with passing stools and it relates to me having severe migraines. Until now no doctor or alternative medical practitioners have been able to diagnose the link between not passing stools and my migraines.

"I did have a colonoscopy done and everything turned out ok but for a rectal split.

"I have been having these problems off and on for several years. I am pretty sure my digestive system is very weak.

"Any help is greatly appreciated."

Sometimes I wonder if I am on the same planet as medical doctors live, including many so-called "alternative medical practitioners." Today even naturopathic schools are turning out doctors whom are more interested in tests and "diagnosis" than the natural, obvious human body and real person coming to them for help.

The woman who wrote this email obviously knows what is wrong. She says straight out she has a weak digestion - the food is undigested in her stools!! In the least, her digestion needs to be supported with correct diet, digestive enzymes and probiotics. Years of suffering, and no 'test' or doctor has yet to 'diagnose the problem'.!

Do we need a diagnosis from some doctor or test to know this woman needs to support her digestion?! And it is near certain there is a link to her migraines! Worse, she told me in her email she is pregnant. Can you imagine trying to build a baby with such poor digestion? When is the government and FDA going to get off the backs of the true natural practitioners and start taking away medical licenses? They also need to close down the medical schools that teach so much non-sense rather than adequately preparing people to be doctors, rather than sales-people for the chemical-drug pushers.

And the naturopathic schools and alternative medicine are heading in the very same direction. They are pushing chemical vitamins (whose raw materials are created by the very same pharmaceutical companies) and isolated herbal components. Chasing symptoms and looking for cures, rather than helping the body to heal itself naturally. This is the same old problem all over again. The natural health industry has been taken over by the pharmaceutical companies, and naturopaths are becoming just a new breed of the same old 'chemical' doctors.

The father of medicine said, "Heal Thyself!" It is time to really listen to and act on this advice. Especially since our government is working very hard to assist the pharmaceutical companies and medical doctors to control all our supplements and food. Search the internet if you want more information on this (CODEX). It is too big a subject for me to address further here.

PROGEST E, Progesterone and Alternatives:

A few hundred of my customers are wanting to know when they are going to receive their back-order of Progest E. The company finally contacted me today. Though, their answer is they don't know. They said, as soon as they have it they will send it to me. And all I can say is, as soon as I have it, it will be sent to my customers. I want to thank everyone for being patient with this situation.

There is no progesterone product comparable to Progest E. It is a wonderful, natural product that does wonders for so many people. Though, for many people there may be wiser alternatives.

Dr. Raymond Peat, who created Progest E and is considered by many to a leading authority on progesterone, hormones, thyroid, oils and fats, and much more, taught me that before taking progesterone, people need to support their thyroids and adrenals, improve the health of their liver, improve their diets, make sure they are using healthy oils and fats, and more. 

Many people are just hearing about natural progesterone and then ordering it. This can be a mistake for many of you. First of all, it may not be needed. And secondly, you are cheating yourselves of healing the root problems, that are also potentially leading to other even more serious health problems.

To better understand the point I am making, read what Dr. Mercola has to say. What Dr. Mercola is saying about problems with progesterone creams is correct. And what he is saying about the need to support the adrenal glands and using pregnenolone is correct.

For fifteen years I have recommended that women using progesterone use Progest E, not progesterone creams (and certainly not synthetic progesterone like Provera). I also recommended the use of pregnenolone (for men and woman with signs of hormonal imbalance and premature aging) along with adrenal and thyroid support as needed. These are first line actions for hormone imbalances, not taking hormones.

The specific products I recommend are Quantum Pregnenolone and Quantum Adrenal Complex . The Thera-zyme Adr (Adrenal) is a good product too, though I experience the Quantum Adrenal getting better results.

Along with pregenolone, adrenal support, thyroid support if needed, a good diet, especially including adequate healthy fats and oils, quality protein, magnesium and trace minerals, etc, the body can create its own progesterone and other hormones. 

When it comes to hormone products, be very careful. There are so many that are potentially harmful. Progesterone should not be taken in a cream. There is no product like Dr. Peat's bio-identical natural progesterone in vitamin E.

Pregnenolone is not a hormone. It is the food precursor that the body makes other hormones out of like DHEA, progesterone and testosterone. It can be unsafe to take large doses of DHEA, especially the synthetic form. The safest way to raise your DHEA is with pregnenolone. Again, pregnenolone, adrenal and often thyroid support are the best choices. Premier Adaptogen-R3 is also very supportive in hormonal and stress conditions. Along with proper diet and nutrition.

I trust Premier's Pregnenolone to be pure, not cut with other powders and containing contaminents that have been a problem with other pregnenolone products.

For more information on Premier Pregnenolone click here.

For further information, read Dr. Mercola's article, and also read Dr. Raymond Peat's articles in my web Library. Use the Library Page Search Tool to find all Dr. Peat's articles. Educate yourself, rather than jumping on medical and health industry band-wagons.


"Good morning, Timothy. I ALWAYS learn from your newsletter and want to thank you for that. I've been using Cell Food and wonder if you're able to say if Cell Food is a similar product to BioNativus Liquid Ionic Mineral Concentrate?"

Cell food is similar to Aerobic 07 Stabilized Oxygen for oxygen, and similar to Bio Nativus Liquid Ionic Mineral Concentrate for minerals.

I think the two together are superior to cell food. There are a lot more minerals in the Bionativus product, and a lot more oxygen in the Aerobic 07 product. That is why I no longer carry Cellfood.

For more information on Aerobic 07 click here.
For more information on Bionativus Trace Minerals click here.

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As always, serving your interest in obtaining and maintaining great health and well-being,

Timothy Long

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