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Rhodiola Rosea: Most Clinically Proven of Adaptogens

I have been using Rhodiola now for 3 months. I think it is one of the most beneficial supplements I have ever used. I am sleeping so much better, I have much less stress and a lot more energy, and my body is leaner and stronger. This is an amazing herb. It has so many benefits, from fat loss to sleep, increased stamina and brain power. If you want to know the many ways Rhodiola can help you, keep reading...

Rhodiola Benefits:

Because rhodiola rosea administration seems to affect primary monoamine levels, it may also furnish benefits within clinical conditions defined by an imbalance of central nervous system monoamines.

Thus many believe that rhodiola benefits include its use as a treatment in asthenic conditions which develop as a result of exposure to intense physical or intellectual strain, influenza or other illness. Asthenic conditions include sleep disturbances, decline in work performance, poor appetite, irritability, hypertension, fatigue and headaches.

Rhodiola rosea studies indicate that it can reduce recovery time after extended workouts, improve attention span and memory. Clinical studies using proofreading tests demonstrated that rhodiola rosea raises memorization and concentration capability over extended periods.

Some studies also indicate that rhodiola may be effective in treating cardiac afflictions caused or provoked by stress. Its mechanism for these circumstances is its ability to lessen the corticosteroids and catecholamines secreted by adrenal glands while a person endures stress.

Another potential rhodiola benefit may be that it increases anti-tumor activity by improving the body's resistance to toxins. A range of anti-oxidant compounds have been discovered within rhodiola rosea and considerable free-radical scavenging action has been exhibited in rhodiola extracts (both alcohol-based and water-based extracts). Research currently is being conducted on whether or not rhodiola can be defined as a legitimate cancer treatment.

Rhodiola rosea extract both protects and stimulates the immune system by reestablishing homeostasis - or metabolic balance - in our body.

In clinical animal studies, rhodiola rosea extracts appear to heighten the transfer of serotonin precursors tryptophan and 5-HTP (or 5-hydroxytryptophan) into our brains. Serotonin is a broadly analyzed brain neurotransmitter chemical which appears to be involved in several functions including temperature regulation, appetite, pain perception, behavior, blood pressure and respiration.

Many other rhodiola benefits are believed to exist and may soon be proven through clinical trials. These possible benefits includes its ability to amend hearing, to regulate blood sugar levels for diabetics as well as protect the liver from environmental toxins. In addition, some early studies indicate it may activate the lipolytic operations (fat breakdown) and mobilize lipids from a dipose tissue to the natural fat burning system of your body for weight reduction.

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Rhodiola Cures

Rhodiola is a powerful anti-aging and anti-stress formula that is very popular in Russia. It is finally gaining momentum in Europe and North America. In Russia, Rhodiola is commonly given to astronauts, soldiers, athletes and aging political leaders! It reportedly helps with fatigue and mental performance. Athletes take it to improve endurance & performance as it aids in the restoration of strength with increased physical loads. We know people taking Rhodiola who are severely sleep-deprived due to odd working hours or stress. Rather than walking zombies, they are alert and well functioning. The difference is quite amazing apparently.

Rhodiola is typically taken by long distance drivers, flight personnel, traffic controllers and the elderly for increased attention.

Soviet studies have shown that Rhodiola rosea, when combined with physical exercise, can be a powerful tool in weight reduction as it activates of fat-tissue lipase, resulting in the breakdown of stored fat.

A Chinese animal study has shown that Rhodiola slowed heart rate and lowered blood pressure. Russian and Korean animal studies have shown that rhodiola protects the liver and can help it recover from exposure to certain poisons.

Rhodiola is known to be a powerful antioxidant and may be used in treating cancer. Studies have shown that rhodiola reduced the cell mutations associated with cancer as well as help the body's ability to repair DNA mutations.

You should buy only Rhodiola of Russian origin with key active components of Rosavin, Rosarin and Rosin. Be careful -- in the USA, Rhodiola rosea formulas sold as "Tibetan" Rhodiola or Chinese Rhodiola contain no active components. These formulas lack the key ingredient Rosavins while they are high in Salidroside. Supposedly, only Rhodiola from West and North Siberia contains the critical components of Rosavin, Rosarin and Salidroside.

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Here is the Rholiola I have been taking and that I have now made available to all my customers:

New Mark Rhodiola - The Rhodiola harvested in this extract is acquired from the Altay Region of Western Siberia.



