The Truth About Omega-3 and Fish Oil Supplements


 | Published by Timothy Long


"Health is not a matter of chance. It's a matter of choice. It is something we have been gifted with, took for granted and we can reclaim and regain."

-Darina Stoyanova


Dear Readers,


I've chosen the quote above this week to drive home an important reality I believe many people often forget: in most cases, health is indeed a matter of choice. However, I do understand that between the pushy marketing campaigns of major pharmaceutical companies, the mainstream media and countless other corporations and individuals eager to fatten their own pocketbooks, it becomes incredibly confusing and often frustrating to uncover honest and accurate information about health.


My wish for all my clients is that you remain curious about the information you receive. Take some time to chew things over, rather than simply digesting them as truth. And remember, the resources are there if you're willing to do some legwork for the sake of your health.


Ultimately, we all have to make our own decisions about what feels good and right for the health of ourselves and our families. By sharing health information with you that I trust and believe in, it is my hope that I am an advocate for you in this process of choosing health.


As always, wishing you great health and well being!


Timothy Long

Are You Being Fooled by Fish Oil Marketing?


For years I have been writing about the dangers of consuming fish oil, omega-3, cod fish oil, krill oil and other similar supplements. For those of my clients still wondering why they should avoid these polyunsaturated oils, I have created a compilation of all the newsletters I have written and the articles I have collected on this topic. This compilation highlights some of the main messages I have shared throughout the years and include links to the newsletters where the information originally appeared.


Don't let yourself be fooled by the omega-3 and fish oil hype out there today [refer to the quote above: health as a choice]. You can't make a choice either way until you've looked at both sides of the story. This compilation shares the side you rarely hear, if ever.


The Compilation


As many of you know, Dr. Peat is the genius who taught me about the ill effects of soy, of estrogens and thyroid inhibitors, the health effects of coconut oil and all about thyroid disease and its cure. This was long before the rest of the world caught up with him. Like Dr. Peat, I believe the present information on Omega fatty acids will go the same way as the reversal in beliefs about soy, estrogen replacement, fluoride, silver amalgam fillings, mercury in vaccinations, polyunsaturated oils, and so on.


Margarine is another item that can be added to the list of products that are no longer seen as beneficial to health.


In my 8/19/2011 Health Newsletter, I shared the article “A History of Margarine & Trans Fats.” This article explains for the layman how polyunsaturated fats came to be and how they affect our well being at the cellular level. It also draws the connection between dangerous polyunsaturated fats and fish oil supplements.


Essentially, because fish swim around in polluted seas, it becomes necessary for the fish oil manufacturers to remove the toxic heavy metals, dioxins and PCBs by heating the oil. However, exposing the oil to high heat creates toxic polyunsaturated fat (trans fat) molecules.


So yes! If you're taking an omega-3 or a fish oil supplement of any kind, you're likely consuming a trans fat! Read the full article here.


Ultimately, it has been the research and advice of Dr. Raymond Peat and Dr. Guy Schenker that have greatly contributed to my belief system around consuming fish oil supplements.


See The Great Fish Oil Experiment by Dr. Raymond Peat and Volume 16, Number 11 Newsletter by Dr. Guy Schenker.


The Takeaway


By discontinuing the use of fish oil supplements and making certain to have ample good fats and oils in your diet, as well as ample antioxidants, you can minimize or cancel any ill effects from past use of fish oil supplements (as with margarine, flax oil, soy, canola and other polyunsaturated oils) over time.


To read the complete compliation AND get a list of healthy oils you want in your diet, click here!


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Breast Cancer & Paraben Connection


Did you catch this article in last week's newsletter? With the sunshining months upon us, I want you and your family to be well aware of the dangers of using sunscreens and other cosmetics containing parabens.


Parabens are a class of chemical preservatives often found in cosmetics and topical/parenteral pharmaceuticals. Parabens are dangerous as they have been found in breast cancer tumors (they also display the ability to mimic estrogen).


No one should be using beauty and personal care products with parabens.


You'll know your cosmetics contain parabens if in the ingredient list you see any of the following: methylparaben, ethylparaben, proplyparaben or butylparaben. There are other less common parabens--just find them by looking for "paraben" at the end of the word.


For more information on this topic, read this article by Dr. Mercola.


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