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Our Favorite Products for Anti-Aging and Longevity

Anti-aging is not just about looking younger!

It is about FEELING and LOOKING great from the inside out!

In today’s culture, there is much emphasis on anti-aging and products that mask or hide the signs of aging, but very few products actually go beyond treating superficial symptoms and work at the root of your health to smooth your skin, balance hormones and restore nutrients that are lost with age. At Long Natural Health, we carry products that directly heal imbalances and deficiencies so you feel and look your best. Restore your health, regain energy and vitality, feel and look great with these anti-aging products from Long Natural Health!

premier-max-b-nd.jpgPremier Max B-ND

Premier Max B-ND 2oz contains living B vitamins to provide maximum energy and stress support, brain rejuvenation, anti-aging, heart health and mood balance.

pure-encapsulations-astaxanthin.jpgPure Encapsulations Astaxanthin

Pure Encapsulations Astaxanthin is a powerful antioxidant for the skin, macula, joints, immune system and cardiovascular function.

premier-adaptogen-r3.jpgPremier Adaptogen-R3

Premier Adaptogen-R3 is powerful adaptogenic botanical agents provide dramatic help for the body to adapt to physiological and psychological stress. Adaptogens rejuvenate the endocrine system, including the pituitary and adrenal glands. Aids in hormone balance, anti-aging, fat loss and supports increased mental and physical energy.

premier-pregnenolone.jpgPremier Pregnenolone

Premier Pregnenolone is naturally-sourced precursor to many other important hormones such as progesterone and DHEA. Premier Pregnenolone is a foundation for healthy hormone balance.

premier-melatonin.jpgPremier Melatonin

Promotes sound, restful sleep, Superior anti-aging and longevity support, healthy libido and sexual function and much more.

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