Botani-Cal & Zyflamend - The optimal bone health protocol!

Emerging clinical and molecular evidence suggests that inflammation exerts a significant effect on bone metabolism by stimulating production of RANKL (Receptor activated for Nuclear Factor kB Ligand), a molecule which activates the production of osteoclasts, the cells responsible for the breakdown of bone. In vitro research form MD Anderson Cancer center published in the peer-reviewed journal Nutrition and Cancer showed that Zyflamend promotes bone health by modulating production of RANKL, thereby down-regulating the production of osteoclasts.*

An ideal bone health protocol would pair a formula that provides the necessary building blocks for bone remodeling - bioavailable calcium, magnesium, trace minerals, Vitamins D3 and K2 - with a formula that promotes a healthy and balanced inflammation response. Botani-Cal provides a plant-based, whole-food source of these key vitamins and minerals for bone strength. Zyflamend modulates inflammation and helps keep the production of bone-destroying osteoclasts in balance with the production of bone-building osteoblasts*. together they are the perfect pair for protecting your patient's bones!

Botani-Cal & Zyflamend - For Cardiovascular Health?

Preliminary data from a human clinical trial at Columbia University indicates that Zyflamend promotes "a statistically significant reduction in serum C-reactive protein levels". C-reactive protein is a key marker of inflammation and high levels are associated with increased risk of heart disease. I look forward to sharing more information on this research as it becomes available.

Come to find out, Botani-Cal may also contribute to a healthy cardiovascular system! Fermented Vitamin K2 (MenaQ7 from natto) is a key nutrient in ensuring that calcium is utilized for building bone rather than accumulating in soft tissue. The Rotterdam study (PMID: 15514282) concluded that those who consumed the most K2 had a 57% reduction in cardiovascular disease, 68% reduction in severe aortic atherosclerosis, and a 26% reduction in all cause mortality compared to those with the least K2 in their diets! Botani-Cal contains the optimal amount and form of K2 (MK7) to deliver this phenomenal protection.*


New Mark BotaniCal

. Plant-Sourced Cal-Mag, Vitamin K2 and D3 complex . 97% of the calcium available for absorption . A one-of a kind blend of bone-nourishing trace minerals and essential co-factors

The calcium complex in Botani-Cal ComplexT is derived from a special marine plant called Algas Calcareas (AlgaeCalR) that is harvested from the pristine shores of a protected national reserve park in South America.

97% of the calcium in Botani-Cal ComplexT is available for absorption. Algas Calcareas also supplies dozens of trace minerals, including magnesium, strontium, vanadium and silica, all of which work synergistically with calcium to strengthen and nourish bone.*


NewMark Zyflamend

. Promotes a Healthy Inflammation Response . Promotes healthy function of joints, musculoskeletal systems, heart, brain, and immune system . Contains NewMark's Supercritical Extracts

NewMark's patented ZyflamendR formulation represents a scientific breakthrough in promoting a healthy inflammation response.* Ongoing research from Columbia University, the Cleveland Clinic and the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center suggests that Zyflamend provides broad-spectrum modulation of the enzymes and cell signals involved in eicosanoid metabolism.* Recent research studies suggest this may be an effective strategy to safely promote healthy function of the joints and musculoskeletal systems, the heart, brain, and immune system.*



High Levels of Vitamin D Protect Against Breast Cancer

Considerable evidence points to the important role of vitamin D in preventing breast cancer. A new study suggests that high levels of vitamin D may be especially protective against estrogen-positive breast cancer, the most common type.

People are mistaken to think they are getting enough vitamin D from milk or other food. In the winter months people are not getting enough vitamin D. And people that avoid the sun and use sun protection lotions and sun protection in their cosmetics etc, are in danger of not having adequate vitamin D levels.

I suggest getting at least 20 minutes of sunshine near mid-day. Expose as much skin as possible. And do not wear sunscreen all over your body. Especially do not use chemical sunscreens, they are shown to cause cancer (insane, right?). We will be offering safe sunscreen real soon.

In the winter months, and for people that do not get out in the sun a lot, I highly suggest taking vitamin D. We carry an excellent brand. We also have a simple home test to accurately check your vitamin D levels. You want to be sure you have adequate amounts to build your bones and to protect your health.


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